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What's the best diet if you suffer from a megacolon & surgery is'nt an option?

You don't want a colostemy, & can't get enough nutrients & calories from Ensure. (laxatives don't work- documented).Enemas partially work,sometimes.Colon cleansing
won't work due to no contraction/spams of colon.

I add Benefiber to EVERYTHING!!! Water, Spaghetti Sauce, cereal, anything I eat or drink! It has completely changed my 'problem'. I went 23 days without having a movement, I was taking Psyllium husks twice a day (do NOT even start these!) and still not moving! The docs were amazed that I hadn't BUSTED.
They tried the MiraLax, nada, then I was doing wonderful enemas All the time, JOY!! Perfect if you want to live in a restroom! My colon was shot! I now eat Kashi 'Go Lean' with that DanActive or Activea Strawberry Yogurt and add Benefiber to everything. Between the GOOD ENZYMES in the yogurt and all the natural fiber, and lots of prayer, my colon is GREAT now. But, it was looking like surgery was right around the corner. Trust me on the fact that I know exactly what you mean about the 'no contractions' part. It wouldn't move if you paid it. It just sat there, stretching out my colon, for days. I had to use the enemas while I built my system back up. The Kashi Go Lean has 10 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber per cup just by itself! It is a wonderful whole food. Sorry to ramble!! You just hit one of my buttons! Good Luck and God Bless!  (+ info)

I need to know what EXACTLY is "megacolon" ?? I was just recentley diagnosed with this condition.?

I have what is called MEGACOLON, I'm severley bloated, have been hospitalized in april for one week due to severe stomach distention and constipation/diarrhea. I have also lost about 12 pounds since then, (I'm 5'6" and had weighed 132lbs - and now weigh 120lbs) but yet my appetite is tremendous, I'm starving all the time.
At this point in time I'm bloated everyday, I'm depressed because my self-image looks disgusting, I do not feel attractive (I'm a woman) and I'm starting to doubt my DR(s), I don't even thnk THEY know what's wrong with me.
My DR(s) had told me that I had IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, but I'm just starting to learn that there a lot of other dieases and/or conditions under that heading of IBS.

Can someone help me shed some light onto my dingy and dark future - do I have to live my life like this - or is there some type of test or surgery that can help me feel better ???

Megacolon is an abnormal dilatation of the colon (a part of the large intestines) that is not caused by mechanical obstruction. The dilatation is often accompanied by a paralysis of the peristaltic movements of the bowel, resulting in chronic constipation. In more extreme cases, the feces consolidate into hard masses inside the colon, called fecalomas (literally, fecal tumor), which require surgery to be removed.
A human colon is considered abnormally enlarged if it has a diameter greater than 12 cm in the cecum, greater than 6.5 cm in the rectosigmoid region and greater than 8 cm for the ascending colon [1]
A megacolon can be either acute or chronic. It can also be classified according to etiology.  (+ info)

Isn’t diagnosticable the dolicocolon, loosened colon, congenital megacolon, by Complete Colon Videoscopy?

And Why?

ok, From what I can tell dolicocolon is spanish for congenital megacolon. I find no references to loosened colon. Yes most bowel disorders can be diagnosed with a Colonoscopy. Where they take a camera up through the bowels. It seems that this disease is normally diagnosed pretty early in life. It can also be diagnosed with a barium enema. Which is where the give an enema of contrast with the xray to actually watch the bowel in action. They are pretty cool to watch in all honesty. If this is for diagnosis of a child I would definatly go for a barium. Barium enema does not require general anastisia, less side effects, less chance of complications. Very little physical invasion. Just an enema, and a xray machine.

Good Luck
Christal  (+ info)

Is it okay for a Crohn's Disease patient to take one Imodium each morning, before school?

My daughter is in a severe flare, but she has insisted on returning to school. Though her teachers and fellow students have been completely accommodating of her frequent need to use the restroom, it would be great if she didn't have to worry about it, at least for a few hours. I know about the rare instance of toxic megacolon, but do you think it would be okay for her to take one Imodium in the morning, before she leaves home for the day? Thank you.

Hi there. I am 26 years old and have had Crohn's since I was 15, so I too have had to deal with being in school and the effects of Crohn's.

My specialist said it was okay for me to take an imodium each day, but everyone does differ, so make sure you double check with her specialist. Also make sure that while on imodium, she drinks plenty of water, to ensure she doesn't get "blocked up" from taking it.

I have even tried taking just half an imodium and that still helps. If you're very worried, perhaps start her out on half and see how it goes? You don't want her to stop going to the bathroom all together so a half a tablet may see her through her day and then she can take another half the next day.

Good luck with everything :)
  (+ info)

Hirschsprungs Disease (congenital aganglionic megacolon) HELP! Im 15 years old and had it sincei was a baby?

