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could allergies and carcinoid syndrome go hand and hand.....xolair would help???

Xolair works on Immunoglobulin E that causes asthma. But, carcinoid syndrome is mainly due to excess serotonin. Unless you are experiencing asthma, your doctor would not prescribe Xolair injections.  (+ info)

If you have carcinoid system (undiagnosed) do symptoms mean its spread?

Is it true with Carcinoid syndrome that you only get symptoms once its spread to the liver ( referring to the small intestinal kind). My doctor thinks I have it but I have showed symptoms for 5 years and progressively worse. I don't understand the syndrome at all. can the tumors show on CT's and disappear?

As I recall Carcinoid syndrome is produced by the fact that the tumors secrete serotonin. That causes symptoms even if it hasn't spread to the liver. I'll look in my Harrison's Handbook to see if I recall it correctly.

No, I am wrong. It says that the syndrome (flushing, diarrhea, and valvular heart disease) implies that the tumors have spread to the liver. The tumor secretes 5-HIAA which is a metabolite of serotonin.

I would imagine that the tumors show up on CT scans. The tumors should not disappear without treatment.   (+ info)

symptoms of carcinoid syndrome?

prominent or dilated facial veins
muscle wasting
heart murmurs
peptic ulcer  (+ info)

Carcinoid tumour and Carcoinoid Syndrome ...?

My best friend has been diagnosed with both of these illnesses, she has been told that it has spread to her liver, stomach and lower bowel and won't be having an operation or chemotherapy. Please - can anyone out there help tell me more about this condition and can you tell me what the future holds for my friend so I can be there for her as much as possible as I'm in England and she is in Australia! Please be honest as I really need to know. Thank you. (Loz's partner Caz)

I'm afraid the prognosis may not be very good for your friend. The average survival for this condition is 5-8 years, with survival being 38 months if the disease has metastasised. Survival can however be MUCH longer than this (around 20 years), and really there is no way of knowing.

Try this website:
It is patient friendly.

If you want some more detailed information then please email me I am a medical student but I don't know how much information you really want. She really needs to speak to her doctors.  (+ info)

what is euroleptic malignant syndrome?

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is a rare (fortunately) side effect of certain meds, particularly some antipsychotics.

http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/816018-overview  (+ info)

metastatic malignant melanoma and gradenigos syndrome. Is there a link?

Diplopia. blood test abnormal but non conclusive. Mastoiditis. some problem with my adenoid. fluid to left side of head. grommit in ear. major headache. problem with bone at back of head doctors unsure. 27 lymph nodes removed 6 months ago under armpit. stage 3. in hospital can anyone help. been in hospital for over a week a doctors cannot locate problem. is this the way melanoma works or are the doctors not very good. I am partially deaf in my left ear and have a patch over my left eye to alleviate eye strain. My other eye is now painful too as i think its working overtime. prior to my hospitalisation i have suffered some tingling in my arms very briefly but no fatigue or dramatic weight loss. can someone help with advice or knowledge please?

It is difficult to second guess your treated physicians when we know nothing about you, your history, condition and treatment. Gradenigo's syndrome is caused by infection and you have all the symptoms. Melanoma doesn’t work in a normal way it is the most unpredictable cancer there is. The only thing I can suggest is to get another opinion. There are a couple of oncologists who answer questions here hopefully one of them will see this and perhaps be able to give you a better answer.  (+ info)

Is there a Medical Doctor to see for NEUROLEPTIC MALIGNANT SYNDROME?

In August of this year I started taking a drug called Abilify. Immediately I started getting a fever, and sweating uncontrollably. One day I walked outside, and after ten minutes I could feel my self losing consiousness, and sat down for about 30 mins or so. My shirt was soaked with sweat. I went to the hospital the next day. My blood pressure was 170 over 111. I am 32yo and I have never had high blood pressure. My doctor did not pick up on the NMS because I was currently seeing him for an Urinary Tract Infection. He assumed because of the fever and sweats that this was a sign the infection was getting worse and sent me to an Urologist. I was treated for the infection and all the symptoms went away, except for the fever and sweats. The Urologist did every test numerous times and found nothing. I mentioned the Abilify and that's when I was told about NMS, the symptoms, and what causes it. He said I should see my Phyc ASAP.

Is there a medical doctor that Is more knowledgable of it?

If it is NMS how did you say all symptoms improvedwith treatment of UTI.
NMS is a medical emergency with very high fever etc
Your psychiatrist is the docotr to see along with a physician a specialist in medicine.
ashutosh  (+ info)

What is the probability of a carcinoid (cancer) tumor bursting?

My dad's doctor told him that there is a chance that his carcinoid can burst (rupture) at any time. It really scared him. What are the chances of this happening? Thanks.

Honestly, the answer depends on where the tumor is and what type of cancer it is. If the doctor thinks this is possible, he/she should be doing some aggressive treatment to try to avoid such a situation. I'm sorry that I can't help more, but good luck; I hope everything works out for your father.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for carcinoid cancer?

What is the average survival rate for a patient with carcinoid cancer? How long after being diagnosed do most patients live?

The three factors which will give an indication of prognosis are his Chromogranin A level (the lower, the better), his overall state of health and the Ki-67 reading of the tumor. The Ki-67 reading gives you the proliferation rate ie; if it is low-grade or high grade. Most carcinoids are low-grade with a Ki-67 of less than 2%.

Have a look at the http://www.carcinoid.org website and see if the doctor he is under is listed as a recommended carcinoid expert. If not, then I advise you to get a second opinion from a doctor who is an expert in this rare cancer and to discuss the possibility of a referral to Basel or Uppsala for peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. Since he has a wide metastatic spread, surgery may not be an option.  (+ info)

What does paraneoplastic syndrome refer to?

a. the effects of substances such as hormones secreted by the tumor cells
b. severe weight loss and cachexia associated with advanced cancer
c. the decreased resistance to infection resulting from malignant tumors
d. the effects of multiple metastatic tumors

It is a syndrome directly resulting from a malignant neoplasm, but not resulting from the presence of tumor cells in the affected parts.  (+ info)

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