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based on knowledge of Plasmodium vivax, suggest two methods for controling malaria?

This one of my lab questions that I'm not getting. Please help me out.

There are many different methods of controlling malaria.
Physical Methods:
prevention using mosquito nets
prevent water lodging and it prevents the mosquitos from breeding. etc.,
Chemical Methods:
using mosquito repellents i your body or in house or spaying them in waters to prevent them from breeding.
Biological Methods:
producing more sterile mosquitos.  (+ info)

Ideally how much rest one need after recovering from malaria (P-Vivax)?

i have just recovered from malaria (p-vivax) and i would want to know how much rest i need. i have already missed quite a few days at work and i am not sure how many more i will miss. I feel quite normal now (like usual) but im vary of relapse!! advise from pll who have gone through a similary story will be highly appreciated.

If you have recovered, no rest is required. You should complete 3 days of treatment. You can take weekly preventive medicine if you need it.  (+ info)

Should I treat for Malaria P.Vivax if blood test says I have, but no symptoms?

I'm an 18 yr old female Aussie living in West Kalimantan Indonesia and have been feeling quite tired lately so I recently look a blood test (Thinking I may be anemic). I was also tested for dengue and Malaria and the results came back with positive Malaria P.Vivax. I don't have a fever and I'm feeling fine now. Is it possible that the parasite hasn't fully developed yet and I'll be sick soon or could it be a false test? Should I treat myself for malaria anyway and if so, what medication is recommended? I don't want to get really sick!.....
It's common here but it's unusual to have no symptoms....
Please let me know if you have any information about this...Thank you

Yes U should. Signs and symptoms can appear later as the pre patient ( incubation ) period is 8 to 25 days.  (+ info)

What is the pathogen that causes the disease Malaria?

Is it Plasmodium Vivax...?
Thanks for the help.


The malaria pathogen is a microscopically small, single-celled parasite named “plasmodium". Mosquitos spread the protozoan Plasmodium vivax that causes malaria.

Added, source below :

Plasmodium (the genus of pathogens causing malaria)

The Plasmodium species causing malaria

Plasmodium falciparum. Causes malignant tertian malaria, which kills through cerebral malaria or renal failure. Fever occurs about every 48 hours but this periodicity is often masked because the stages are not always synchronous. This periodicity is termed tertian because of fever on the first day, no fever on the second and then a return of fever on the third day. Plasmodium falciparum needs an average ambient temperature of at least 20ºC so is found mainly in warmer parts of the world.

Plasmodium vivax. Causes benign tertian malaria which rarely kills. This species is not found in tropical Africa mainly because black Africans lack the red cell surface Duffy antigen that P. vivax requires for cell invasion. It can exist in places with an average summer temperature of only 16ºC. Together with P. ovale is is considered a relapsing malaria, so named because it can remain in a dormant hypnozoite stage for very long periods (years) in the liver. The adaptive value of this ability is that the parasite can persist in areas that experience long winters with no opportunities for transmission.

Plasmodium ovale. Causes a rare tertian malaria with a long incubation period and relapses at three-month intervals. Found mainly in tropical Africa but with sporadic reports from elsewhere. Life P. vivax, it is a recurrent malaria with a dormant liver stage.

Plasmodium malariae. Causes quartan malaria with fever returning every 72 hours. It is remarkable in that it can persist in the blood of a host for decades at very low densities, but it does not have a dormant stage in the liver. Relapses can sometimes occur half a century after being infected.

All four species are found in regions all round the world but they are thought to have been introduced to the New World from Europe and Africa during the sixteenth century. The distributions of P. vivax and P. ovale rarely overlap.  (+ info)

Malaria, How do I get rid of it?

I caught Vivax Malaria last year and a year later I still have it. Have tried malaron, Quinine, Chloroquine, primiquine and I am still getting attacks. Rigors, Bleeding gums and noses, high temperature and have just about had enough. I have had months off work. Will I ever get rid of it? Is that possible? Are there any wonder drugs? I am 88kgs.

You should go to the hospital A.S.A.P. This desease is fatal. Malarone is safe enough to take for up to 1 month. Did you take it for that long? If not then I suggest you let your physician know that. Get help NOW! This sounds serious and your curiosity on the internet is just gonna get you paranoid. Don't just sit there and look for a cure from a stranger on the internet. Do the right thing and get help.  (+ info)

i have just recovered form malaria (p-vivax) .. can i have any kinda food ? alcahol?

You can indulge in alcohol and any type of food coz its malaria.  (+ info)

What happened to malaria in the American colonies?

I tell my students that early colonists in the Chesapeake suffered from malaria. One asked me why we don't have malaria anymore. Ideas?

Quinine, from the bark of South American Cinchona trees, protected millions of people from malaria in colonial times, enabling exploration and colonization in areas otherwise habitable but for this deadly disease. When administered promptly, quinine has the ability to halt malaria symptoms in just a few days (Garrett, 1994). Qunine has significantly affected the earth's population, for better or worse, by greatly reducing malaria's ability to control populations, especially in cities where large numbers of people were in constant close contact with each other. Before quinine was introduced to India in the 1850s, malaria was killing 1.3% of the population annually. Quinine has allowed India's population to grow to 700 million, whereas without it, India's population would be about 7 times less (Hobhouse, 1986). Populations of natives from western Africa had a high frequency of sickle cell anemia, which has deleterious symptoms, but had the great benefit of rendering afflicted persons largely immune to malaria. For many centuries, blacks from western Africa were preffered slaves because they could work in areas where other people would contract malaria, an  (+ info)

Is it possible to have Malaria for 3 months and a low grade fever?

I have been running a fever for about 3 months.
and I have nearly all the symptoms of malaria but my fever is never super high its anywhere from 99 to 100.8 might have been 100.9 before.

there are times I feel almost normal then always get worse again,
is it possible to have malaria this time and it be mild?

If you have been exposed to mosquitoes, it is possible. You need to go for a blood test to find out if you have the malaria virus.  (+ info)

How has Malaria effected the net growth in Africa over the last 50 years?

How has Malaria effected the net growth in Africa over the last 50 years?

Probably not too much because malaria is easily treated. Many people in africa take anti-malarials when they develop fever.  (+ info)

Malaria, How long after a mosquito has bitten someone with malaria does it take to spread the parasite?

E.G. If a mozzie bite you and you had malaria then how long would the parasite have to incubate in the mozzie before it bite me and I got malaria. Thanks Chris

First the right type of mosquito must bite you.It is the anopheles mosquito not just any muzzle.After that it bites some one else and will transmit the germs it got from you into some one else body.The germs will spread fast and within 48 hours the person so bitten will become ill.  (+ info)

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