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What is the difference between regular oral antibiotics and IV antibiotics?

I have a kidney infection and they gave me oral antibiotics but they said that if I don't start feeling better w/in 24 hrs to go back to the hospital and they will give me IV antibiotics?

IV antibiotics go thru the system much faster that oral. they are used when the infection is severe or when oral is not warranted. If, as they say, you don't feel better w/i 24 hrs., make sure you go back for the IV. Kidney infections can become very serious if not treated properly.  (+ info)

How can I find operating manual for DAK Turbo Baker IV?

We have an old DAK Turbo Baker IV. I really just need the instructions for how to use the machine manually. We want to be able to stop the machine in mid-cycle, remove the risen dough, and bake it in the oven.

Here's a website from someone with a similar problem. They scanned the user manual for this page.

http://users.ameritech.net/sharpening/DAK.htm  (+ info)

How do you make your veins stick out before an IV so it hurts less?

I am having surgery in a few days and am more scared of the IV than the surgery. People say the worst part is if they cant find a vein. Is there any way to make your veins stick out more so they are easier to find?

Nurses are phenomenal at doing IVs. They do them on almost every patient before they go in for surgery, so they are certainly experienced with difficult sticks. I'd assume you're NPO for surgery? (They're not letting you eat so many hours before your surgery?) If so, keeping yourself hydrated isn't an option. If for some reason they do allow you to still drink before surgery, drink as much as you can. Staying hydrated will make your veins easier to find. The other thing is keep yourself warm! When you're warm, your veins are more dilated, and thus easier to find. This also may be difficult to do on your own, but maybe the nurses can give you a warm blanket or a Bair Hugger (or whatever they use). But regardless, these nurses are great at doing IVs. They do them ALL the time in this instance.  (+ info)

How do you draw blood when there is an IV site in the arm?

If the phleb draw blood near the IV site with heparin being infused, does it contaminate the blood specimen? Do they need to draw blood above or below the IV site? Why does the IV site of heparin need to be turned off for a few minutes before drawing again?

they are suppose to draw under the iv so they wont get contaminated blood!  (+ info)

Can a fetus receive sufficient nutrients from a mother who is strictly on an IV?

Can a fetus receive sufficient nutrients from a mother who is strictly on an IV?
My wife is in the hospital with the flu, and she is pregnant. As hard as she tries, she cannot keep any food down. She had been given an IV, but I was wondering if that will provide sustanance for our baby as well.

I am out of town on business and can't get back until tomorrow. If you know anything, please let me know.

Probably - the baby will take nutrition even before your wife.

As long as the hospital staff know your wife is pregnant, relax. If they don't, tell them immediately. Other things might be affected.  (+ info)

Diabetic hospitalized 3 days on IV drip for cellulitus. How long before an improvement can be seen?

My husband is a diabetic, hospitalized for 3 days on an IV drip, no improvment. How long does it usually take to recover or at least see an improvement.

If the antibiotic is appropriate, then 3 days should be enough to see a change.  (+ info)

What are some interesting DSM-IV topics for a research paper?

I'm a psychology student and I need to write a research paper on a DSM-IV diagnosis. In the paper, I need to include symptoms, associated features, etiology and treatment approaches. Any ideas/interesting topics will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think Dissociative identity disorder (DID) would be an excellent topic. It is still considered a controversial disorder among the the field of psychiatry and furthermore it is an uncommon condition. There is much ignorance among the public when it comes to the topic of 'split personalities' and as such you should be able to find some interesting research.  (+ info)

How do you look more muscular, iv been lifting almost a year now, and bench about 190, but I dont look jacked?

How do you look more muscular, iv been lifting almost a year now, and bench about 190, but I dont look jacked, anybody got any tips to help me actually look as big as i am?

yup! looking muscular is all about having a low body-fat percentage. a guy whos cut (under 10% BF) and weighs 150 will look much more muscular than a guy who weighs 190 and has a 12% bf, even tho the guy whos 190 has more muscle. i sugguest going on a "cutting phase" to shead some of the fat layers on your body (which everyoe has) and reveal the hard earned muscle you want to show. get cutttt!!!1 you do this by eating under matainance, countng calories, and doing an equil amount of cardio as you do weightlifting. hope this helps  (+ info)

How can i hide my scars, iv got an exam in a week and i have to wear my sleeves up?

I cant wear bracelets or long sleeves and makeup doesn't really cover it. Iv a huge scar too say "IM FAT" and i really don't want anyone to see it. PLease help.

i agree with the person above me... u could even go the whole way... like a day or two before... start wearing a bandage. u sprained ur wrist or something. carving i'm fat into your body is interesting. i always think about cutting... help me.  (+ info)

Iv had an allergic reaction to st tropez fake tan, what should i do?

I put it just on my legs (for the first time) on saturday night.. reaction started probably late sunday. My legs are rashy all over, itching like hell. Iv been putting cream on it, its not improved atall and its now tuesday, advice?

Give NHS Direct a ring on 0845 46 47 or visit their website http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/

They have nurses on 24hours a day. You won't speak to a nurse straight away, you will speak to a technician who will take down your details, A nurse will then call you back anything from 10mins to 3 hours depending on how busy they are.  (+ info)

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