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I have Lyme disease what would happen if i stopped taking my meds?

I have Lyme disease. My doctors says that it is not a bad,bad case. But they gave me medication. If i overall just stop taking the meds, Could the Lyme disease worsen?

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How do antibiotics fight off Lyme Disease?

I know that antibiotics can help against Lyme Disease, but what is it exactly that they do? How do they fight against it?

Christopher - Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. If left untreated, infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Most cases of Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics. Antibiotics are medications used specifically to kill or disable bacteria. All bacteria are prokaryotic organisms, meaning that their cells are different than cells of the human body. These differences can be exploited, so that antibiotic drugs can kill bacteria without harming us. This is done when the antibiotic enters the bacteria cell, interferes with its metabolism, and destroys the bacteria. Different antibiotics have different abilities to kill different bacteria.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any herbal preventatives for lyme disease in dogs?

We just moved to Massachusetts from California and have no experience with ticks. I am looking for herbal, all natural ways to prevent lyme disease in dogs, something I can purchase myself and prepare for them, not prepared pills or chemical solutions. Thanks for any help!
If you have a problem with me wanting to take care of my dogs using natural methods as opposed to man made chemicals please go bother someone else. Thanks.

Okay, lyme disease is causes by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. When a tick vector bites your dog the bacteria passes into the dog's tissue and this places the disease causing organism in a nice happy place (to it, anyway). It reproduces and causes the disease. This is how Lyme disease works. There are no herbs that will attack the mechanisms of pathogenesis in this organism. It is susceptible to certain antibiotics, however. The main trick would be to find something that would keep the ticks off the dog. There are many claims about many herbs, but there is not one lick of evidence that any of these claims work.

Also, herbs contain chemicals. Everything living contains, and uses chemicals. We are biochemical 'machines' if you will. I don't see the issue with 'prepared pills' if you're talking about things like insect repellant, or whatever. They're safe.

Oh yeah, Borrellia is not manmade, and neither are their tick vectors. They are all natural. So by your logic, they have to be safe?

The short answer to your question is simply "no".  (+ info)

I think I have Lyme Disease what happens if you treat it immediately?

I think I have Lyme Disease. How is the treatment? Will I be ok since I have detected it on the first day? To all you people who have had Lyme Disease, does the person recover or is it a chronic disease?

Experts agree that most people who treated early do well. The problem is when people are not diagnosed early. One survey showed that half the patients had their diagnosis delayed for 4+ years because their doctors relied on the extremely insensitive ELISA test for diagnosis.

There are 2 standards of care for Lyme disease, which I have posted on before and will repeat here, because it makes a big difference who you see.

The 2 standards of care for Lyme disease are practically opposite.

The Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), the government, and the insurance companies want you to believe it is rare, easy to diagnose, most people who think they have it, don't really, and even if they do, it's easy to cure, or if you were treated and still aren't well, maybe you had Lyme once, but now you don't, you have "Post-Lyme Syndrome." (PLS) They promote a 3-week course of antibiotics for early Lyme.

On the other side of the fence is the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), most of the patient support and advocacy groups, including Lyme Disease Association and affiliates, LymeNet, LymeInfo, and others. They believe Lyme is much more common than most people think, and that although early disease is usually easy to cure, Lyme can become chronic and require longterm treatment and sometimes combination treatments, especially when the person has tick-borne co-infections. Duration of treatment is determined by patient response, not by an arbitrary, one-size-fits-all method.

The doctor will decide how long to treat, and it will probably be more like 6 weeks rather than 3.

The first treatment style has a failure rate around 60%. The Connecticut attorney general has launched a civil investigation of the IDSA for possible monopolistic practices in the formulation of its guidelines. All of the IDSA guidelines authors have commercial interests in Lyme disease patents, test kits, and vaccines. Insurance companies use the IDSA guidelines to justify denials of reimbursement for treatment to people with chronic Lyme. State medical boards also use IDSA guidelines to prosecute doctors who treat people with chronic Lyme disease with more than IDSA guidelines say is needed. So far more than 40 Lyme-treating doctors have had their licenses restricted or revoked for "over-diagnosis" and "over-treatment."

Make sure you see a doctor who is open-minded about the 2 standards of care and will support your right to choose the treatment you prefer, after you have been informed of the risks and benefits.  (+ info)

What does your immune system do to fight off Lyme Disease?

