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What are some good remedies/medications plane motion sickness?

I've been on planes many times for many trips and have never gotten any kind of motion sickness, until the last one, it was not very fun........so please help me prevent from happening it this time around.

I have really bad motion sickness, none of the over the counter stuff worked for me. So I went to my GP and he prescribed this great stuff called cyclizine or something. Worked great.  (+ info)

Is there a way to get over motion sickness without pills or meds?

Is there a trick that will help over come motion sickness?? I get it very bad while riding in a car, rides, even spinning in circles! However, dramamine does it for me! Never get sick while taking that! Just wondering if there was a trick or something other than pills or meds that will help with motion sickness

Wish there was!
Have awful time with it too, cant even go 5 minutes in a car.

Anyway.. have you tried acupressure bands? They are designed to press on a specific point on you wrist which helps prevent sickness - morning sickness, travel sickness and anxiety sickness.
You can ask at a pharmacy and they should know what you mean and luckily they dont make you drowsy unlike the tablets.

Good luck  (+ info)

I plan on going out and partying all night, is it OK to take motion sickness pills to not vomit from drinking?

I plan on drinking a lot of alcohol, is it OK to take motion sickness before pills so that I won't get sick? Those things make you not throw up right, so would that work?

You are correct BUT they make you sleepy too! Not a good thing for partying all night!  (+ info)

Why do you feel motion sickness during pregnancy?

Today was horrid in the morning.

I felt hung over unable to even move it seemed. I was so nausiated I could bairely handle it.
It seemed that when I walked I was dizzy and experiencing motion sickness.

The nausia I can accept, but why the motion sickness?

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Is there a cure, therapy or surgery to get rid of motion sickness?

I'm so sensitive, I get motion sick driving my own car down the street sometimes. I practically always get motion sick if my husband drives or if we go anywhere long distance. Also, on planes & boats. It all makes me extremely nauseated & sick to my stomach.

I can't take motion sickness medicine or use patches all the time because it makes me drowsy. Anyone else out there like me?

If you feel nauseous, there's supposed to be a specific pressure point on your wrist that you can press that helps you feel better. I'm not entirely sure if it works, but give it a try; I tried it a couple times and it seemed to have helped a bit, but then again, it could have been the placebo effect.  (+ info)

how do you remedy motion sickness and how does it happen?

i have never had motion sickness before today but i suddenly got it and its bad i have to travel 4 hours in a car tomorrow and i would like to know how to prevent further sickness. Also why did i get it now?

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Are there pressure points to prevent motion sickness?

A long time ago I heard of pressure points, I believe on the wrist, that are supposed to prevent or stop motion sickness. Does anyone know if this actually works?

It seems to for some people. My son swears by an item called Sea bands. They are an elastic wrist band with a smooth plastic button on them. Follow the directions to put them on. Put them on about 30 min before you go traveling and leave them in place as long as you need them. They are available in most drug stores or see amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sea-Band-Sea-Band/dp/B0002BB7VI

The pressure point is approximately two fingers below the bend in your wrist and in the center of the inside of your arm.  (+ info)

Can anybody recommend a good medication for motion sickness?

My husband and I will be taking a 2nd cruise. On the first cruise he was deathly ill with motion sickness the entire trip. Is there a medication out there other than dramamine that can combat this?

The over-the-counter medications Dramamine or Bonine can be very effective for short trips or when symptoms occurr intermittently. For longer trips, a prescription medication called Transderm-Scop comes in the form of a patch can be worn behind the ear for up to three days at a time. Side effects of these medications usually consist of sedation and dry mouth and they should not be taken by people who have glaucoma or urinary obstruction. Recent studies have shown that ginger root may be as effective as the other drug treatments but is associated with fewer side effects.  (+ info)

Can you develop motion sickness as an adult?

I never got motion sickness on anything when i was younger up to about 15 years old. After 15 (im 20 now) everything seems to give me motion sickness, im constantly dizzy actually. I also have an anxiety disorder so its hard to tell if its just anxiety or real motion sickness. Im just wondering whats more likely and is there anything i can do to help it? I get dizzy, a stomach ache, and headache when letting someone drive me in a car, fly, and in boats.

try Dramamine it's a over the counter if that dont work it's you anxiety. and all else fails ask web.md  (+ info)

Is it vertigo if I am having no ear problems or motion sickness?

I have been getting spinning sensations for a few days now. I have never had this before. My ears have not been bothering me and I don't get motion sickness just dizzy and lose balance if I stand when it happens. I have tried standing up fast or shaking my head to try and create the vertigo but it doesn't do it. It just happens randomly. Wondering if it is because sometimes I get a bit anemic? Haven't been feeling my normal shaky anemic symptoms though...

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