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What is lymphangitis? Is it contagious?

How serious is lymphangitis? How should it be treated? Can other people catch it if in close proximity to someone who is infected? Any other useful information please?

It is fairly serious. It is a bacterial infection within your lymphatic vessels that cause red, painful streaks just below the skin surface. Within a short period of time, the bacteria begin to spread throughout the body. If you suspect you have it, go to the doctor or ER immediately. They can diagnose it immediately and begin treating it. You'll probably get an antibiotic like penicillin and adults can take aspirin for the pain. I don't believe it is contagious but you should get treated for it immediately.  (+ info)

can a doctor confuse the symptoms of lymphangitis and rsd?

It is possible but shouldn't happen if the doctor knows his specialty.

The RSD diagnosis usually is made when at least three of the following symptoms are present: pain and tenderness, signs of changed blood flow (either increased or decreased), swelling with joint stiffness, or skin changes.

Lymphangitis is infection in the lymph nodes which can present as the same type of symptoms. But a blood work check up would show elevated white counts indicating infection.

The doctor should ask the patient questions to get a history, review symptoms, and then order tests to rule out infection.  (+ info)

inguinal lymphangitis?

hey, does anybody know if it's serious - inguinal lymphangitis? My bf got this tubercles at the low abdomen(on both right and left sides) and it hurts when I touch it/ He got this after he was exposed to cold. What should I do? Is it serious?

Yes, it could be serious. I did a little research on it, and you need to be very careful and take all antiobiotics given on schedule. If not treated, lymyphangitis can transmit bacteria to the bloodstream, which will in turn cause infections. As long your brother has seen a doctor and received medication for it, and he takes AS DIRECTED, the lymphangitis should recede within hours, but sometimes it can take weeks or even months.  (+ info)

What are some treatment options for acute lympangitis?

Acute lymphangitis is inflammation of one or more lymphatic vessels, usually caused by streptococcal infection. The diagnosis is based on symptoms.

Acute lymphangitis is a bacterial infection in the lymphatic vessels which is characterized by painful, red streaks below the skin surface. This is a potentially serious infection which can rapidly spread to the bloodstream and be fatal.
Acute lymphangitis affects a critical member of the immune system- the lymphatic system. Waste materials from nearly every organ in the body drain into the lymphatic vessels and are filtered in small organs called lymph nodes. Foreign bodies, such as bacteria or viruses, are processed in the lymph nodes to generate an immune response to fight an infection.
Because of the serious nature of this infection, treatment would begin immediately even before the bacterial culture results were available. The only treatment for acute lymphangitis is to give very large doses of an antibiotic, usually penicillin, through the vein. Growing streptococcal bacteria are usually eliminated rapidly and easily by penicillin. The antibiotic clindamycin may be included in the treatment to kill any streptococci which are not growing and are in a resting state. Alternatively, a "broad spectrum" antibiotic may be used which would kill many different kinds of bacteria.
Aspirin or other medications which reduce the pain and the fever may also be given. Medications which reduce any inflammation of the infected region may also be provided. The patient is likely to be hospitalized to administer the antibiotic and other medications and to closely monitor his or her condition. Surgical drainage of an abscess may be necessary.  (+ info)

I have been told I have lymphangitis. If I have no fever is this something treatable at home?

Went to the ER with red lines coming from a herpes simplex blister on my finger. Red line at wrist, went to ER, sent home with oral antibiotics. Red line spread next morning to my elbow, went to ER and given another antibiotic and diagnosed as lymphangitis. Now 24 hours from start of antibiotics and being at home i have wide band to armpit and swelling. joint pain in that arm. No fever. Is there anything more i can do? When should i go back to ER, just with fever?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymphangitis  (+ info)

Tonsillitis and Lympangitis, too much pain, help?

I've had tonsillitis and lymphangitis for a week now. I received antibiotics 3 days ago, and there has been no difference. My lymph nodes are still swollen to the point where I can't move my neck very much and I cannot cough, sneeze, or swallow without sheer pain. The pain has recently been radiating up into my ear, and my lymph nodes behind my ear are now swollen. The pain is completely unbearable and nothing seems to be helping.
What do I do?!

