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i noticed that i had unhealthy skin and the skin on my hands were a little bit yellow. is this a sign of malnutrition? i know i haven't exactly been the healthiest eater but what can i do to to have healthier skin and a healthy body?

Not to scare you or anything but yellow skin is a sign of jaundice or adrenal fatigue. Just check it out or see a doctor to make sure.

I believe the healthiest foods on earth are green vegetables.

So the best diet for you I think would be a lot of green vegetables and some fruit and low fat natural meat. Think fresh and unprocessed. And also don't eat 3-4 hours before you go to bed. This will help your digestive system to reset.

As far as the skin goes get more sun, about 15 minutes a day of direct sunlight.

Oh yeah and get some cardio workout everyday, swimming or running.  (+ info)

does malnutrition in initial months of pregnancy affect mental growth of the fetus and child born?

I suspect that malnutrition and nausea in initial months of my pregnancy could affect my child's mental growth after he is born. Any evidence or anyone knows more to this ? I am really concerned that my child will have mental growth and slowed or other malformations.

Not usually, the child will take whatever nutrition it needs from you even if it's from your bones, orgrans...(not literally of course, the vitamins that are found there is what I mean), this is why a pregnant woman needs to have proper nutrition. I understand morning sickness can prevent us from eating healthy or at all but you must at least try to have some healthy and always take your prenatal vitamins. Actually eating small meals often reduces morning sickness, even if it's watered down soup.  (+ info)

What is the fatest way to lose fat without exersise or Malnutrition and with unlimited will power?

how many calaries is the very minimum you must have every day so you arent considerd anerexic and you dont sufer from malnutrition?

If you don't want to exercise, then so much for the unlimited willpower. Minimum calories is different for everyone. If you want to lose fat for good, there are no miracle diets sorry, you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet. You can keep bouncing around on weak diet plans for the next 10 years until you realize this and hope its not too late, or you can start now.  (+ info)

Can some mental problems be caused by malnutrition?

Does anyone know if some mental problems such as depression, anxiety and others can be caused by malnutrition, specifically not getting the recommended nutrients needed? Has anyone with mental problems tried to eat better and gotten positive results with their mental state?

For myself, my diet is horrible. I don't eat enough and my diet mainly consists of fatty, fried foods, sugars and carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits are not on my menu except for V8 V-Fusion juice.

Absolutely. They can make a difference.
But for specifics I'd have to do a lot of reserach.
Get yourself a food pyramid guide and see for yourself.

But generally it takes more than a healthy diet to rid yourself of depression or anxiety. A healthy body though will help you combat other things.  (+ info)

How do anorexics avoid a distended stomach from malnutrition?

I have been watching somethings about anorexia, on the news, youtube, and an HBO special. One question that I have been wondering about his how anorexics prevent a distended stomach from malnutrition. Does anyone know?

No I am not thinking about not eating. I LOVE FOOD & I weigh plenty. Just a question in general.

Most anorexics do not stop eating altogether, but place extreme limits on the caloric intake. When they do eat, they often make choices that provide maximum nutrition for minimal fat and calories. For that reason you will not see an anorexic with a bag of chips and a sugary soda, but you will see them slowly pick at oranges, apples or a low fat yogourt. In the end, they are receiving nutrients but not fat and calories.  (+ info)

What are health problems associated with malnutrition?

Can anyone please help explain the cycles of malnutrition, and who it impacts?

Hey Tatermama,
Malnutrition is a serious problem. I can't tell you about any cycles of malnutrition but can answer your question from the perspective of its impacts over the human due to stress.

Malnutrition definitely causes stress for your body. Irrelevant if you overeat, under eat or just don't eat the right quality of food - your body just does not get what it needs.

What are the results? Insufficiencies of major nutrients, vitamins and minerals which progressively accumulate and eventually will result in discomfort, suspetibility to virus attacks, stress.

The bad thing with stress is that it affects any part of the human body. No exceptions! Specifically with malnutrition you can expect the problems to start with the digesting system and metabolism disorders. Starting from a gastric ulcer and ending with constipation and diarrhea. I mention those because the digesting system si the first affected from irregularities in eating.

As I mentioned earlier insufficiencies of major nutrients, vitamins and minerals cause stress for the body and can affect any part of it - including all organs

Avoid malnutrition! Build good eating habits.
It is a prerequisit for a healthy and happy life!
  (+ info)

What are the deficiency symptoms of fat malnutrition?

I need the deficiency symptoms of fat malnutrition only. Please and thank you!!

dry skin, dry breaking hair, eye deterioration,  (+ info)

If a man goes bald from anorexia or malnutrition and recovers, will he stay bald?

I have always wondered this. One of the primary symptoms of malnutrition is thinning hair. So if a man becomes anorexic (it does happen) and his hair thins, and he then gets back up to a healthy weight, does his hair regrow or does he stay bald?

he will stay bald. it doesnt come back. unfortunate, but baldness isnt the end of the world.

make it a good day.  (+ info)

how can I prevent malnutrition as a normal citizen?

How can each one of us prevent malnutrition? Please don't answer "eat!" or "go to mcdonalds that should do it".

normal and reasonable diets in the western world provide ample nutrition, contrary to what every vitamin and supplement salesman will tell you. Eat normally, hit all the food groups, and don't worry.  (+ info)

What are some diseases caused by severe malnutrition?

Speaking in terms of Africa and the famine there (not anorexia in 1st world countries) what are the most common diseases that directly derive from malnutrition?
thanks so much to all the answers! very very helpful:)

Malnutrition doesn't directly cause disease but it leaves a person susceptible to a host of diseases and deficiency diseases. Infections that the healthy body ordinarily fights off can become epic battles for the malnourished and can progress to more serious conditions. Deficiency diseases are the more common and immediate outcome. Deficiency diseases are caused by a lack/insufficency of vitamins and minerals.

Sounds like you're doing research on this so take it a step further and do the research. Run searches for "vitamin deficiency diseases" , "mineral deficiency diseases" and "diseases caused by malnutrition". I'm quite certain you'll find lots of information.  (+ info)

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