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why do doctors look for cancerous tumors in the lymphatic system when someone is diagnosed with cancer?

Generally, the lymph nodes are the first place for the cancer to metastasize to.  (+ info)

a patient has a blocked lymphatic vessel in her leg.Why does this condition lead to sweeling?

its called the edema.....well actually part of the arterial blood coming back home(heart) will return via lymphatic vessels.any condition causing blockade in these vessels will lead to accumulation of fluid in tht part of the body.  (+ info)

Lymph fluid exists a lymph node at the hilius via the afferent lymphatic vessel....true or false?

Lymphocytes are added to the lymph as it flows through the sinuses of a lymph node. Thus the lymph leaving the node is both cleaner of debris and richer in lymphocytes. Lymphatics leaving lymph nodes are called efferent lymph vessels and conduct lymph toward the shoulder region. Large lymphatics that drain groups of lymph nodes are often called lymph trunks.  (+ info)

Can turmeric prevent blood vessel growth in cancer tumors ?


Eventually turmeric may end up being of some benefit to some types of cancers . . but not yet . . no one knows the proper dosages you would need, how safe huge dosages might be, effectiveness for tumor types, or even if it might encourage tumor growth . . we need to allow research to continue on things like turmeric to see if there is any benefit to it . . so far . . it seems way to slow to help a cancer patient whose tumors can grow within 28 days. Right now . . there are better and more effective treatments available than turmetic or resevetrol.

The newer targeted therapies seem to hold a better treatment option.  (+ info)

Lymphatic vessel blockage?

Blockage of the lymphatic vessels draining a region of the body is most likely to cause _________

A. insensible water loss
B. cutaneous transpiration
C. negative water balance
D. positive water balance
E. edema

E  (+ info)


What are signs and symptoms of tumors... Because for some reason im paranoid that I have a tumor possibly on the back of my brain... B/c the back of my neck always hurts... and tons of other things. And also... My back hurts a little bit to, feels like my spine almost...

You probably have muscle spasms from your posture. Try head and neck massage.
A tumor would most likely have neurololgical symptoms, like seizure, weakness, numbness, or psych symptoms.  (+ info)

Lymphatic 'tumors?' ?

This all started when i was about 8, i found a lump in the back of my neck, but never said anything to anyone, im 15 now.
in the past, eh, 3 years i have accumulated 4 more of these lumps. 2 in the back of my head, on the in front of my neck, and one on my rib area.
i was conviced it was something with my lymph nodes, but im not sure.
any suggestions as to what it could be? im terrified of doctors.

the lumps are all about the size of a nickel, and are not painful to the touch.

  (+ info)


if u have tumors in the pancreas can this affect your eyes

Bert is right, the whites of your eyes can turn yellow as can your skin.
(one of the signs of the 'silent disease')  (+ info)

Often after the surgical removal of a breast, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels?

Often after the surgical removal of a breast, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels—especially those in the upper arm—swelling occurs. What is the physiological reason swelling takes place?

The swelling is called lymphedema. When blood circulates, nutrient-filled fluid is pushed out of blood vessels to provide fuel for cells. A lot, but not all, of the fluid is pulled back into the blood vessels. The fluid (now called lymph) that is left is moved into lymphatic vessels which connect back with the circulatory system. When nodes or vessels are removed, it breaks the return system for the lymph. Because of that break in the system, the fluid can't move back into circulation.  (+ info)


i have a strange lump in my neck that moves when i touch it its is there everyday i knever thaugh it as anything untill i relay felt it today could it possibly be a tumor ? what cause a tumor im only 16 poor diet maybe? i could realy use some helpful answers
your probaly right thank you i should of read this before i asked the same question again

Sweetheart, the only person who can tell you what your lump could be is your doctor. It's probably not a big deal, and just so you know- not all tumors are cancer. There is a pretty common sort which is basically nothing more than a lump of fat, and it could also just be a cyst. Just quit thinking up worst case scenarios and get to the doctor. That will put your mind at ease. Meanwhile, think positive. Most of what happens to people is not that big a deal, and easily taken care of.   (+ info)

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