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Mental disorders?

what mental disorders existed in the 1940-1950's

All disorders were there. Do you mean ones they classified or made treatment for?

Here are some helpful links I read:


http://www.bipolarworld.net/Bipolar%20Disorder/History/history.html  (+ info)

Mental Disorders.......?

The government should not have to spend taxpayer money to provide services for people with mental disorders. It is up to the families of these individuals to care for them. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? and why?

disagree~people have not chosen these illnesses for themselves~and fyi the family does try to care for them to the best of their ability~for as long as they can~walk in those shoes for a week or 2 & see if you feel different♦  (+ info)

mental disorders?

there is a child whose mother is sick and dies. while she is sick he finds a girl who has the same name as his mother. after his mother dies he acts depressed, but its not her death that bothers him its the fact that this girl who he thinks is the one doesnt know he is alive. could the child be seeking out someone to take his mothers place since she is dead? is there a mental disorder that could explain his behavior? like depression or anxiety?

This child doesn't happen to have a first name of Norman, does he?

Did his mother own a motel outside of Los Angeles, named the Bates Motel?

Just checkin'.  (+ info)

What mental disorders are strictly genetic?

I have to do a research paper for school and i wanted to know what mental disorders are strictly genetic. I was going to do something like schizophrenia or bipolar. However as some of you may know, these disorders are highly debated whether they are genetic or acquired.

none that are 100% proven to be genetic, although there can be some genetic factors. Honestly, it's a mix of lots of things. Think about it: if evolution and natural selection did happen what would be the benefit in a genetic mental disorder?

here are some that are thought to have some genetic factors:
Postpartum depression
Delusional disorder  (+ info)

What are some interesting and unusual mental disorders?

What are some interesting and unusual mental disorders?
I'm really interested in rare interesting mental disorders such as Trichotillomania (the urge to pull out your own hair) and Body Integrity Identity Disorder (The desire to amputate your own limbs). Can anyone give me a list of other really interesting and crazy mental/psychological disorders?

In east Asia there is one called (IIRC) koro, which is the belief of a man that his penis is shrinking.

Previous commenter mentioned pica - if they mean the compulsion to eat normally inedible things such as dirt and chalk, this is actually more biological, it is the body telling you you're lacking nutrients and craving things that might give them. Similar to food cravings in pregnancy.

http://www.cas.appstate.edu/~kms/classes/psy3202/Latah/latah.htm is an article about regional-specific mental illnesses.  (+ info)

What jobs involve research for mental disorders?

I find mental disorders quite interesting, and I think researching and trying to help find cures and such would make a good occupation. Is there one like this? If so what is it? How much do they make? Thank you! <3 Please don't give me cocky or jerky comments, thanks again.

You may want to work in the Clinical Trials area of a psychiatric hospital. It would involve documenting procedures that are used, therapy/medications . Best Wishes for your future.  (+ info)

What should we do for a mental health/eating disorders awareness week?

My friends and I are in charge of organizing a mental health and eating disorders awareness week at our high school. We are trying to come up with ideas to get students interested and educated on the stuff we're focusing on (EDs, self harm, suicide, self-esteem, etc.)

Do you have any suggestions? We are going to have things like petitions and a No-Diet Day, as well as information on resources, but I'm looking for interactive ways to get the school engaged. Thanks!

I would have available on display, the definitions of what is depression? What is ED's? Etc. Also get questionnaires that say, for example, do I have depression? Its great that you will have resources too. But let people know, maybe by percentage wise. How many people do suffer from mental Illness and that they are not alone. That mental illness doesn't
discriminate. It can happen at any age. That it also can be hereditary. Mention that fact that name calling does hurt.
And sometimes the people who are made fun of, it can have a long term negative effect. Let people know that if they think someone may hurt themselfs or threaten suicide that it is OK to go to a peer. Maybe they may not think the person is serious, or maybe its a cry for help. Teach that we all need to get involved. That Mental Illness is real. And to the suffer it can be very devastating. That it is OK, to seek help. That seeking help is not a failure, but a step in the right direction.  (+ info)

How to care for children with mental health or Disorders?

My friend is going to take a test for a job and the job has to do with Taking care of chilren with Mental and Disorders and that is going to be on the test so she wnat to know.
All kinds of mental disorders
And Mental Retardation

Your question is some what ambiguous, please give more details, as I hire people do work with a child for many years now. I am the father of a developmentally disabled child.

Edit note; One of the very first things I do, is check to insure that the person that is going to be with our son has no record of sex abuse. The second thing that I do is give them very fair warning that I will hurt them very badly if they do anything to him. I always ask if they have any experience with retarded people. I like it when they tell me they have a brother/sister with a like problem. I am less enthused about some one that has experience, we have had them, but we have to unlearn them and teach them how we do it. Tell your friend that she/he must realize that people like my son are just as unique as you or I. They should make sure that who ever does and interview with them that they say that they understand that each of these people are in fact unique and as such needs to be treated with thoughtfulness and respect. I would also advice your friend to up date or do an Initial CPR class before going to the interview, not a requirement but it would be a tie breaker. I would also ask why do they want to do this. If it is just for money I don't hire them. Mostly tell her to be herself  (+ info)

Why do certain mental disorders have toe walking as a symptom?

Why do certain mental disorders have toe walking as a symptom?
For example, it can be a sign of schizophrenia.

Why would the disorder cause that?

From my research it doesn't seem to be a sign of schizophrenia but is linked with Autism. Toe walking may be a 'neuromuscular' disorder which implies that unusual activity in the brain can be directly linked to unusual activity in the muscles - hence a difference in the way one walks. Remember that the brain and central nervous system control EVERYTHING the body does.  (+ info)

What is the study of mental illnesses/disorders?

I've always been interested in mental illnesses and disorders, such as schizophrenia. I've also always been fascinated with the history of insane asylums and their patients. Is there any career in which you would study things like that?

Psychology, and that part is under Abnormal Psychology. Or medicine and psychiatry.  (+ info)

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