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What's an effective herbal supplement or natural remedy for OCD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders?

I'm hoping someone can speak from education or experience on the matter instead of just responding with the obvious Google search results. Thanks :-)
My biggest problems are OCD and high anxiety, not as much depression.

Hello Adam,

I am so glad you're thinking naturally and not chemically. I will start with the very basic and then move on from there. I'm sure you know by now that a multivitamin will make a world of difference, especially vitamins B and D, Omega-3 fish oil is very important as is exercising or some kind of regular weight training. You must eat healthy, stay away from sugars, especially corn syrups and artificial sweeteners, also greasy foods, processed foods and fast foods. Those are the basics and all very important.

St. John's Wort is the most popular and there are many others too. Acai berry, SAMe, 5-HTP, Ginseng, Kava Kava and many others. I know they all sound weird, these will not cure anxiety/depression, there is no magical cure. These will all help with the symptoms of anxiety and depression to make it bearable so that you can stay away from the antidepressants.

I will leave you a site where you can get a free report on natural choices to stay away from antidepressants. I will also leave you a site, in case you might be interested in earning a solid income from home. Good luck Adam, I hope I was able to help you. John  (+ info)

Has anyone felt mad, have a short fuse from taking medication for depression & mood disorders?

I have 0 tolerence, I am not sure if its the new medication I am taking, maybe the combination? Or is it stress brought on by the holidays and loneliness? I have never experienced this before, even though I have had anger never long lasting like this.

What medication are you on? I am taking Effexor and sometimes I find myself snapping and that scares me - makes me wonder if I need more medication or if I should be taking something else. But, then I realize that most days are better than others and if I really evaluate the situation, I will be able to see where the stress is coming from and confront it, instead of letting it control me.

The holidays are stressful (even for happy people), so really spend some time trying to figure out where your added stress is coming from, and eliminate some of it. I also wonder if you are getting enough sleep - it really helps when you are down to make sure you're sleeping enough (but not in excessive amounts), tiredness can lead to irritability.

(As a side note, I tried Lexapro before Effexor and it made me really moody, scared, angry, etc....Maybe you need a new medication...) Good luck sweetie!!  (+ info)

What can you say about mood disorders after menopause?

Natural menopause is a normal and expected transition in a woman's life cycle. Most women will not experience severe difficulties, but preconceptions about the climacterium are likely to influence how well it is tolerated. Although most community studies have not shown an increase in mood disorders among postmenopausal women, there may be an increase in the 5 years preceding menopause. Mood disorders are more likely to occur in surgically menopausal women and in women with previous episodes of depression. Most women take medicinal (e.g. injectables) or herbal alternatives (e.g. Estrin-D) to combat this stage and eliminate the experience of difficulties encountered during this stage of her life.  (+ info)

What do we know about mood disorders after menopause?

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to visit my Yahoo!360 blog to see what I mean.  (+ info)

What are the most common mental/mood disorders and problems in America?

Just curious of what else I might have.

Depression tops the list  (+ info)

What is the treatment implications for mood disorders,anxiety disorder, conduct disorder,psychotic disorder?

medication + sleep/behavioral/nutritional/cognitive/one on one therapy  (+ info)

Do eating disorders effect your mood?

I'm ashamed to say that I'm seventeen and I'm suffering from an eating disorder. For the past year I've been going through it. It feels like ever since school started, I've been butting heads with everyone around me.It's like I can't even help it. I feel like I'm not going to keep my friends if I keep going on this way.

Is this the cause of my mood swings? && if so what should I do about it?

Usually when I'm hungry, I snap at EVERYONE. And I don't notice it's because I'm hungry. This eating disorder could definitely be because of your mood swings. Eat something you enjoy. And try to go to a therapist for that disorder.  (+ info)

what is the relationship between horomones and mood disorders??

i just need to know before my mom buys something for another disorder it kind of treats alot of things

Do you think this medicine is safe?
would the medicine mess with the hormones and the dopemine? if it would does that mean that it would dirupt her body in some way?
oh and the website is omegabrite so i was wondering if this medicine was safe
does this medicine work? or have damaging side effect?

  (+ info)

anyone have a bad reaction to depakote or tri-leptil? I'm talking serious depression and mood disorders?

My daughter is 16. She's been epileptic since she was 7. She's been on the same dose of meds, depakote and tri-leptil, for at least 3 years. However, her mood this summer has gone from pretty happy and normal to angry, moody, and depressed. We are honestly worried she's becoming sucidal. Please Help.

either talk to a naturopath to see if they have a natural treatment
or check on curezone.com and see if they do
good luck  (+ info)

If anyone one takes tripetal for mood disorders is it working for you or not, do you have bad side effects?

i am taking it for mood disorder and have only been on it for a week now and i am about to throw it in the garbage. I hate how it makes me feel. it makes me tired , wound up , and it makes me feel nuts. Does anyone have this when taking the drug?

I personally have not taken it but my wife has. I know that it made her more miserable then she was prior to taking the that medication. She pretty much had all of the symptoms that you are exhibiting. I know that she only stayed on it for month before she told her doctor that she would not take it anymore. He then put her on a different medications. That being said I would definitely ask your psychiatrist for a different medication.  (+ info)

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