Thankyou in advance to anyone who answers this question for me. =)
Also, is there a treatment for Lyme Disease?

First off, Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection, which means it can be treated with antibiotics.

Your immune systems main response to bacterial infections include inflammation. This helps to slow the spread of infection and allows for more immune cells to reside in the infected area. Your immune system will mostly just try to slow bacterial growth, kill it and eat it.  (+ info)

can i collect social security for lyme disease and trigeminal nueralgia?

i was diagnosed with lyme disease and trigeminal nueralgia about 2 months ago. can i collect disability. i am having alot of neggative symptoms and its hard for me to even do daily activities. what do u think?

The person who said "get a life"...Ignore! I see "one of the nation's leading authorities in Lyme D."....he states that it is possible, especially if you have a chronic,,severe case, BUT you should apply as" SEvere pain and chronic fatigue secondary to Severe Lyme Disease".....You WILL be denied the first time..."everyone is". That is when I saw a lawyer. The people who have SSDI that I have spoken to have told me that they all needed a lawyer. By Law, a lawyer can only get %25 of retropay and then you would get a monthly check and a percentage for children under 18, for them. It is correct, it is not a huge amount. If you are single, once on SSDI, you can apply for medicaid. The severity of Late Lyme is new to many people...many don't understand how disabling it can be....ignore the people who DON'T get it and understand that LYME if not caught early.....simply put....SUCKS!!! Don't accept that there are other much worse people than you.....those are ignorant people who say that! There are many days, I can't even walk!!!  (+ info)

Can lyme disease cause difficulty in swallowing?

I spend a lot of time in the woods. Can lyme disease cause a problem with a person's swallowing?

Hi, I think ld can cause difficulty swallowing. Ld can affect your nerve endings, i.e. periphrial neuropathy... meaning your nerve endings are not feeling the intensity as well in order to feel, tighten muscles etc. Goes to believing it could be related to swallowing, also bells palsy of the face muscles. Take care and check with you doctor always for more facts.  (+ info)

Why is the infectious disease dr ignoring my highly positive lyme tests?

I tested a very high positive for lyme disease and am being treated by my MD with doxy 100 mg 2 times a day, but the Infectious disease MD wants me to test for hiv hep, lupus, syphilis etc... she already has the diagnosis from tests and my symptoms yet she ignores it due to her ignorance with lyme?? seems that way anyone ever have this experience?

According to my notes from my immunology class, Lyme disease is diagnosed by the presence of a very unique rash called an ECM rash and a positive serological test for the antibodies for the bacterium B. burgdorferi (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease) Doctors will diagnose it just by seeing the rash alone.

I'm not sure why she is testing you like that but the bacteria that causes Lyme disease looks just like the same bacteria that causes syphilis. The first stage of Lyme disease also causes some hepatitis (swelling of the liver). Later stages of the disease can cause arthritis which will test positive for reagin, the same stuff found in patients with lupus and RA.

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How many people are affected annually by Lyme disease?

I am interested in knowing how many people are diagnosed with lyme disease on average annually both around the world and in North America.
Any good medical or authoritative links would be appreciated


The CDC criteria for diagnosis is actually far too exclusive to actually paint an accurate picture of how many Lyme disease cases there are each year. Only a small percentage of LD cases present with the classic erythema migrans rash that is the hallmark symptom of Lyme disease and the CDC only records cases that had this characteristic rash.

So to sum things up, there is actually no way of telling how prevalent Lyme disease actually is because of the strict reporting criteria and the fact that many cases of LD go undiagnosed.  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of an association between chronic lyme disease and geographic tongue?

I have been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, which I have had since childhood. I have also been experiencing geographic tongue since about the same time. Has anyone experienced this correlation, or know of a link between the two? Thanks.

If you've had chronic Lyme for years, it has had a huge impact on your immune system. An impaired immune system can allow all kinds of other problems--parasites, viruses, yeast, etc--to move in and set up housekeeping. Even if the Lyme didn't "cause" the tongue condition, it may well have contributed to it by battering down the immune system.

People with long-term Lyme often benefit from detoxification protocols and immune system support, in addition to whatever antibiotics you may be taking.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
http://www.touchedbylyme.org  (+ info)

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