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Are there any chemists out there that has experimented with malaria and cancer?

In the malaria swamps that was examined, they did not even find one
trace of cancer. Can you believe that?
Maybe cancer and malaria don't mix or one destroys the other
or fever and cancer don't mix. Who knows.

You didn't do too much research about this because malaria is thought to trigger Burkitts Lymphoma in children.


Malaria linked to cancer in Africa
http://human-infections.suite101.com/article.cfm/malaria_linked_to_cancer_in_africa  (+ info)

What are your thoughts on vaccines for malaria in Africa?

They think they've found a vaccine for malaria in Africa that might help half of the people. (that's half of a million) What are your thoughts on this? Opinions?

I think its a fraud...

When you study the use of Vaccines and the real effect they have had on those whom have been injected with the toxic concoction... you will no longer use them.  (+ info)

What were the measures taken to eradicate malaria in kerala in the 1965?

Malaria was eradicated in the south Indian state of Kerala in the 1965. The desease was not reported till the year 1968. I want to know what were the measures taken to eradicate the disease of malaria.Even now the rate of malaria reported in kerala is very less. I want to know the what measures they are still continuing to controll the disease

Use DDT spray
Removing all containers of water  (+ info)

What spreads malaria and which is the bacteria?

It is a female anopheles mosquito which spreads the malaria parasite called plasmodium from one person to the other using its sharp thing on the head to sting you and infect you with the disease which can kill you if it is not taken seriously.So you must visit a doctor immediately

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What methods are being used to stop malaria?

Hi, Im doing a humanities project and I would just like to know a little bit about methods of stopping malaria, both being used and those that haven't been employed yet.

I have particular interest in Africa and South America, but information on any areas would be very helpful.

Thank you!

In mosquito and malaria endemic areas the preventive methods should really be directed against the mosquitoes. Getting rid of breeding grounds. These are stagnant water pools which may be on the ground or in trees, all these should be filled in. Disused pots, tins cans etc should be disposed off. The mosquito is very opportunist and is capable of using tiny amount of water lying around for a few days to a few weeks, so the measures should be comprehensive and complete. Other measures against mosquito should involve sleeping inside insecticide impregnated nets (some are being provided by Belinda and Bill Gates Foundation and other donor organizations in some African countries). Of course sick people should be treated as well. In sub Sahara Africa this is being done by readily available and cheap Chloroquine. But in the past few years resistance to this form of treatment has appeared in East Africa and is spreading west! Anti malarial tablets for use by travelers to malaria endemic area is another method of preventing the disease.

By and large malaria vaccine is the one which will make a real difference. Work is in progress in Africa involving testing (and so far) small trials, but large scale clinical trials are planned over the next year or two. May be there will be a breakthrough then.

Pellegrini Kitara-Okot
http: www.malariapreventiontips.com  (+ info)

How to explain to a kid what malaria is?

How would you explain to a kid 8-11 what malaria is?

Malaria is an infection which you get from bites from an insect called a mosquito. The infection lives in your red blood cells making them feel sick and die. Your red blood cells are important as they give your whole body all the food water and energy it needs to stay big and strong. With all your sick red blood cells dying, you will start to feel poorly.

A bit patronising for an 11 year old but i think it would do for 8-10s.  (+ info)

What is it like to visit someone hospitalized for Malaria?

I'm writing something and need to know, personally speaking, what it is like to visit a Malaria patient or if it is even possible. Are they in their own little world or can they carry on conversations and do simple tasks?

I have a friend who has had malaria more than once. He says that because of the fever, it can cause a person to be light headed and weak. So the person may hear you talking but not understand well, or not feel like answering, or may answer you in a strange way. Anyway, sick people appreciate being visited even if they don't know it at the time (they may know about it later). So please visit.  (+ info)

Can I legally sell or give away my expensive malaria pills leftover from a recent trip to India?

The are the most expensive type of malaria pill out there--malarone--so I'm sure someone would be happy not to have to spend $4 a pill on their next trip. But would I be breaking the law in giving them away? How about selling them? If anyone has a link to a government (FDA?) website spelling out the law, please do share it. Thank you!

You cannot legally sell or give them to another person. You were able to get them by prescription only -- that means for you only.  (+ info)

What is the age range of the death of people who have Malaria?

What is the age range of someone who has malaria, more specificly how old do people that have Malaria die?

Next to TB, Malaria is the biggest cause of death on this planet. It has no specific age-range. It can kill anyone at any age and the drugs used to treat Malaria are horrific in themselves.

However, there have now been new inroads into treating Malaria with a non-toxic and patented new technology.

The extract below is taken from: http://www.mrsamedical.com/newsilversolutioninfo.htm

Human Studies From Four Different Hospitals
Four human clinical trial studies in four different hospitals have been completed to date, including 124 patients. The studies were designed to test the oral use of the product (at 10 ppm) to treat 18 different human ailments and diseases. In these studies there were no failures, and almost all patients were deemed as fully recovered in less than one week. The studies included ailments such as: upper respiratory tract infections, eye infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, sore throats, abdominal pain and diarrhea, bronchitis, vaginal yeast infections, external cuts, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, various mouth problems, retro viral infections, Malaria, etc. The product was found to be so effective that the country of Ghana approved the product as an antibiotic-alternative drug.

Malaria Testing
The first two human studies looked at Malaria along with 17 other ailments. The second two studies were focused on just the treatment of Malaria following a standard protocol. To date 54 Malaria patients have officially been treated with the 10 ppm Silver Solution. The ages of the patients involved in the studies have ranged from just one year to 90 years old. Both male and female patients were treated. On average just one ounce of the silver solution was used [in some cases as little as ½ an ounce] daily. On average full recovery was obtained in 5 days. The shortest recovery times were about 2 days and the longest reported recovery time was about 10 days. A number of the cases were complicated by the fact that the patients were also suffering from other ailments including urinary tract infections, measles and fungal infections and this may have contributed to the increased treatment times. There were no failures in the testing, all patients achieved full recovery in an average of five days.

Main Website: http://www.mrsamedical.com/

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What is the best place to find out about Malaria research?

I'm living in rural Cambodia and don't really know the best way to get information about Malaria.


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