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Any tips to help deal with motion sickness?

I'm going on a trip tomorrow, it's a really long bus ride and I'm going with my school. I don't want to get sick on it but I often suffer from motion sickness.

I was wondering if any one knew any home remades to help, preferably something I can take before the trip? Thanks.

Try to sit in the front of the bus: the motion isn't so bad and you can see out of the front window which also helps.

Don't read, watch a movie or play a video game. If you focus on something that doesn't move this makes the motion sickness worse. In stead talk or listen to music, and keep looking outside.

Dramamine is a popular over the counter drug you can take. For nausea you can also take cola syrup (or just plain cola sodas).

Hope you get through it ok :-)  (+ info)

What kinds of medicine can you use for motion sickness?

My cousin always gets car sick because of the motion of the car. So if we take a 1 hour trip he eventually throws up. This weekend I'm going on a trip to Florida and I ordered some motion sickness bands for him but i dont know if they work and i just wanted to know is there any medications that are sold in grocery stores or in the pharmacy for that? please help.

but i used to have those bands too, and they worked well for me. =]  (+ info)

Can anyone offer advice for someone that suffers with motion sickness when doing the hazard perception test?

My girlfriend suffers from quite severe motion (simulation) sickness when she practises for the hazard perception part of the theory test.
It gives her a headache and often makes her physically sick.

Can anyone that suffers with motion sickness offer any advice or tips that helped them through the hazard perception?

Thanks in advance

She could take one of the proprietary Travel sickness tablets before doing the exercise.One of my kids used to get sick every time she got into a car. taking a travel sickness pill a few times cure her of that.  (+ info)

Does the way that light enters your eye cause motion sickness?

I have horrible motion sickness everytime I get into a car. At first I thought it had to do with how dark the interior of the car is. Now I think it has something to do with the way that the light enters your eye that makes you more prone to have motion sickness. Does anyone have any answers?

Sometimes I get dizzy when forced to sit under fluorescent light for a while or if a really bright light hits me quickly. I would like to know the answer to this question too.  (+ info)

Is it possible to overcome life long struggle with motion sickness naturally?

How can you convince your brain to overcome motion sickness?

  (+ info)

Can motion sickness be caused by deafness?

I find that my hearing is going and my tendency toward motion sickness seems to be increasing. Any connection?

i highly doubt it  (+ info)

Why do I always get motion sickness when playing video games in first person view? Can it be overcome?

Why do I always get motion sickness when playing video games in first person view? Can it be overcome?

Your mind is convinced that you're seeing what you see on the screen, so when you try to look at something farther away, your eyes try to refocus, but since the computer screen is flat, your eyes don't have to refocus.

In short, you're confusing subconsciousness, and throwing it off guard.

Overcome? Probably you could get used to it. Sort of "training".  (+ info)

Is it possible to develop motion sickness later in life?

I'm 18 and up until recently, I had never experienced motion sickness. Lately, whenever I wait for a train and it arrives on the platform to stop, I feel slightly dizzy from seeing it.

Today, I went to a theme park and went on a ride which I've been on but felt slightly dizzy from it today. It has never happened to me before.

Is it possible to develop motion sickness and what causes it?

I definitely believe so- I never had a problem with motion sickness until I was over 20. Now I have to even be careful about watching tv or movies- It can make me feel very dizzy and sick. Also cannot ride some roller coasters, etc. any longer.

My youngest just started having difficulties with motion sickness as well - he is 7. Before he loved to ride in the car, not he HATES it....he gets sick with any ride over half an hour.

I believe the cause of mine has something to do with my inner ear- but haven't ever pursued any relief other than the motion sickness patch that I used for surgery and long car trips.  (+ info)

Pregnant and going on a plane trip, what can I take for motion sickness?

I am going to visit my parents and will be flying there...I get terrible motion sickness. I usually take Dramamine to control it, but can I take it while I'm pregnant? Is that safe?
I'll be about 19 weeks by the time I get on the plane.

I don't know if it's safe, the label on the back of the box should tell you. If you want a more natural approach, ginger and peppermint are known to soothe stomachs. Peppermint tea always comes with me on an airplane. Also, take TUMs...the best thing in the world for pregnant women! They helped my quesy stomach so much when I was pregnant.  (+ info)

Can anyone answer my question about motion sickness symptoms?

After swimming in the lake, I get dizzy and nauseous upon exiting the cold water and walking on the hot sand. Is it motion sickness (sea sickness) or going from cold to hot temperatures?

you could've gotten water in your inner ear, and that can throw your equilibrium off and make you dizzy. does it go away after a while?
after you get dried of and dry your ears out/off with a towel?
if so, then it's the water getting in your ears that is making you dizzy. could be vert. if thats the case you can find wax molds for your ears that are called swimmers ear, you wear them while swimming to prevent water from settling in your ear.  (+ info)

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