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mastitis in bovine?

Is very contagious and will wipe out your cows if not erradicated. My grandfather, although this was in the 1910s, lost his farm when his cows were wiped out by mastitis. You need to bring in veterinary assistance...seriously.  (+ info)

How to relieve mastitis and manage to combine breasfteeding with working fulltime?

I am back to work this week but still breastfeeding a seven-months old. I was planning to express during the day but pumping gave me mastitis (a blocked duct with hard, swollen breast, very painful) and I am on really strong antibiotics. If pumping causes me pain, what else can I do? My breasts are getting pretty full and I feel really uncomfortable. Please help! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Ginger is a great way to reduce your breast milk. Obviously don't eat it excessively as it will dry out your milk, but a little will help relieve some of that built up milk. Is the breast pump positioned right? I don't want to sound like a smart @rse i mean i found that i was positioning the pump wrong. Maybe a different brand? There's always the option of expressing by hand? Its best to express. I know the pain Ive been there and it hurts!!! But trust me even if you manage to express an ounce or two you will feel the pressure ease off a bit. Also hot towel on your breast may help and a hot bath may help for some of the milk to express on its own. Try a gentle massage of the breasts. Like circular motion to help with the blocked ducts. Hope its of some help. Feel better soon.  (+ info)

How long does the lump from mastitis take to go away?

I developed mastitis when my baby was 2 months old. I got on antibiotics, but then I got an abscess. This whole time I never had any symptoms, and both developed very quickly. I was in the ER for an incision and drainage. The incision was on the areola so I was unable to breastfeed or pump. The incision fully healed 3 weeks ago. Milk has once again started to come from that breast. I started pumping, but only a little bit is coming out. I don't want mastitis to develop again. Is there anything I should do? How long does it take for the lump to go away?

It can take from a week to three month for them to go away. But they eventually will.
When you nurse you should give the affected breast first and let him empty it completely. Try to nurse more often at least every 2-3hours to keep the breast as empty as possible. If your baby does not want to eat that often you can try pumping, don’t let your breasts get full or engorged. Make warm compresses with a wash cloth or a disposable diaper. Take hot showers/baths and massage your breasts towards the direction of the nipple while in the shower. Don’t wear a bra with underwires and make sure to let the nipple air dry after nursing.  (+ info)

What is the difference between mastitis and a breast cyst?

'm a sixteen year old girl and last week I discovered a lump in my breast, this lump has started to swell and hurt, and it is a blue-ish color. It was a once in a while sharp pain, but now has developed into a continuous throb; My doctor said that it could either be mastitis, and has provided antibiotics, or a breast cyst; I will only get an ultrasound in December because of the line up...
Is there any tell tale sign that separates these two possible diagnosis?

The difference between mastitis and a cyst is that with mastitis there will be pain to the touch and some redness. It will then clear up with antibiotics.

With a cyst you will feel a lump and if it's easy to move that means that it is most likely a cyst that is noncancerous. The bluish color that you notice could be one of your veins that has gotten a bit larger if there is swelling going on such as if you are getting close to your period.

Because of how intense the pain is though I would recommend asking the doctor about trying to get this done sooner. Let them know that with this pain that you don't feel you can wait til Dec (I just ran in to an issue like this).

If you would like to talk some more about this please feel free to e-mail me off site any time.  (+ info)

I have mastitis. How long does it take for the antibiotics to work?

I started them as well as ibuprofen, about 40 hours ago and was feeling a bit better yesterday. The doc has put me on half a dose as i am breastfeeding. I woke today with a 40 + temp and I feel really unwell. How long did it take for you to get rid of mastitis? I may go back to the doc today if i don't feel better later but just curious to hear your experiences.

You poor thing, mastitis is miserable. The ABs usually kick in quite quickly. I would think that by the end of today you should definitely notice a difference.

It might be worth having a look on kellymom about the best type of ABs to take for mastitis while BFing because I'm surprised your doctor has only given you half a dose. But if they do the job then there's no problem. Sometimes, with the best intention in the world, doctors aren't confident prescribing medicine to BFing women so it's worth making sure that you know what's available and suitable. Print it off if necessary.  (+ info)

How long does it take to fell better from mastitis?

I had to go to the ER last night with a 105 temperature and a bad pain in my breast. The doctor said that I have mastitis and gave me IV antibiotics and sent me home with a prescription. My fever is a lot lower, but not gone, but I still feel really dizzy and drained. I am going back to the ER tonight because they wanted to see me in 24 hours. Does anyone know how long this usually lasts?

Oh I am so sorry. I have had mastitis and its really bad. My fever wasn't that high 102. I had oral antibiotics. It took about 3 days to feel completely better. I felt dizzy, drained and had fever/pain for 2 days though it lessened after 24 hours on the antibiotic  (+ info)

Is it possible to get mastitis 7 months after stopping breastfeeding?

I had my daughter 9 months ago. When she was about 7 weeks old I got mastitis. It was horrible. My milk would not come back in after that. I tried EVERYTHING! Now I am having breast pain again like when I had mastitis. Is it possible to get mastitis after all this time?

yes it is possible. I got it 3yrs ago and i'd not breastfed for 8yrs at the time. I was shocked as i never got it when pregnant or breastfeeding . But it was confirmed by a doctor  (+ info)

I have Mastitis and ive stopped breastfeeding do i need 2 express?

Im on penicilin for the mastitis which i started yesterday, am i meant to express my milk or is it best to leave it?
Ive started bottle feeding my baby since last night and not going back to breastfeeding.

With mastitis, it's very important, even if on medicine, to empty the breast frequently of milk. The best way to do this is by nursing; there is no need to stop nursing while on penicillin. If you are planning on weaning anyway, then now is not the time because of the infection. You should at least express, but nursing is better as the breast is emptied better. Then, after you're over the mastitis, you could gradually cut out one feeding/pumping every couple days, as a rapid weaning is a good way to get mastitis.  (+ info)

is it very commom to develope mastitis after a nipple piercing?

im very interested in getting my breast pierced but im scarred if i get mastitis,,,ant suggestion guys and helpful tips?

As long as you take care of the piercings (by doing two sea salt soaks a day) and you are an overall healthy person, I'd think mastitis isn't very common. Someone brought this up on a piercing forum I post on.. lemme see if I can find the topic.
Aha, there you be - http://www.tribalectic.com/Drupal/content/holy-hell-mastitis-no-joke  (+ info)

Is it normal after a case of mastitis to have less milk than other side?

I had mastitis in my left breast now I only produce 1 oz per pump session and 2 oz on the right. How can I bring it back up to even it out?

Yes, it is possible. I had mastitus and was told that it could happen, and it did happen to me. I started to pump on that side often to get my supply back up. Now, 7 months later I actually produce double the milk on that side than I produce on the side that didn't even have it. Just feed often on that side and if you have a pump use it for a little while to get your milk supply back up. Best Wishes.  (+ info)

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