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What is (ODS) Obsessive Deficiency Syndrome?

it's actually called ODD here, oppositional defiency disorder. People who have this have difficulty with authority figures, have many conflicts often violent as children before the are tought how to manage it. ODD kids are usually dual diagnosed with ADHD so it makes it even harder for them to cope. The ODD makes them feel a lot of anger, especially when there are expectations to be met, and the ADHD makes completing the task even more difficult and when redirected to get back on staff, the odd kicks in and a conflict arrises. It takes a lot of patience and a strong self confidence so that they dont take the ODD personally because it is not a controlled behaviour for the person, but they can learn how to manage with the right programs and the right people working with them.  (+ info)

burning feet syndrome is caused by deficiency of?

Good question.. B vitamins are good for neuropathy or any kind of neurologoical problems....They call MS a B deficient disease but it's a bit more complicated then that....  (+ info)

Did you know Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome arent diseases?

They're simply the symptom of a chemical intoxication or a nutrient deficiency.
Foods from stores contain chemicals. MSG is in almost all canned foods.

ther is a differenc ebetween REAL FMS and chemical intoxification andnutrient defiency

ALL 3 exist.....

just because some people have pain and fatigue from MSG or chemicals doesn't mean tehy have fibromyalgia....

if the MSG theory were true--more people with be sick

there is a rumor about nutrasweet being teh cause of fibro--i never had nutrasweet--yet i have fibro

there are 2 types

REAL fibro
FAKE fibro

among the subtypes of teh fake--are teh attention seekinghypochonriacs and lazy people....as well as peoiple who really have something else such as lymes, arhritis, etc.

i have had REAL fms for over 30 years....i worked at least full time--if not over time--including volunteer work until last year when i experienced a major decline....i do also have a couple otehr conditions that complicate it....

when it started i was a child--i couldn't keep up with my peers..at times it hurt to breathe and i felt like i was suffocating...i was very uncoordinated....

in my teens i was in excrutiating pain--i would press my leg against the heater trying to relive teh pain...

when i moved into my own place--i told teh neighbors not to call teh police if tehy heard me screaming at night--i was just in pain and tehre wasnithing taht could be done

i had FMS alone for about 12 years without any other chronic helath problems

so yes it is real--but it ishighly overdiagnised..

most docs are incompetant and are teh cause of teh problem--they label any pain--even if due to lifestyle choices or another condition as FMS

i know a diagnosiable hypochndriac taht has iot--as well as someoen who was trying to collect SSDI--while working in child care.....

i have heard many people on here say it is autoimmune or what theya re taking fro inflammation--

it is NOT beleived to be autoimmune--tehre is NO inflammtion--those people are most likely misdiagnosed

i say a couple say they were diagnosed with thyroid and fms on the same day--that in not possible--you have to manage th ethyroid 1st before you can consider teh fms diagnosis...thyroid casues paion and fatigue.

i have seen MANY people on her say they were initially diagnosed with FMS...butt han dound out tehy had thyroid or MS or lymes, etc.....most likely they nver had fms

many docs call teh pain of lymse --fms
or the pain of arthrist is fms--that is MALPRACTICE

they are starting to find irregularities in objective tests..hopefully they will be able to show who really has it and who doesn't

i am 99% sure i really ahve it--i know i have something--i just cna't be 100% sure it is fms

unfortunately most people with REAL fms do not recognize teh problem of misdiagnosis and automatically beleive everyione that says they have it--

i will not go to support groups or assocaite withotehr who claim to have it--unless i can beleive they might really have fms--

my hypochondriac friend consatntly whines about it--and i am really sick--and sick of her her bit$% when she really isn'ty sick--this woman thinks she has every disease she hears about..inlcuding cerebal palsy, autism, cancer, pnemonia, etc....

there is a difference between being tired and achy and being in such intense pain you can't stand up or sleep..

at night i would dig my nails into my stomach trying to disctart myself from the pain in my legs

anyone who claims to ahve cured fms never had it in teh 1st place...they had a different condition such as a nutrional problem taht casued pain and fatigue

i don't knwo why its all or nothing with people--they think it must always be true if someone says tehy have fms--or its always fake--

its both--i wouldn't be surprised of only 10% of people claiming to have fms really do--and 90% of the tyime its the docs fault for misdiagnosisng it--teh people are really sick--just not with fms

just like ADHD--it is a real problem--but its also an excuse for misbehaving kids  (+ info)

does anyone have or had the symtoms of testosterone deficiency syndrome. what were the symtoms.?

