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Is the use of a reflexology board beneficial to the lymphatic system or the nervous system?

A friend claims that reflexology is beneficial to the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems. Is there anything in Western medicine that would support this?

Of course there's nothing in Western medicine to support reflexology. Western medicine doesn't recognize anything it didn't develop.

Reflexology is a viable alternative therapy that can do wonders for a person, including the lymphatic and nervous systems.  (+ info)

What is a chronic condition of the lymphatic system caused by filarial worm invasion?

It results in tremendous swelling of the arms or legs.

Elephantitis. The swelling is called lymphedema.

http://www.hsh.k12.nf.ca/bio2201/id/ctucker/lymphedema.html  (+ info)

What type of doctor specializes in the lymphatic system?

I know that I have a damaged lymph gland on the left side of my body because my ob/gyn told me that is what is causing that side of my body to retain fluid more than the other side. However, she did not suggest any treatment or management of the condition. Whom should I see? I think it may be the cause of my migraines? Maybe? Thanks

That would be a ent (ear nose & throat) doctor. I'd make an appointment with my family doctor and have him recomend me to one or to an internal medicine doctor. Good luck.  (+ info)

How does the Lymphatic system of a dog compare with a human's Lymphatic system?

I need help and if you answer please have clean facts not what you think please.

I found quite a lot of vet websites on google search, I think a vet can answer your question best, good luck  (+ info)

are the chances of abnormalities greater if you got pregnant on the pill?

i don't think im pregnant. ive just come off the pill (for good) 3days ago and waiting for my period to show, but i was just wondering if you got pregnant while taking the pill does it hurt the baby or give a greater chance for abnormalities/disorders etc..?
are there any official stats behind this? what have you heard?

I don't know the numbers but I know that birth control is to make you not ovulate like your body normally does so if you do ovulate then it doesn't really effect that. As long as when you find out your pregnant you stop taking it then you should be fine. However, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 9 weeks with my daughter so I took it until then but she is fine and we didnt have any issues due to the birth control.  (+ info)

I have some strange abnormalities on my penis?

I would wake up in the morning and my bed would be full of a white sticky residue mixed with a brown and blood-tinged liquid. I think this is caused by these abnormalities on my penile unit.

  (+ info)

Are there any abnormalities in children born to old parent?

Basically if there are some characteristics personality or health wise in kids born to a couple in their 40's or 50's as opposed to 20's.

It's common for a woman to have a child with down's syndrome if they are older.  (+ info)

What kinds of abnormalities can grow on the heart?

One of my friends just informed me that a during a routine physical, they found something on his heart through x-rays but they won't know what it is until they can examine him more closely with a scope. They had him on a heart monitor and said he is in excellent health, we just don't know what this finding is yet. He has convinced himself that it's cancer & is very depressed. I have never heard of this & cant find anything online about it. What other possibilities are there?

Growths in the heart can be a tumor which is very rare and known as atrial myxoma. Or there can be growths on the heart valves called endocarditis which require long term IV antibiotics.  (+ info)

What is the function of lymph nodes and the lymphatic system in the body ?

I would like to have details on pain in the lymph nodes in the throat and under the chin and the cause of it.

One function of the lymphatic system functions to move antibodies and other immune complexes to the circulatory system.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of lymphoid organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymphatic tissues, lymph capillaries and lymph vessels that produce and transport lymph fluid from tissues to the circulatory system. The lymphatic system is a major part of the immune system.

The lymphatic system has three interrelated functions: (1) removal of excess fluids from body tissues, (2) absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat, as chyle, to the circulatory system and, (3) production of immune cells such as lymphocytes (e.g. antibody producing plasma cells) and monocytes.

Lymph is a clear fluid that circulates around the body tissues. It contains a high number of lymphocytes (white blood cells). Plasma leaks out of the capillaries to surround and bathe the body tissues. This then drains into the lymph vessels.

The lymphatic system does several jobs in the body. It
Drains fluid back into the bloodstream from the tissues
Filters lymph
Filters the blood
Fights infections

Draining fluid into the bloodstream -
As the blood circulates, fluid leaks out into the body tissues. This fluid is important because it carries food to the cells and waste products back to the bloodstream. The leaked fluid drains into the lymph vessels. It is carried through the lymph vessels to the base of the neck where it is emptied back into the bloodstream. This circulation of fluid through the body is going on all the time.

Filtering lymph -
The lymph nodes filter the lymph as it passes through. White blood cells attack any bacteria or viruses they find in the lymph as it flows through the lymph nodes. If cancer cells break away from a tumour, they often become stuck in the nearest lymph nodes. This is why doctors check the lymph nodes first when they are working out how far a cancer has grown or spread

The lymph glands in your neck are called the submandibular or lymph nodes. They commonly become swollen during infection or sore throat (such as strep throat). If the swelling persists you should visit a doctor because cancers or other conditions other than infection may be more serious.

http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/21692508/  (+ info)

Can you please explain the accessory lymphatic tissues and the differences between them?

whats the difference between lymph nodules, peyer's patches, and the appendix? can you please explain them

anyone that understands it...can you just put it in simpler terms for me or give me examples by helping me look at it another way
i just need it explained in a simpler way...thanks!

I use the term central and peripheral to distinguish between places where the cells of the immune system develop and mature (Central) and where they become actively engaged in making an immune response (Peripheral). The bone marrow and thymus are Central lymphatic Tissues and the Lymph nodes, spleen and mucosal lymphatic tissues (peyers patches, appendix, and others such as the tonsils, adenoids and collections of lymphatic tissue in the bronchi etc.) are Peripheral lymphatic tissues.

Before much was known about mucosal lymphatic tissues they may have been called accessory lymphatic tissues but no current immunology text book uses that term today.

These peripheral lymphatic tissues differ according to how they acquire antigens.

The lymph nodes get antigen from afferent lymph that drains into them from the skin and other organs.

The Spleen filters antigens from the blood that flows through it.

And, Mucosal lymphatic tissues (what some call Accessory Lymphatic Tissues) are found just beneath the lining epithelium of the Gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract and other places covered by mucosal epithelium. Special cells called "M" cells grab antigen from the fluids that flow over the epithelium and pass it to cells in mucosal lymphatic tissues that present antigens to immune cells. The appendix is a mucosal lymphatic tissue/organ that is very important early in life for developing antibody forming cell precursors with the ability to recognize diverse environmental antigens.

All of these peripheral lymphatic tissues are connected to the lymphatic system at least through efferent lymphatics, but only lymph nodes are connected through both afferent and efferent lymphatics. All are supplied by blood vessels but only the Spleen has structures that filter blood.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you want more information please go to my lecture notes and click on the blue hotlinks which will take you to more information, diagrams etc.

http://www.geocities.com/artnscience/Immune_System/index.html  (+ info)

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