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Is renal lithiasis a complication of diabetes mellitus II?

There are many causes for kidney stones including certain diseases that cause high calcium, chronic urinary tract infections, and other metabolic diseases with associated electrolyte abnormalities. There are 4 kinds of kidney stones, and to identify exactly what caused it requires analysis of the stone and possibly further blood tests to specify exactly what led to that type of stone's formation. However, none of the kidney stones are directly related to diabetes.  (+ info)

relation between kidney lithiasis,CMV,neutropenia,clostridium septicum?

i don't think there us any specific relations, tell me more and i will try to help answer any questions, good luck  (+ info)

see it for me espcially grammar, thanks 1!?

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more person feeding pets. Dogs take a larger proportion of pets, and also take more illnesses portion in Pet clinic. Urethra Lithiasis, which aging dogs always suffered is one of the most common diseases in dogs. At present, with the gradually improving of diagnosis and treatment methods and widely using of X-ray and Brightness mode equipment, urethrostomy played a significant therapeutic effect on curing urinary lithiasis in male dogs.

Here you go: (i only looked at grammar and made one substitution)...hope that helps

In recent years, with the improvement IN peoples' living standard, more and more persons are feeding pets. Dogs MAKE a larger proportion of pets, and also take more illnesses portion in Pet clinic. Urethra Lithiasis, which (COMMONLY ATTACKS AGED DOGS) is one of the most common diseases in dogs. At present, with the gradual improvement in diagnosis and treatment methods and widely use of X-ray and Brightness mode equipment, urethrostomy played a significant therapeutic effect on curing urinary lithiasis in male dogs.  (+ info)

Does hypertension and/or kidney stone(3.3mm) cause proteinuria?

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed to have 3.3mm stone/lithiasis in my lower left kidney calyces. Also my blood pressure varies from 120/90 to 140/90. I'm 23 y/o male. Protein in the urine varies from trace to 3+. I'm afraid that this leads to glomerulonephritis or end-stage renal failure other than just hypertension or kidney stone. In my case, is it treatable/curable? Please enlighten me. Thank you!!!

  (+ info)

i want to know what the interpretation for my KUB ultrasound findings?

the left kidney measures 10.9x5.2x3.7 cm with cortical thickness of 1 cm and the right kidney measures 10.9x5.2x3.5 with cortical thickness of 1.1 cm. The central echo complexes and cortices are intact. No evident lithiasis, caliectasia or lithiasis seen in the left kidney. There is a cystic focus in the right superior pole of the right kidney measuring 1.88 x 1.48 x 1.33 cm. Mild dilation of the right pelvoclayces is also observed with no evident lithiasis noted. The urinary bladder is smooth in outline. Wall is not thickened. There are no abnormal intraluminal echoes. The pre-void volume is 336 cc and post void volume is 0 cc which is not significant.

Mild pelvocaliectasia, right. Etiology not demonstrated in this study
Renal cortical cyst, right
normal left kidney and urinary bladder ultrasonically

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keep my son in your prayers... ?

last night i took brayden into the ER because he was screaming, and had a fever that was through the roof.

the doctors discovered that he has Meckels Diverticulum Lithiasis and that his intestines are wrapped around each other, and without surgery, could become kinked and rupture.

he'll be having surgery tomorrow morning at 9 am, and ill let everyone know how he's doing then… but please keep him in your prayers.

i'll get reported if theres no question,
so, have you ever known somebody with this? how did surgery turn out? have they had any problems after wards?

Not only have we said several prayers for him and your family we have lit a protection candel thats in our window. And my girls send special hugs to you to help get you thru. Blessings be to you and him.  (+ info)

Am I wrong- I need reassurance?

Braydens daddy has never even seen him- he never calls, & doesn't pay child support. Brayden was diagnosed with Meckles Diverticulum, and needed surgery. I messaged his sister, because I have NO way of contacting him, and this is what I got.. Was I rude for no reason, or did I have a reason to be upset?

Me: I dont know if you've heard, or if you've read, but Brayden and I are in the hospital. Last night I brought Brayden in because he was screaming in agony and had a high temperature. He was diagnosed with Meckels Diverticulum Lithiasis, and without surgery his intestines could wrap around each other and he could ultimately die. The doctors are doing surgery tomorrow morning at 9 am, and weather you care for me or not, I ask that you relay this message to your brother, and say a prayer for your nephew, because right now is the time when he needs it most. If you choose to care enough to know how he does after surgery, I'll be more than willing to keep you guys updated.

Her: I just read this message... How is he doing? Is he ok? What hospital is he at we would like to come up and see him. Please let us know how he is and what hospital? Thanks Keep me posted.

***** At this time, I was in the hospital, and using my cell phone to get on myspace, I wasn't able to reply to her message.. She has my number, but never called. I figured there was nothing more I could do.

Her: Cali, I guess you don't want us to know about brayden then why even bother having us concerned? Since you can't reply to me and let me know what is going on and where he is so we can come and see him? Thanks for keeping me posted.

Me: When I read your message, I was on myspace from my cell phone, and I never got around to messaging you back, because my son's in the hospital, and it wasn't my first priority, eventually I forgot. It wouldn't have killed to have Bruce himself, OR EVEN YOU, call and ask how surgery with his son went either, you know, God forbid he act like a parent. Brayden's getting released tomorrow afternoon, he's got 32 stitches and his surgery was fine. Thank you for being so "concerned".