Yes, as a matter of fact my husband did. His testosterone was very low as a younger man. He had to take the topical gel and the patch. In about 6 months, his testosterone came up to normal. During the meantime, he could not achieve an erection, had no interest in sex. Don't take this wrong - he did feel like a man. These are just some symptoms.  (+ info)

I suffer from MDS (Moticational Deficiency Syndrome.) Are there any meds to help with this?

I meant Motivational! The system wouldn't let me. (Lying, actually I lacked the motivation to change it.)

I think this "syndrome" is just a fancy name for LAZINESS!

The only medication that will help with this is called a "Placebo."

Ask your doctor.  (+ info)

do you know that acquire immuno deficiency syndrome is curable?

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Although there are treatments to hinder the progress of AIDS, there is yet no known cure or vaccine.  (+ info)

what is attention deficiency syndrome?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a condition that makes it difficult if not impossible to focus on the task at hand. A person with ADD is easily distracted, has trouble staying on task, and sometimes the ADD is accompanied by a hyperactivity disorder.

The good news is that there are some great medications available, which can control the condition. See a doctor. I have a grandson with ADHD, who is very well controlled, doing well in school, and, you wouldn never know he had ADHD unless someone told you. Prior to finding the right medication, he was having considerable difficulty in school...not because he didn't have the necessary intelligence, but simply because he couldn't stay focused on the subject at hand.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Diseases and Syndrome?

Such as - why it is called “Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome” instead of “Human Immune Deficiency Disease”

Syndromes, illness and disease
Medical usage sometimes distinguishes a disease, which has a known specific cause or causes (called its etiology), from a syndrome, which is a collection of signs or symptoms that occur together. However, many conditions have been identified, yet continue to be referred to as "syndromes". Furthermore, numerous conditions of unknown etiology are referred to as "diseases" in many contexts.

Illness, although often used to mean disease, can also refer to a person's perception of their health, regardless of whether they in fact have a disease. A person without any disease may feel unhealthy and believe he has an illness. Another person may feel healthy and believe he does not have an illness even though he may have a disease such as dangerously high blood pressure which may lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke.

Disease can be thought of as the presence of pathology, which can occur with or without subjective feelings of being unwell or social recognition of that state; Illness as the subjective state of "unwellness", which can occur independently of, or in conjunction with disease or sickness; and sickness as the social classification of someone deemed diseased, which can also occur independently of the presence or absence of disease or illness (c.f. subjective medical conditions). So someone with undetected high blood pressure who feels well would be diseased, but not ill or sick. Someone with a diagnosis of late-stage cancer would be diseased, probably feeling quite ill, and recognized by others as sick. A person incarcerated in a totalitarian psychiatric hospital for political purposes could arguably be then said to not be diseased, nor ill, but only classified as sick by the rulers of a society with which the person did not agree. Having had a bad day after a night of excess, one might feel ill, but you would not be diseased, nor is it likely you could convince your boss to recognize you as sick.

Sickness confers the social legitimization of certain benefits, such as illness benefit, work avoidance and being looked after by others. In return, there is an obligation on the sick person to seek treatment and work to become well once more.  (+ info)

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome a.k.a. aids?

introduced by the worlds governments for population control?

That is a stupid statement.  (+ info)

SCIDS---Severe Combine Immune Deficiency Syndrome?

Anyone else out there have or knows someone who does?

NO  (+ info)

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