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Do you have a baby who was diagnosed with lymphangioma??

My son is about to have surgery before the end of the year, I need to know what to expect and how you handled this situation, just thinking about my baby being in the OR, keeps me up at night.I really apreciate it, thanks.

I've never had a child w/ that diagnosis but I have one child who has had 3 surgeries in 3 years. It's always nerve-racking! The best thing you can do is ask TONS of questions. Ask questions of the pediatrician, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the nurses. Don't be afraid to ask until your questions are answered to your satisfaction. And don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion if you feel it's necessary.
And each time my child had surgery, I asked my family to pray for him. That seemed to help calm my fears somewhat but I still worried a bit. It's only natural for moms to worry. Make sure you have an after hours phone number to get in tough w/ the doctor if a problem occurs once you go home w/ your child.
Good luck to you and your child!  (+ info)

Does anyone else have a disease called Lymphangioma?

Mine is mild, and my doctor says it's quite common, but I don't know... and I don't mean Lymphedema or Lymphoma.

I think I do,but I dont have insurance to get it checked out by any doctors. If u want any information abt it go on webmd.com
great website for health related information.  (+ info)

I was born with a lymphangioma inside my left cheek.......?

My last operations when about 20 years ago. There was a 50/50 chance of paralysis, well, the tumor was to enmeshed in tissue and nerves. Recently it has been bothering me, I have done tons of internet research but I get answers that pertain to lymphangioma's on the outside of the body..can anyone out there help me? The condition effects 1 in 10,000.

:( go to the docs and get it checked!  (+ info)

What is Lymphangioma?

How is it caused?
Why is it causes?
Is there any treatmeants to get rid of it?
Other Info Please?

opps i forgot to type the most important questions ...WHAT IS IT?
well actually I kindof asked it from the questions lol opps lol

But I do have another question ... why is there both clear and red dots?
Oh is there any way tp pevent it?

Lymphangioma, also known as cystic hygroma, is a benign proliferation of tumored lymph vessels, and is rare. However, the tumors are important to recognize because they may mimic many vascular tumors including angiosarcomas and Kaposi's sarcoma.

These tumors may occur anywhere but usually present in the head and neck in children and infants. Visceral organs such as the lungs and gastrointestinal tract may also be involved. In the soft tissue, these tumors may be present as a soft fluctuant mass that varies in size.

The tumor is a benign neoplasm or hamartoma arising from lymphatic vessels, manifesting as a raised, soft, shaggy, bubbly, pinkish-white lesion; cosmetic considerations may warrant attempted removal of lymphangiomas.  (+ info)

Lymphangioma removed from lower back, area filling up with fluid?

My 2 1/2 year old just had a lymphangioma removed from her lower back. She had the surgery at one of the top ten Children's Hospitals in the US, so I'm not worried about her care, but it keeps filling up with fluid (there is no infection). We had it drained five days ago and it's already filled up again. They told us to keep a pressure dressing on it and to watch for signs of infection, fever, red, warm to the touch, oozing, etc. So far, so good. But it still freaks us out! We don't go back to the surgeon for another four days for a follow up. They told us he will drain it again and put another pressure dressing on it. I'm scared this is going to keep happening.

Anyone know anything about this? We have a top notch surgeon and I know she's under the best of care, but this is taking a toll on her (and us).

Thanks for your reply. It's not spinal fluid. She was checked last week and it was drained. It just keeps filling up. :(

She needs to be seen by a neurosurgeon to make sure it isn't spinal fluid.  (+ info)

lymphangioma of the small intestinal?

Benign tumor of the lymphatic channels in the small intestine. After complete resection or excision, it should not recur.  (+ info)

my 11 yr old son was diagnosed at age 4 with lymphangioma behind his rt eye. swelling will not go down ?

his eye protrudes and waters alot drs from the same group say there is nothing they can do just monitor him. this has to be painful and i want another opinion but do not know where to start

ice usually stops swelling, fill a small visine bottle with water and freeze and put on swelling.
I read teabags do miracles for eye troubles
carrots would be best to eat to improve eyes.
http://www.lymphangioma.com  (+ info)

The medical term for a tumor composed of lymph vessels is a(n):?

1. a. lymphoma
2. b. angioma
3. c. myoma
4. d. hematoma
5. e. lymphangioma

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getting rid of scars?

ive had 3 exploratory surgeries on my right arm for lymphangioma, any suggestions for scar removal?

well, depending on the size or severity of the scar, I would try mederma. it works great! if it's fairly big, ask your doctor if he/she might know some place that helps with that. good luck!  (+ info)

I need a Dr. to interpret my CT Report. I had an ULQ CT done. I have left upper, and lower quadrant pain.?

I had an ULQ CT done. I have left upper, and lower quadrant pain. H. Pylori Positive.
this is a brief detail on my report:
1. diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver, with an area of focal fatty infiltration adjacent to the falciform ligament.
2. Low attenuation 2.1 cm splenic mass, most likely a simple splenic cyst or a lymphangioma. Clinical correlation recommeded.
3. Minimal umbilical hernia, containing only fat.
The liver is of diffusely diminished attenuation consistent with diffuse fatty infiltration. minimal area of focal hypodensity adjacent to the falciform ligament consistent with an area of focal fatty infiltration.
The Spleen is not enlarged, but demonstrates a hypodense, near water density of +18HU (mass 2.1 cm size) posterosuperiorly in a subcapsular location. There is no asociated calcification or fill in on the delayed images. This is most likely represents a simple splenc cyst or lymphangioma.
Please hlp what does this all mean?

It says that you have a fatty liver. There are many causes of fatty liver, the most common being alcoholism and obesity. This condition occurs when the liver is not metabolizing fat effectively. I found a Wikipedia article that lists some of the causes; see the first link. The condition is reversible if the cause can be treated.

The radiologist feels that he cyst on the spleen is not a concern. "Lymphangioma" is an abnormal collection of lymph vessels that is present from birth, not anything to be concerned about.

The umbilical hernia is small. Such hernias are not a concern unless there are associated symptoms. Nothing to worry about.

It is not common for fatty liver to cause pain, except that some people feel a dull LUQ pain. Since you also have lower quadrant pain, further testing may be necessary to find the cause.

The positive H. pylori is probably meaningless, unless you have an ulcer. About half the population carries it.

I have found a bunch of links for you if you want more detail.  (+ info)

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