Am I wrong? If they were SOOO "concerned" and wanted to visit so badly... couldn't they have made more of an effort than a myspace message? She knows I dont have her brothers number, as he changes it every other day, and I dont have their number, but they have mine.
2275c- Im pretty sure I've mentioned about 100 times that I dont have their number.

I might be crazy- but if Bruce has never even seen Brayden, I don't think I would even let him (or his sister...unless his sister actually DOES see Brayden)...anyway, I don't even think I would bother letting them know what's going on-

My partner has three children with his ex. They were together for 10- never married. His mother talks to his ex all the time (might I add that the ex is crazy- and I'm not saying that because she's his ex- she is literally crazy and not fit to be a mom). So, as I was saying, his mother talks to his ex all the time, drives 4 hours away to see them (the kids and her) all the time and what-not. Don't get me wrong- I think it's great that grandma is involved with her grandchildren. She has, however, decided that the newest grandchild (my son) is apparently not with her time. He is 9 months old. She didn't come to my baby shower. Instead, she went to visit her other grandchildren- OF ALL TIMES- YOU HAD TO GO THE ONE DAY MY BABY SHOWER WAS?? She never came to the hospital when he was born. She came over to our house in July- for about an hour. She didn't even bother to shower-

She never calls ME to see how Asher is- anyway- you get the point, I could go into specifics all day about how she is just a selfish, controlled person.

I have decided that there is no longer an open invitation to be in Asher's life. I did not invite her to his christening. She didn't even call to say Merry Christmas- at least that I am aware of.

So there will be no updates on Asher (at least on my end)- she is NOT WELCOME!!

I know that Bruce is Brayden's DAD, not Grandma- however, he is clearly not interested (or too immature) to have anything to do with his son. Brayden (even though he is still so young) doesn't need someone coming and going as they please. So here's the deal- it sucks and what not that you made an effort, and then they continued to make you feel as though you needed to make more of an effort- and it probably hurts a little when it comes right down to it (or maybe not...)
Either way, I say don't bother with them- I've gone hunting for friends before when I knew they were inthe hospital and no one knew which one (we live in a big city) and they're cells were off since they were in the hospital. I've gone hunting for them just to give them company when I knew it wasn't a life threatening situation, there was no surgery.
If they cared, they would have hunted- and not with a message- with a phone call.

Sorry for being so blunt, but I say F*ck both of them before they have the oppurtunity to cause anymore damage. They dont' DESERVE to be part of Brayden's (Or your) life.  (+ info)

Urinalysis came back...what does this mean?

Please be nice, because I've been very worried about this. I had a UA C&S done Sept 16th. I had been experiencing classic kidney disease sx's.

The results read: Rare group of urothelial cells present; cannot exclude instrumentation, lithiasis, inflammation, and/or low grade transitional cell neoplasm.

The part that stumps me is the INSTRUMENTATION. I peed in a cup for crying out loud! And since when does a microscope make someone look like they have cancer? I don't get it.
For the 1st poster: BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD ME OF THE RESULTS! I found out by getting a copy of my medical records!
I'm seeing a new doctor on Monday. I'll ask him. I asked yahoo....hmmm...because it's SUNDAY? And my doc isn't available? Yes. And it's really bothering me...hmmm...maybe because doctors and nurses use this site too....maybe they can shed some light?
I'm a nurse, but I don't deal with the microbiology of urine. So I figured someone in the same field could shed some light, is that a crime?

Urothelial cells are epithelial cells specialized for the urinary tract. Possible causes for it being excreted are instrumentation like insertion of a catheter, lithiasis or rough stones in the urinary tract that scraped the epithelium, infection or neoplasm. They are only enumerating the possible causes. If there are cancerous cells that were washed away by the urine and into your cup, after settling down, it can be seen under the microscope.Hope it helped.  (+ info)

Should I tell his father? ?

last night i took brayden into the ER because he was screaming, and had a fever that was through the roof.

the doctors discovered that he has Meckels Diverticulum Lithiasis and that his intestines are wrapped around each other, and without surgery, could become kinked and rupture.

he'll be having surgery tomorrow morning at 9 am...

Now, his father doesn't really have anything to do with him, never has... but I'll feel like a total B word if I dont tell him. I feel like that's his son and he should know.

I dont know, I'm tired out of my mind, but would it be a good idea to let his daddy know what's going on? or would it be better to just not say anything, and let him find out by word of mouth?

I would tell him.

Regardless of your relationship with him, he will always be your son's father (unfortunately, we might think at times [i'm a single mom too])

at least give him the burden of worrying about your son' health.

He might want to be there for his kid. at least give him that option. for your son's sake too.


still praying for you two.
get some sleep momma  (+ info)

i just had my ultrasound "kub" and i want to know my present condition.?

both kidneys are normal in size, the right measuring about 10.6 cm x 6.6 cm (LxAP0, and the left measures approximately 10.3 cm x 5.2 cm (LxAP) with cortical thickness of 2.5 cm. the parenchymal echopattern is homogenous. the left pelvocalyceal system and visualized proximal ureter are dilated. the right pelvocalyceal system is not dilated.
the urinary bladder is physiologically distended showing smooth contour and outline. no evident lithiasis seen. the wall is not thickened.
Pelvocaliectasia and proximal ureterectasia, left. IVP correlation is suggested. Unremarkable right kidney and urinary bladder.

......sounds like a partial obstruction to outflow of your left kidney, no stone is seen but I don't think ultrasound alone rules a stone out...Intravenous pylegram(IVP, a type of dye study) and/or probably a helical CAT scan of the kidneys, ureter and bladder would be the next appropriate study........  (+ info)

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