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what is that joint in maxillary bones?

There is something connected to the upper jaw By two bones?
maybe there is muscle or membran.....i really need answer....help me .

The lower jaw bone (mandible) has part of it on each side that comprises the TMJ and is seated into the cranium with muscles and ligaments. Is this what you are talking about?  (+ info)

what is the cure for a maxillary sinus infection? antibiotics? time?

after getting a tooth extracted, I experienced a foul smelling nasal mucous/ discharge. after asking, many people said it may be a maxillary sinus infection.

You need to get back to your dentist to be evaluated for a sinus perforation, which sometimes happens with upper tooth extractions. You also need to get a prescription for antibiotics.  (+ info)

Ideas on making a 3D model of a Maxillary (top) Human Canine Tooth?


I need some ideas on making a 3D model of a Maxillary (top) Canine Human Tooth. It needs to be big enough to display in front of a class and it can't be made of anything that can rot or go bad.

Please leave any ideas you may have! I'm not the most creative person, so every idea is a good idea!


Call your dental office. They will more than likely be happy to give you an old model. Of course I don't know how big it needs to be but the ones they would have would be the size of actual teeth.   (+ info)

malocclusion and vertical maxillary excess cost?

ok i have already been given braces under the nhs

but the is still some problems such as overbite and long face and malocclusion

i dont think they will offer free surgery under the nhs or refer me

if that is the case who do i go to and how much will it cost...

i doubt the dentist will see or understand my problems is the anything i could say that could influence her decision
approximately how much will it cost?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.isgreat.org  (+ info)

how does the maxillary sinus help in keeping the air warm and humid?

Air is drawn thru the turbinates into the sinus cavity - the inside of the head warms and humidifies air because it is moist and warm inside.  (+ info)

Where is the maxillary sinuses located?

Is it around the cheek bones? I have a sinus cyst near left cheekbone, something like that. Is that the maxillarys or is it called something else? Thanks

Yes, it's probably the maxillary sinus. Sinuses are generally divided into maxillary, ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid locations. Maxillary sinuses are located behind the cheekbones http://www.emedicinehealth.com/sinus_infection/article_em.htm.  (+ info)

i want to learn carving of maxillary central incisor on carving wax, plz help me out?

i m a student of B.D.S and i face difficulty while carving central incisors, is any one can help me out? plz i need help

When I was in dental hygiene school I had to carve 8 teeth so I know how painstaking this process can be (I had to have it done in 2 months).But I made the process easier. I was given a typhodont with removable teeth so we had a visual reference (I hope you have this). I placed the tooth in clay then carefully remove the tooth without disturbing the imprint so I had half a mold of the tooth. I then melted the wax onto the mold and carved the rest using the other landmarks.

**To all the people that would have negative comments: KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!  (+ info)

Will Maxillary Sinusitis go away on its own or do I need antibiotics?

It went away before they discovered antibiotics, they'll still go away now.

As the other person said, it's about drainage. I finally put an end to spring and fall sinus infections when I started using saline nasal drops ( costs 2 or 3 dollars ) when I felt the mucus thickening up before the onset of symptoms. Helps to clear an already established infection as well.

It's about drainage and whatever works for you in keeping the drainage going - extra fluids, saline drops and, as the other poster said, light exercise can be helpful.  (+ info)

Most effective treatment for Nasal polyps and Maxillary sinusitis?

I have DNS and allergic rhinitis. Budesonide nasal spray has any advantage over others for treating polyps?

Why don't u try taking Homeopathy I can assure u that it'll b treated totally and u'd b relieved in no time off those polyps without any harmful steroids and /or any operation etc it'll take time but it'll get cured please consider taking homeopathy medicine it'll b really b beneficial for ur problem...

I had been detected with Sinus problem and when i went for check up I was diagnosed with some other issue it was some growth of 3-4 small nodes in my throat and thus I had almost had lost my voice so I was told that I'd have to go thru very minor operation to get rid of those but i just went to my homeopathy doctor showed him my X-Rays and he just gave me medicines for just a month and everything was back to normal no nodes nor did i suffer from my sinus either no problem ever occured at all...this is why I'd suggest well it's ur choice tho newayz best luck and take care.  (+ info)

what are the difference of maxillary and manibular molars?

  (+ info)

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