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In Feb. 08 I went to the doctor she ordered a CBC with diff. and it came back with my lymphocytes at 840, and she said I had lymphopenia. Then in June .08 I had another CBC with diff. it came back this time lower at 624. The normal range at my hospital is 1250-3380. She said that it wasn't important but, I have read on the otherwise. Thanks!!

Yes, that seems very low. Lymphocytopenia is a count of lymphocytes below 1500, so you are unusually low. The lymphocytes help fight off bacteria, viruses and fungi. The most important thing for you isn't the low number of lymphocytes, but rather what is causing them to be low. There are diseases that cause Lymphocytopenia are cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic infections, AIDS and some other viral infections. Your doctor will have to find out your cause and treat it. I would keep pressing the doctor about this until you are satisfied.  (+ info)

HIV and Absolute Lymphopenia?

in my Complete Blood Picture comments section there was this statement
"Count is within normal count for age and sex except for absolute lymphopenia. Platelets are normal"

considering that the S.G.O.T is 750
and S.G.P.T is 348

in my life i only had one straight sexual contact (with condom)

i am worry about the HIV ..... specially with that statement about the Absolute Lymphopenia

any advice?

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My recent bloodwork showed that I had hypocalcemia and a lymphopenia.....?

I'm currently waiting for more blood results but was wondering if anyone has had these two weird things or if there are any suggestions as to what could be causing them??? My doc thinks it may be something to do with my parathyroid but all the lit I've read doesn't make sense! I had blood work run initially because I have had 3 episodes of terrible muscle and joint pain (similar to flu symptom) with an elevated temp. These episodes have happened in a period of 2 years since I moved to the tropics in Australia (from the US) and they usually last for about 3 days. There are no other malaise symptoms along with the muscle cramps and joint pain. Any info would be fabulous! thanks!
thanks for that! I'll keep you posted re the blood results. Should know something in a few days. She requested another ca+ level and she also requested cd4/cd8 flow cytometry (have you heard of that test before?) along with the parathyroid hormone test. Can calcium levels fluctuate like that to cause the muscle pains? Oh and I noticed that flare ups occurred when my body/mind were undergoing high stress. Initially I thought I contracted one of the tropics viruses (like ross river or dengue). Thanks for the input! I appreciate it!

These aren't so weird. Hypocalcemia is a deficiency of serum calcium, the calcium in circulating blood. It could account for the muscle pain. Lymphocytopenia is a decreased number of lymphocytes, a white cell that makes up about 25% (15% to 40%) of our total white count. A deficiency is associated with nutritional deficiency, malignancy, infection and mono to name a few.

Now, the parathyroids secrete a hormone that regulates the concentration of calcium in the blood amd also ensures normal neuromuscular irritability. Acute parathyroid malfunction (hypoparathyroidsim) results in tetany (cramps, twitching and severe muscle spasms) and you're not having that so yours, if you have it, may be mild at this point. This condition can also be asymptomatic.

It could still be a parathyroid issue and your doctor may have ordered a serum phosphate (phosporus) along with the calcium. In hypoparathyroidism, decreased calcium will be accompanied by increased phosphate. Was a urine calcium also done? How about a CT? I'm trying not to zero in on any one thing just yet. I feel that the additional labs you're waiting for will be helpful. Is there any way I can follow this?  (+ info)

Help! What is lymphopenia, relative granulocytosis?

Hello! I ve my immunity slightly deteriorated. My analisys said that my T-lymphocyte and B-lymphocyte are below the norm...What does T-helper below the norm mean (27%, abs340)? And t-killer is above the norm (17%)? What are the reasons for this and what are the consequences? What should I do? Please, help!

Lymphoponia is an abnormally low number of lymphocytes.
Relative granuloctosis means you have an abnormally high percentage of granulocytes (probably neutrophils) but the total number is not abnormal.

There are a number of causes. The sources are not complete, but your doctors have a bunch of questions to answer. I hope the reading material helps.  (+ info)

I have anemia (11.3 g/dl Hb) with Lymphopenia for more a while.?

The reason for anemia is an excess of bleeding due to the myomas I have. Maybe I have to go to surgery soon while I am taking iron and B12. Is the Lymphopenia associated to the anemia? My doctor said that,that everything is low because of the anemia but I don't believe this. I need some info about it. Thank you.

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what is the cause or disease that cause absolute lymphopenia and prolonged fever with out any other signs?

most likely any viral infection...........could do it....depends on severity and type of virus..good luck............  (+ info)

what is lymphopenia?

I had a CBC with diff. in feb. of '08 and my lymphocytes came back 840 the norm. is 1250-3380. Then on jun.6 '08 I had another CBC with diff. and my lymphocytes are down to 640. My doctor said it's not serious but I read online it is and I don't know what to do. What causes it?What should I do?

