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Mouth breathing...?....?

I've always mouth breathed through my life. I find that when i try to breath through my nose i dont get enough oxygen and am short of breath. Now im finding that for some reason if i focus on keeping my mouth shut and breath through my nose i have more mental agility so to speak. I can take in information quicker, understand it and respond more logicaly. I'm also less giddy and have no impulse to laugh or smile even when i hear something funny, which is interesting considering im known as someone who always laughs at the smallest things . Why? or it just me. thx.

That's true for everyone. Breathing through your nose gets oxygen to your brain faster than breathing through you mouth. It's one of the reasons runners are always told to breath in through their nose and not through their mouth. Also, the hair in your nose filters the air, therefore providing more pure oxygen to your brain and blood. Also, breathing through your nose releases endorphins which make you alert and happy. :)  (+ info)

How do I stop mouth breathing and start nose breathing?

I always breath through my mouth because when I was little I had huge tonsils that blocked my nasal passage making me have to breath through my mouth. So I still breath through my mouth and I want to start breathing through my nose but whenever I do this I get uncomfortable and have to end up going back to mouth.

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How to stop breathing from my mouth?

I am a mouth breather, only during my sleep. I don't know how to get rid of this bad habit. I also feel that I can't breathe normally from my nose and that it is sort of blocked. Are there any natural home remedies I can use? Things to do to stop breathing from my mouth? I did undergo a surgery, but that didn't solve my problem.

Duct tape.  (+ info)

How is breathing in with your nose and out with your mouth the correct way?

I'm a little confused. Is it bad that I breath in with my nose and out wtih my nose? What makes a difference if I do that compared to exhaling wtih my mouth. When people sleep that seems to be very similar function that snoring has on a person - which I do not want to pick up. This question may be really retarded but I jus want to know. I've read many people say this is the way to have blood circulation perform well but is breathing purely with your nose bad?

The reason you breath in is to bring oxygen from the air into your lungs and you breath out to remove the carbon dioxide from your lungs out to the air. So whether you breath through your nose or your mouth you still accomplish the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. However, breathing through your mouth will dry your mouth because you loose moisture from your tongue and mouth lining. There are hairs in your nose to help collect impurities such as dust, etc from getting into your lungs. Your nose was built for you to breath. You mouth was built to accept food and drink, and as needful, to talk.
The major cause of bad breath is the top of the tongue where bacteria grow and produce those bad smells. The reason why you do not smell your own bad breath is because your nose does not smell the air coming in and out your mouth.
To cure bad breath, just clean the top of your tongue. I use OraBrush tongue clenaer.  (+ info)

What are the advantages of breathing through your mouth?

i know it is better to breathe through your nose, but i'm curious about the advantages of breathing through your mouth...
thank you.


I Dont Think There Are Any.

But i Cant Breathe Out My Nose..

It Sounds Really Weird huh.

But Its True :S

And Well Theres Nothing Wrong With Me


Hope Thiss Helps x  (+ info)

Can breathing in through your mouth cause temporary white spots on your teeth?

I went to bed last night with a cold, including a congested nose. When I went to brush my teeth I noticed that I had white spots on my two front teeth which weren't there last night.

I've noticed that one spot comes and goes on one tooth, and my dentist has said it wouldn't be decay if it comes and goes.
I was told by somebody, not my dentist, that it could be that I'm drying my teeth from breathing in my mouth all night.

VERY true i have the same thing!!! i have two white spots in my left front tooth and i started to see spots on my teeth in the morning and after brushing there were gone so i thought the same thing you do and used a paper towl to dry them and there was the spots again as far as i know it's not anyhthing harmfull it's been almost two years since i found out and my teeth are still in great heath.  (+ info)

Can breathing through your mouth cause wrinkles?

I've heard that in addition there being many other negative effects of breathing through your mouth, that it also dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles?

I've been trying to stop but due to various sinus issues it is hard. I plan on having corrective surgery done in the future, but this concerns me.

i don't think so.. Talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

what's the difference between breathing through your nose or mouth?

in the pilates class they tell us to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. but in the yoga class they tell us all the breathing should be nose only.
what is the difference? why different exercises have different breathing techniques?

Can't speak for why Pilate's recommends exhaling thru mouth, but can relate my experience with yoga.

In my experience, two main points are very apparent:

1) Inhaling and exhaling thru nose assists in avoiding working too hard.

There is a concept in asana (yoga poses) practice of "effort without tension."

If you are working so hard that your respiration is elevated to point where you feel need to breathe thru mouth, you are working too hard.

Working that hard will likely contribute to unessecary tension in the body to the point where it becomes a hinderance to your goal.

In my experience, you cannot by force of muscular strength alone, or even by force of will, accomplish a challenging asana.
Force often only increases the likelihood of injury to yourself.

Asana practice can teach a person how to avoid uneccesary tension in the face of a challenge.

2). Nostril breathing contributes to develping a stronger diaphragm (lung muscles), especially when full, deep breathing is sustained.
This is due simply to the smaller opening of the nostrils.

The diaphragm is one key muscle group of the core, and core strength is a foundation not only in both yoga and Pilate's, but can be a great benefit in all physical activities.

The following site touches upon the above comments, plus many more: http://www.breathing.com/articles/nose-breathing.htm

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Can sinus also affect breathing through mouth?

I suffered from sinus a while back but now I am also having trouble to breath through mouth, can sinus affect breathing through mouth. Ill be seeing the doctor soon but I am just curious if anyone else has experienced that.

No, sinus infection does not affect breathing through the mouth.

With a sinus infection, it is more a problem of breathing through the nose because of nasal congestion caused by mucus buildup in the sinuses which cannot drain out.

I suggest you see a doctor and see if you could be developing asthma.

Read sinus infection and asthma at:


Hope this helps.
Cheers!  (+ info)

why does breathing through the mouth dry the windpipe and cause sore throat, but not through the nose?

i have a sensitive nose and sometimes breathe through my mouth, and yesterday it gave a sore throat. why doesnt breathing through the nose cause a dry windpipe too?

It isn't the mucus in your nose that warms and humidifies the air you breath, it is the blood capillaries that are present in your nose. There are a ton of capillaries in your nose, and they all have blood running through them. Blood is warm, and so the air that passes through your nasal passages get warmed and humidified by the capillaries. The mucus is there to protect your airways from inhaling bacteria and other foreign particles.

If you breath through your mouth, your airways (windpipe) will dry out because your mouth does not actively warm and humidify the air.  (+ info)

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