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malaria falciparum?

how long does a person live from the date the person contracted it

till he takes adequete treatment. :-)
if complications like cerebral malaria or malarial acute renal failure develops,the person can be dead in 2 weeks.  (+ info)

What are long term effects of infection from p falciparum malaria?

Once someone has been diagnosed and treated for Falciparum Malaria what can be the possible long term effects on organs, eye sight etc.

Depending on how early the treatment started and if there were any complications already, it really depends. In most cases of malaria, outlook with treatment is good, but with p. falciparum, especially if there are already complications, it can be bad. Sorry hun, I was not able to find numbers.

P. falciparum of all the 4 protozoa that can cause malaria has the worst mortality and morbidity.

In malaria in general, protozoa replicate in the red blood cells and eventually causes them to break open, releasing compounds many of which are toxic. The person appears to be experiencing a flu with: discomfort, muscle aches, headache, and chills - symtpoms which generally come in cycles. Those with malaria can also become jaundiced and anemic.

P. falciparum is the worst of the 4 protozoa b/c:
- unlike the other protozoa, it is not restricted to infecting red blood cells of any specific level of maturity/age - leaving it more open to infect many more cells
- it is very powerful at adhering to cells. When a red blood cell is infected with it, knobs of protein are made which bind to cells of the blood vessel walls (endothelial cells). Many of these red blood cells start to clump together, often occluding blood flow.

The last point, occluding blood flow is mainly what leads to the complications associated with p. falciparum:
- renal problems (including kidney failure)
- coma
- cerebral infection
- pulmonary edema
- RAPID onset anemia
- liver failure
- meningitis
- breakdown of massive numbers of red blood cells aka hemolytic anemia
- spleen rupture with subsequent massive hemorrhage
- death

Of course, complications and prognosis are assessed case by case, especially with regards to other conditions may also be present, when and what treatments where given.

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

When a female anopheles mosquito bites a malaria paitent infected by Plasmodium falciparum ?

What are the stages ?

Is gametocytosis is a stage include in it ?

Mosquito bite facilitates entry of plasmodium (in the form of sporozoites) in the human blood.
The gametocytes are large parasites which fill up
the erythrocyte. Ingestion of gametocytes by the mosquito vector
induces gametogenesis (i.e., the production of gametes) and escape from the host erythrocyte. Gametogenesis is the stage in the mosquito. See-
Good luck!  (+ info)

can a patient survive malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum?

one of my dear friend who is old has got this disease and it was not diagnosed for 10 days? now he suffering from jaundice and as well as kidney failure caused by this plasmodium. treatment has been started and he is admitted in ICU.

While plasmodium falciparum is the more severe form of malaria, survival is still possible with appropriate treatments.  (+ info)

when did falciparum malaria start?

Over 50,000 years ago.  (+ info)

Biology question- What type of vaccine (for malaria) is the Sanaria company making?

I just read an article out of national geographic magazine from july 2007. Part of the article talks about how Stephen Hoffman and the Sanaria company are developing a vaccine with falciparum infected parasites from adult female mosquitoes, to create a vaccination against malaria. They weaken the parasites with with a quick dose of radiation, before packing them into a hypodermic needle. Now, would this type of vaccine be a killed type, attenuated or acellular vaccine?

Finally, an intelligent question on vaccines! I have been thinking about that very same question on the vaccine that Steve Hoffman is working on for malaria and my only conclusion is that it will have to be registered as a modified live (attenuated) vaccine. I had even checked with someone in the FDA and they were not certain how it would be registered yet either. I think they will have a problem scaling this product though.

Good question.  (+ info)

What happened to malaria in the American colonies?

I tell my students that early colonists in the Chesapeake suffered from malaria. One asked me why we don't have malaria anymore. Ideas?

Quinine, from the bark of South American Cinchona trees, protected millions of people from malaria in colonial times, enabling exploration and colonization in areas otherwise habitable but for this deadly disease. When administered promptly, quinine has the ability to halt malaria symptoms in just a few days (Garrett, 1994). Qunine has significantly affected the earth's population, for better or worse, by greatly reducing malaria's ability to control populations, especially in cities where large numbers of people were in constant close contact with each other. Before quinine was introduced to India in the 1850s, malaria was killing 1.3% of the population annually. Quinine has allowed India's population to grow to 700 million, whereas without it, India's population would be about 7 times less (Hobhouse, 1986). Populations of natives from western Africa had a high frequency of sickle cell anemia, which has deleterious symptoms, but had the great benefit of rendering afflicted persons largely immune to malaria. For many centuries, blacks from western Africa were preffered slaves because they could work in areas where other people would contract malaria, an  (+ info)

Is it possible to have Malaria for 3 months and a low grade fever?

I have been running a fever for about 3 months.
and I have nearly all the symptoms of malaria but my fever is never super high its anywhere from 99 to 100.8 might have been 100.9 before.

there are times I feel almost normal then always get worse again,
is it possible to have malaria this time and it be mild?

If you have been exposed to mosquitoes, it is possible. You need to go for a blood test to find out if you have the malaria virus.  (+ info)

How has Malaria effected the net growth in Africa over the last 50 years?

How has Malaria effected the net growth in Africa over the last 50 years?

Probably not too much because malaria is easily treated. Many people in africa take anti-malarials when they develop fever.  (+ info)

Malaria, How long after a mosquito has bitten someone with malaria does it take to spread the parasite?

E.G. If a mozzie bite you and you had malaria then how long would the parasite have to incubate in the mozzie before it bite me and I got malaria. Thanks Chris

First the right type of mosquito must bite you.It is the anopheles mosquito not just any muzzle.After that it bites some one else and will transmit the germs it got from you into some one else body.The germs will spread fast and within 48 hours the person so bitten will become ill.  (+ info)

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