Try gargling with warm salt water. If not working, get an antiseptic and numbing spray - some are OCT, an analgesic/painkiller spray or mist will come by prescription - phone your doctor.  (+ info)

Blood from the lungs returns to which of the following?

Blood from the lungs returns to which of the following?
right ventricle
left ventricle
right atrium
left atrium
superior vena cava

Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels is called
bubonic plague
none of the above
Which of the following are NOT tonsils?
none of the above
Immunity produced by the body's tissue is
none of the above

1st question:
the left atrium via the pulmonary vein
2nd question:
none of the above
3rd question:
lingual (it's your tongue)
4th question
cellular  (+ info)

Should I rush to the ER because I have red streaks, or can I go tomorrow?

I have an infected wisdom tooth that needs to be removed and I am going to the dentist tomorrow. I have put it off for awhile and the pain in my tooth has spread to a spot in my chest. Tonight I noticed a few small red streaks over the spot in my chest that hurts. From what I have researched, it might be lymphangitis/or blood poisoning, but I have no fever. My question is: Will I be ok going to the dentist tomorrow, or should I rush to the ER right now? Im a little freaked out.

  (+ info)

Can anyone help: swollen groin Lymph Nodes and fatigue for 2 months?

I am a healthy 21 year old male, having abdominal pressure on the right side, multiple swollen inguinal lymph nodes (on both sides but painful on the right) and headaches/fatigue starting after a bite/ infection. I was told i had lymphangitis so I was put on keflex which didn't seem to work, was switched to a bactrim DS, seemed to be getting better but as soon as i took the last pill I felt ill again. Had CT scan of abdomen with no abnormalities, multiple blood tests all normal, no mono, no lyme disease, checked for celliac: came back positive but I had an endoscopy which ruled it out. The doctor told me to wait a month and possibly get a biopsy after that time, it has been three weeks and I still feel bad, I am thinking of trying to get an earlier appointment. The doctor isnt taking this seriously but it is severly impacting my life, anyone ever have anything similar and what did it turn out to be? (I have also had trouble passing stool since this all started.)
I should probably also add this started in May , I will ask the doctor about mono again, he was sure it was some kind of viral infection . If he still isnt sure I may have to switch doctors or see a specialist

I think it's worth re-visiting that bite you had. Many of your symptoms are consistent with Lyme disease and/or other tick-borne infections. (Also, many people with Lyme and associated diseases end up having a problem with gluten--whether or not it's officially termed to be celiac.)

You imply you tested negative on a Lyme test. Be advised: the tests are known to be unreliable. Also, because the test does not in fact test for Lyme, but instead for Lyme antibodies, be advised there are many reasons why a person with Lyme might not be producing antibodies.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
http://www.mentalhealthandillness.com/lymeArticles.htm  (+ info)

inflammed lympnode, keeps coming back, what should i do?

I went to 3 doctors that told me the swollen lympnode under my armpit would go away. It didn't go away and got worse, so I went to the ER Feb. 9th and was diagnosed with Lymphangitis (inflammed lympnode) and was prescribed Cephalexin for a week. I took all of the medicine and it went away. I went to a surgeon for a follow up on the 20th where he told me that it was completely gone. I did a lot of walking this past Saturday on a trip to the aquarium. Which caused it to come back and become inflammed again. I also had to a lot of heavy lifting today, which caused the pain to get a little worse. Do I need to go back to the doctor and get more medicine, or do you think it's a problem that will keep to continue? Or if you think it may be something else, PLEASE let me know. Thanks everyone.

You need some more anti-biotics.
You have an infection somewhere in your body inflamming the lymph nodes.
Only more anti-biotics will ease your pain and make them go down again.

I don't think, as it's related to infection, that the walking and lifting inflammed them again.
But if you miss just one day of the prescribed anti-biotics because you are feeling better and the symptoms are gone, then all the infection won't be, causing the infection to flare up again.  (+ info)

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