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Do the motion sickness bracelets work for morning sickness?

And if so where can you find them? Dp they make some specifically for morning sickness or will anything for motion sickness work?!? Thanks!!

dont know if motion sickness bracelets work but bracelets for morning sickness are called sea bands look them up on the internet, im not to sure where to find them in the stores  (+ info)

Has anyone experienced chronic motion sickness even after returning to still ground?

A friend of mine has returned from a boat trip that had lasted approximately three months. It has been over a month now and he is still experiencing symptoms on motion sickness. From my friends perspective the ground moves as would the waves on the ocean.
Has anyone ever heard of this problem and is there a home remedy for this problem?

yes..he needs to see a Dr...it's an inner ear problem..he'll keep being dizzy till he gets some meds...(he can try some OTC stuff..Dramamine, etc) he might try something to empty his sinuses...(benadry, sudafed, actifed)
(sinuses+ears+throat+noses = trouble sometimes.)  (+ info)

How do I make my motion sickness better?

When I am on long car rides ONLY I get motion sickness. I don't throw up but I get really dizzy and nauseous is there anything I can do to make it better?

there usually is something you can get to help you. I use Graval.  (+ info)

Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of motion sickness?

I get horrible motion sickness. Even when I just take the bus, I feel like I am very close to throwing up. A few years ago, I couldn't read on planes, buses or cars. Now, even just being on the bus or in the car makes me sick.

I've tried closing my eyes and it helps a little bit, but does anyone have any other tips? I'm a university student so I take the bus A LOT. I really need some advice.

Thanks! :)

They sell this kind of wrist bands i think you could get them at rite-aid or places like that which are suppose to help with motion sickness. My co-worker has used it on criuses and she says they really work for her.

  (+ info)

What medicine over the counter helps with motion sickness?

I'm flying tomorrow mornig to Washington D.C, and I was just wondering is there a over the counter medicine I could take for motion sickness that wont make me drowsy...???

Dramimean  (+ info)

Do you have a motion sickness sometimes?

Like, sometimes, when I am a passenger in the back seat in a car, I feel kind of nauseatic... I blame some kind of motion sickness. If you have same, how do you deal with it?

I have terrible motion sickness! The best thing I have found is ginger. you can get pills of it, make tea with ground ginger or
fresh, use candied ginger or ginger candy or just chew the root. It is a good anti-nauseant. I hope it helps!  (+ info)

How do i conquer motion sickness?

I've never actually had motion sickness, but when i sit in small backseats of cars and fly on an airplanes i always feel like i am about to be. What can i do to suppress the nausea instead of taking medication for it?

Savory and salty foods usually help me. If your on a plane, then I suggest you order some salted peanuts ;)

You could even take some on your car trips.

Though they only work when you take them when you feel it coming on, not prior to it.  (+ info)

Is it ok to take something for motion sickness while your pregnant?

Ok I get the worst motion sickness when I travel but I never get sick the day that I'm doing the traveling. I useually end up feeling sick the next day. I'm going on a 7hr road trip w/my friends tomorrow and I know I will feel sick all day sunday and I was wondering if it would be ok for me to take something for it w/out it harming the baby?

Call your OB and ask him or her.

There are non-medicinal remedies (a set of bands that you wear on your wrists that sit on pressure points) that might work, but if you want to take ANY sort of medication ALWAYS check with your doctor first.  (+ info)

How can I prevent motion sickness?

I have a terrible problem with motion sickness. I only need to get into the back seat of a car and I'm already in cold sweats and dizzy and nauseous. The car doesn't even have to be moving. It doesn't even have to be working! So, you can imagine the issue I have when I travel (by car) from New Jersey to Florida with a 40 lbs dog, my mother, and myself in an Impala. It gets very crowded and very warm and it's a long and bumpy ride. How can I prevent myself from getting nauseous?

whatever you do, don't close your eyes!!! your head will feel the moving but you can't see it, so that is what can get you sick. Bring water, and take a pit stop here in there to get out and walk around.  (+ info)

Can closing your eyes in the car help prevent motion-sickness?

I understand that motion-sickness can be caused by confusion with the eyes and ears within the car, so will closing your eyes help at all? And should you look out of the side window, or the front?

look out of the front. Don't read and try drinking ginger beer (or any other ginger for that matter) acupressure bands for your wrists are supposed to be good too.As a last resort you could try travel sickness pills  (+ info)

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