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What are long term effects of infection from p falciparum malaria?

Once someone has been diagnosed and treated for Falciparum Malaria what can be the possible long term effects on organs, eye sight etc.

Depending on how early the treatment started and if there were any complications already, it really depends. In most cases of malaria, outlook with treatment is good, but with p. falciparum, especially if there are already complications, it can be bad. Sorry hun, I was not able to find numbers.

P. falciparum of all the 4 protozoa that can cause malaria has the worst mortality and morbidity.

In malaria in general, protozoa replicate in the red blood cells and eventually causes them to break open, releasing compounds many of which are toxic. The person appears to be experiencing a flu with: discomfort, muscle aches, headache, and chills - symtpoms which generally come in cycles. Those with malaria can also become jaundiced and anemic.

P. falciparum is the worst of the 4 protozoa b/c:
- unlike the other protozoa, it is not restricted to infecting red blood cells of any specific level of maturity/age - leaving it more open to infect many more cells
- it is very powerful at adhering to cells. When a red blood cell is infected with it, knobs of protein are made which bind to cells of the blood vessel walls (endothelial cells). Many of these red blood cells start to clump together, often occluding blood flow.

The last point, occluding blood flow is mainly what leads to the complications associated with p. falciparum:
- renal problems (including kidney failure)
- coma
- cerebral infection
- pulmonary edema
- RAPID onset anemia
- liver failure
- meningitis
- breakdown of massive numbers of red blood cells aka hemolytic anemia
- spleen rupture with subsequent massive hemorrhage
- death

Of course, complications and prognosis are assessed case by case, especially with regards to other conditions may also be present, when and what treatments where given.

Hope that helps!  (+ info)

Living in Nigeria with malaria risks during pregnancy?

is there anyone out there that can assist me. i've just received a very lucritive offer to work in Nigeria. there is so many choices to be made but the main concern at this stage is the malaria. My wife and i are planning to have a baby as soon as possible and we are so worried about the risk factors. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Stay home or leave the wife at home. Nigeria is a very dangerous country for many reasons besides the malaria. Just finding a modern hospital for her to have the baby in will be almost impossible. Money is not worth your safety or the health of your family.  (+ info)

What are the similarities between fever and malaria and also how are they different?

What are the similarities between malaria and fever?
Also, what are the differences between malaria and fever?
What are the similarities between yellow fever and malaria and also how are they different?

Er, the first part is rather simple. Fever is when your internal temperature rises, and can be caused by a multitude of different thing, whereas malaria is a disease.

As for your thing in additional details, here's the differences that I can think of off the topic of my head:

- Yellow fever is an acute viral disease (which I believe means that symptoms present themself immediately - sort of like when you get sick from eating something bad all of a sudden), whereas malaria is a vector-borne disease, meaning that it is carried by an organism - most people get malaria from mosquitoes

Don't really know how many differences you need. Just do a search on Wikipedia for Yellow Fever and Malaria, and a lot of the symptoms, incubation periods, etc are different. You can also try CDC.gov, which is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website, and they have a really good list of infectious diseases, symptoms, outcomes, and whatnot.  (+ info)

Why is it that malaria disease kills large numbers of people daily in Africa particularly in Nigeria?

I hardly see patients of HIV/AIDS, Polio, etc in spite of the roaring jingles, yet malaria patients at all ages are being killed by the disease on daily basis. Something might have gone wrong somewhere.

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Is it possible to have malaria at the same time as chicken pots?

I would like to know if a child can have malaria at the same time as chicken pots. If so what is the cure. I would also be like to know if there are any natural cures as well as medical cures for either illness.

Yes.... A child could have both conditions. Both are infectious diseases and if the child was to come into contact with the causative agent for both diseases they could contract both.

Chicken pox is usually a relatively benign condition in children and aside from topical treatment for itching relief treatment is not usually required. Antivirals such as acyclovir are available but are seldom used in children unless they are immunocompromised. In very rare serious cases the treatment tends to be only supportive. Vaccines are now available against chicken pox.

Malaria treatment is dependent on what region the infection was contracted. Malaria strains prevalent in Asia and Africa for example are resistant to different drugs and thus, the drug regime will be tailored dependent on the resistance of the particular local strain.

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How common is it for someone to die of malaria?

How common is death and is it normal for a patient with malaria to have low to high body temperatures often? I have a family memeber with Malaria and have been doing so much research on it. I would like to know what any of you think about it?

It is not common. Certain forms of malaria can be deadly, though. It is especially deadly when it infects the brain. That is rare, though. Mostly, malaria kills babies and the elderly.  (+ info)

Is it unethical for a doctor friend of mine to write me a prescription for malaria pills without an exam?

I am going to Honduras on Wednesday and I completely forgot to get my malaria pills. I got all of my immunizations. No doctors office will write me a prescription without an exam, and none of them can get me in before I leave. I called a couple of urgent cares, but they couldn't help me either (why not? This is urgent to me!) Malaria is a serious problem in the rural parts of Honduras, which is practically everywhere and I want the pills.

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Malaria medications when moving to a country with malaria?

Malaria medications when moving to a country with malaria?
I may be moving to Ghana, West Africa temporarily with my fiancee. Maybe staying a month to three months or possibly longer. I know that when I went for a short trip I took malaria medications however what are the precautions that are needed when you go to a country with malaria and plan to stay for months? Do you take malaria medications everyday for 3 months or more?
Also we would like to conceive when we are there...Is it safe to take the malaria drugs while trying to conceive?

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What might happen to the frequency of the Sickle-cell gene if malaria were eliminated in Africa? Why?

What might happen to the frequency of the Sickle-cell gene if malaria were eliminated in Africa? Why?

People that have a sickle-cell gene (if you have one gene you have sickle cell trait--two gives you sickle cell disease) are immune to malaria.

This means that people with at least one sickle cell gene don't catch and die from malaria, meaning that they will live to pass those genes onto subsequent generations.

In other words, it gives people in malaria endemic areas a genetic advantage.

Now you tell me what would happen if malaria were eliminated.  (+ info)

If you have an extremely strong immune system, can you fight off or become immune to malaria?

If you have an extremely strong immune system, can you fight off or become immune to malaria? Cause many tribes don't seem to get malaria and the locals don't in those areas.

No, tribes drink medical herbals very often to ward off the disease.  (+ info)

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