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How will using an iv with saline and dextrose will affect my Atkins diet?

I'm having surgery and I know a saline and dextrose iv will be used. I have been on Atkins for over a month and I'm doing really good, but now I'm afraid the iv will mess everything after I have put so much time and effort to the point that I don't even crave sweets at all anymore. Please help!!

Talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

What are the differences between oral bisphosphonates and iv bisphosphonates?

aside from the fact that one is oral and the other is iv.

speed of action. oral meds take longer to take effect. iv meds have a rapid onset.  (+ info)

why are IV drug users more susceptible to endocarditis condition relative to the genral population?

Condition endocarditis, justify why IV drug users are more susceptible to this condition relative to the genral population?

From the vein the drug passes directly in the Endometrium, resulting in irritation and hence endocardititis, and also phlebitis.  (+ info)

What are some tips on how to start an IV in veins that are not visible?

I'm having a very difficult time at my job starting IV's unless I see them. It's very hard for me to find veins by palpation. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!

I seriously can palpate a vein on anyone! I used to not be able to do it all. For the first few times, I had my instructor go into the room with me and find one. Then I would feel it. That got me used to how diffferent people feel. Some people have deep veins, so it's harder to feel, and we all know how difficult dehydrated patients are! Definately practice palpation! Try it on every single patient! Have an experienced nurse go in with you a few times and let him or her palpate the vein frst, then you feel it. It takes some getting used to! As you get more experienced, try not to rely on your vision at all, and find a vein solely by palpation. Make sure you have the tourniquet 4 to 6 inches above the area you are palpating. I know it's not exactly perfect technique, but I will sometimes tear the finger off the tip of my glove so I can palpate better. Also, someone mentioned a hot towel which can be helpful. and, you could have them lower their arm below heart level. Sometimes that works too! Good luck and keep practicing, you'll get it!  (+ info)

How is IV fuilds helping a dog with kidney disease?

I am curious about the process of injecting a dog that has kidney disease with IV fluids. I understand it helps, but how does the fluids make their way from under the skin to the blatter and flushes the kidneys in the meantime?

The fluids are given subcutaneous, which means the fluids are given under the skin. Then the body slowly absorbs the fluids and they get flushed out through the kidneys which help get rid of toxin build up in the kidneys. I did this with my cat for two years and it really helped.  (+ info)

How much does IV sedation cost for getting wisdom teeth pulled?

After insurance it came down from $1800 to be $600 total. So if my insurance brought down the whole price "including IV sedation" that much then about how much would it cost if I wasn't put to sleep?

Wow I'm getting mine pulled on Thursday!

Well I have to say, that your dentist is charging a lot.
Without sedation for my teeth pulling (I have to get four) it is $38 a tooth.
The sedation alone is $200, but that varies from dentist to dentist.

I would call and ask, they'll be able to tell you right then and there.

Good luck, I'm absolutely terrified!  (+ info)

If you use and IV to inject vodka directly into your veins will you pass a breathalizer?

Me and my friends want to try this this weekend. If we cant get our hands on an IV it will prob just be a syringe thats used to inject the vodka.

You will probably die or get an infection. If you don't die you will pass a breathalyzer. It never goes to your stomach. Straight to the hear and brain. I would not suggest you try this. In fact I would strongly encourage you not to.  (+ info)

What is the DSM IV TR diagnostic criteria for Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

What is the DSM IV TR diagnostic criteria for Guillain-Barré Syndrome? Also how would I cite the DSM IV TR in APA format? If you have a link to an easy place to see the DSM IV, that would be much appreciated too.

Ain't doin yo homework son.  (+ info)

What is the smallest gauge needle you can use to start an IV?

I am currently taking an EMT-Intermediate class and my instructor asked us to do a little research to find out what is the smallest gauge needle with which a person can successfully start an IV.

You can start an IV with a 22 or 25 successfully but you would have such a small gauge it wouldn't help a seriously injured patient much. It is usually recommended you start with a large bore which would be a 12, 14, or 16 just in case the patient has to have surgery then the IV is already in. I was taught to start 2 large bores in patients who would probably be having surgery so it depends on the circumstances. If the patient just needed an IV we used 20 or 22 gauge needles.  (+ info)

What are the effects of laughing gas and IV sedation?

I have a cyst in my mouth and need it removed by an oral surgeon. He said I need to have laughing gas, then and IV thats will have stuff in it to make me fall asleep. What is it like? Also, how long will I be in the recovery room? Im a little nervouse, ive never had either one.

"Laughing gas" is nitrous oxide or N2O. It makes you feel fuzzie, like a Martini without the olive. At the end, they will give you an oxygen mix and the effects will leave you without any after-effect.

IV sedation is different. Many oral surgeons use it to put patients into a light sleep. You will not be aware of the procedure and will wake up in a recovery area.

Please be sure that your surgeon is qualified to administer the sedation, and tha he/she has done this many times over a period of years. Used by a qualified professional, IV sedation can be a nice way to have unpleasant dental procedures done so that the patient doesn't remember.

I'm a little curious as to why you would need both nitrous AND IV sedation. Usually we use either one or the other. Make sure your dentist explains this completely.

Recovery should be OK. Make sure someone is around to drive you home and stay with you for the rest of the day. Have some soft foods available to eat and limit activity for 48 hours. You might feel nausea when you wake up.

The sedation you will receive is much less than you would get for having your appendix removed, for example.  (+ info)

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