Hi there, Lymphocytopenia, or lymphopenia, is the condition of having an abnormally low level of lymphocytes in the blood. Lymphocytes are a white blood cell with important functions in the immune system which boils down to the fact you are more prone to infections. It can be idiopathic meaning without cause but with it that low it can mean there is some infection present in the body.

Many times chemo patients, HIV or AIDS patients experience this due to their frail state of health. Has the doctor done any marrow tests?

I would ask for a referral to an infectious disease specialist who can check to make sure the infection is totally gone, once gone the levels should resolve themselves.  (+ info)

Neutrophilia and lymphopenia ? Plz answer my question !?

Hey, i had a new blood test yesterday , my My total WBC was 8.1 ( normal range between 4.8 & 10.8), but i had a low count of lymphocytes it was 16.4% ( normal range between 20.5 & 45.5) and a high count of neutrocytes 75.5% ( normal range between 43 & 65)

NB : and 2 weeks ago i had a blood test and my total WBC was 7.2 ( normal range between 4.8 & 10.8), i had a low count of lymphocytes it was 18.1% ( normal range between 20.5 & 45.5) and my neutrophils were 70% (normal range between 43 & 65) and the monocytes were 9.1% (normal range between 5.5 & 11.7)

i had a normal flu from 5 weeks ago and i was under stress during all this month because of many life problems that caused daily headaches and fatigue , (i had constipation and then diarrhea from 2 weeks.)

so should i worry about my low lymphocytes count? and my high neutrocytes count ? could it be a serious problem or virus like hiv? or its a normal thing? i had 2 blood test in 2 weeks and i have the same results !!

This test is known as a differential count.

Lymphocytes are divided into 2 types but, a differential count does not separate "T & B " cells.

Your recent illness may have affected your blood test results.

Your WBC ( white blood cell ) was normal both times.
Your Monocytes were normal. Did this get repeated on your second blood test??
*Your lymphocytes went down from your first blood test.
*Your Neutrophils went up from your first blood test.
Here's an explanation:
An increase in the percentage of one type of leukocyte ( white blood cell) means a decrease in the percentage of another.
Increased Neutrophils can indicate an ongoing, acute ( short-term) bacterial infection.
* Neutrophils & lymphocytes make up to 75-90% of the total leukocytes.
*Neutrophils primary function is killing & digesting ( eating, known as phagocytosis) of bacterial microorganisms (basically bacterial germs).
* Lymphocytes primary function is fighting chronic ( long term) bacterial & acute ( short term) viral infections.
Increased Neutrophils can be caused by physical or emotional stress, trauma ( just to name a couple of reasons)
Decreased Lymphocytes can be caused by a viral infection.
It is quite possible that your recent illness and ongoing stress may have contributed to the abnormal values but, it is best that you contact the Doc who ordered the test and ask what the results mean. There always the chance that you may have a viral and a bacterial infection occurring at the same time. You need peace of mind. If you are concerned about HIV exposure, that is a separate test that will need to be done.
I hope that this is helpful and call your Doc.
Ruth  (+ info)

Persisent Neutrophilia and Lymphopenia. Should I visit a doctor?

Since three or four years ago my CBC tests have consistently showed a low percentage of lymphocytes and high percentage of neutrophils. Also, those values have decreased and increased, respectively (the percentage of lymphocytes has consistently decreased, and the percentage of neutrophils has increased). The last CBC showed a 17% of lymphocytes, and 82.5% of neutrophils. Also, these tests were done at various times, some when I have felt ill (as with the flu), and some times when I feel completely healthy. Also two of the tests were done when I was pregnant. The doctor dismissed the results as normal, because the complete count of WBC was within normal values. Should I get a second opinion? Is it normal to have those percentages?

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Why do lymphocytes keep going down-Hodgkins 10 years ago?

Since Oct. my lymphocytes have been going down. Confirmed Lymphopenia. Oct. was 10 year anniversary from Chemo/Radiation completion.

First of all: after 10 years of disease-free life, chances are extremely low that it is a recurrence of your hodgkin. So thats good news.
I assume that you are getting regular check-ups, including bloodwork, x-rays and CT-scans annually?
Radiation therapy does increase the risk of developing leukaemia later on in life, however your peripheral blood film should have indications towards this and i assume your doctor has checked for these. If the lymphocytopenia is severe and you do not feel comfortable about your current situation. I would recommend that you undergo a complete check-up at a department of Internal Medicine.

lymphocytopenia has a wide range of possible causes:

AIDS and other viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
chronic failure of the right ventricle of the heart (This chamber of the heart pumps blood to the lungs.)
hodgkin's disease and cancers of the lymphatic system
a leak or rupture in the thoracic duct (The thoracic duct removes lymphatic fluid from the legs and abdomen.)
side effects of prescription medications
malnutrition (Diets that are low in protein and overall calorie intake may cause lymphocytopenia.)
radiation therapy
high stress levels
trauma  (+ info)

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