Hi ive got a condition known as Hirschsprung's Disease. I go to the doctors regularly asking for them to prescribe laxatives for me, which they do but none of them seem to work. Ive tried Movicol, Bisacodyl, Mirco-Lax, Lactulose, Senokot, everything! I have a pain in my stomach which is caused by the contractions of the bowel and it is very painful and annoying as im having alot of time off school (like now) and i cant concentrate at school. Basically i need someone who may be suffering with this disease to tell me what you used to get your stomach clear from blockages and to prevent constipation. Also some sort of medicine or heral remedy to help stop or even ease the pain which comes along with my stomach cramps. I've used Peppermint capsules too and Peppermint tea but they also dont really have no effect, along with pain killers but they aint working either. Please help im so fustrated and would like someone to tell me what they have had to stop this or someone in the profession.
Thanks Everyone

Hi. Laxatives are bad. They damage the nerves inside your colon over time making it more difficult to go. Its called melanosis coli. Drink lots of water, take fiber, and try sorbitol. Try herbal teas for the stomach pain, maybe some ginger. I do not have megacolon, but I worked as a nurse in a gastroenterology office. You may need to go to a university for second opinion. Sometimes they are better equiped to handle difficult cases which yours may be.  (+ info)

Looking for info on c-diff, toxic megacolon, ards and dic?

I did post a similar post a few days ago however the situation has worsened. My dad is 73 y/o with a large mass on his colon. Currently he is in SICU with c-diff and septic shock. He is on 100% breathing machine and his kidneys are not working. After a bowel resection he current has blood in his stool. His palette count is low and his breathing is fast. They suggested kidney dialysis but with VERY high risks such as bleeding, heart and lung strain and more infection. I am looking to see if anyone has knowledge of all these symptoms and what to expect. Thank you for taking the time to read

C-Diff info: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/c-difficile/ds00736
ARDS: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ards/DS00944  (+ info)

are there college scholarships for people with ulcerative colitis? if yes, where can i apply?

i had like the worst possible case of it when i was 18 years old
like toxic megacolon or something

im starting college soon(im 19 now) and i whan some free monay
anybody know a good place o_q
my colon was removed although there is something like 0.5% of my rectum still there
so i do technically still have it

i have UC too. never heard of any scholarships.

but there might be some. if you learn about some let me know too.  (+ info)

I have a mirocobiology case and I need help.?

A 40 yr male was hospitalized with severe case of bronchitis. He was given a 7 day course of antibotic therapy, consisting of ceftriaxone &azithromycin. He was released from the hospital on a tuesday morning. On wednesday morning he began to develop moderate diarrhea and abdominal pain and cramping. Over the course of the day he became disoriented, and in the evening he called 911. He was taken to the ER, them admitted to the ICU. His immediate treatment consisted of fluids and metranidazole. A CT scan revealed findings consistent with toxic megacolon. An emergency laparomy was carried out, in order to futher explore the colon. The colon was swollen and areas with yellowish plaques were observed.

What is going on?

Sounds like pseudo-membranous colitis, due to the ceftriaxone and azithromycin the good flora in the gut was killed off and lead to an overgrowth of resistant 'bad' bacteria in the gut that could explain the picture above. Remember this is not an exact science. It is also not mentioned whether the patient has a history of inflammatory bowel condition like crohns disease or ulcerative colitis, these conditions flare up in moments of stress and can also help explain the picture above. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

I need info please! I am desperately trying to become pregnant!?

I have been trying to get pregnant for years! Does anybody know if functional megacolon can cause infertilty. Also, does anybody know if Milk of Magnesia can cause infertilty. i cannot get rid of the mega colon so I am trying to deal with it and get pregnant. I desperately want to be a mom. I love children. I am 27 years old. Also, if anybody knows how to cure megacolon( which is an enlarged colon with severe constipation and bloating), let me kow!

Please read the book, _Taking Charge of Your Fertility_ by Toni Weschler. It will answer many of your questions by helping you determine what is happening with *your* body instead of talking about vague generalities.

As for your specific health condition, I have never heard of digestive problems having an effect on fertility, nor does Milk of Magnesia seem to have any side effects that could cause problems. What does your doctor say?

In terms of treatment options, have you considered homeopathy? It frequently helps with all kinds of diseases; maybe it would work for you.

I hope this helps. Good luck!!  (+ info)

my son has Hirchsprungs disease he can live a normal life with treatment .very exspensive thou?

Hirschsprung's disease, or congenital aganglionic megacolon, involves an enlargement of the colon, caused by bowel obstruction resulting from an aganglionic section of bowel (the normal enteric nerves are absent) that starts at the anus and progresses upwards. The length of bowel that is affected varies but seldom stretches for more than a foot or so.

What I need to know about Hirschsprung's Disease
On this page:

What is Hirschsprung's disease?
Why does HD cause constipation?
What causes HD?
If I have more children, will they have HD too?
What are the symptoms?
How does the doctor find out if HD is the problem?
What is the treatment?
What will my child's life be like after surgery?
Points to Remember
For More Information
What is Hirschsprung's disease?
disease of the large intestine.
medical suppy can be very exspensive
and medical does not cover most of his supplies
looking to find help with medical supplies please

I'm not real sure what you're asking.

Has your son had a bowel resection?
Gastostromy tube?

My son has had both, and it has only a minimal effect on his life.
Supplies and special food are EXTEMELY expensive. Many insurance policies do cover these, though. If yours doesn't -- and you live in the U.S. -- consider applying for Medicaid coverage for your son, under the disability category. Medicaid will pay for everything to be delivered to your house at regular intervals.  (+ info)

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