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How do I relieve swelling in IV location site?

I was just in the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery. My IV ended up getting loose during the stay and now the location site is swollen and very sore all down my arm. Is there anything I can do to relieve the swelling and pain?

warm moist compresses, some like to elevate the arm to help with circulation to the area.  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of infusing an IV solution to lessen the affects of too much alcohol?

I never heard of this. A young member of our family is doing this. He has access to IV setup's through his job. He and his friends are doing this? This is so scary!

Ive done it and it works. It is only saline solution and the iv is put in by a trained sober professional.  (+ info)

How effective is 5mg of Valium to relax a needle-phobe before getting an IV?

I have to get an IV to remove my wisdom teeth and am being prescribed 5mg valium to help with anxiety. How much will this relax me or can I still kick and scream when they try and stick the needle in me?

i'm sure you'll do just fine. dont kick or scream at them, as this is a sure way to hurt yourself and others. try to think of something else and look away when they do it. it's really not that bad, really. and you'll want that iv....i promise. distraction is a powerful tool. just ask one of the nurses to really distract you by talking and concentrate on breathing and don't look.

but valium won't sedate you completely, if that's what your asking. it will make you feel calm and sleepy, thus making you lees willing to put up a fight.  (+ info)

What is the Main Disadvantage to using an IV Injection?

I have the advantages, but what is the biggest disadvantage to using an IV injection to administer drugs.

I would have to say the main disadvantage is the increased chance of blood-borne infection and Increased chance of overdose. If you want to learn more you can go here and it really explains a lot about it.


I'm not personally against recreational drug use so all i can do is wish you good luck with your experience and be careful with those dosages.  (+ info)

How long does an IV injection for a CAT scan last?

I'm getting a CAT scan and I have to have the contrast thingy done so i need an IV injection. I've had shots and finger pricks and realized I'm terrified of needles!!!!!! Once the initial prick happens does it stay feeling uncomfortable like a shot or when they tape it down does it feel more normal?
And my most important question, how long will the IV injection take?! I hope it won't last long!

I'm sorry, but none of these answers are good enough. When you get the injection, it is simply that, an injection. They do not attach any sort of bag to your IV or anything. Unless you have some other reason for them to give you an IV, they won't even do that. They will simply inject the contrast right into your vein. It takes about 20 seconds for all the fluid to be pushed out of the needle. Then they take the needle out and you are done. They'll have you lay down and go through the CAT scan... simple as that.

You will hardly be able to feel the prick... these nurses do it all day, and they know what they are doing. The most uncomfortable part is the effect from the dye. On a couple different occasions they have put the dye in my veins. On one I felt as though I had peed my pants... a warm feeling in my groin area. On another occasion, I had a metallic taste in my mouth.

The best thing you can do to make this experience better for yourself is to think of something other than the needle. If you are by yourself, tell the nurse you are scared and ask them to talk to you to keep your mind off of it. If you are with someone, have them just keep your mind off of it. That is the best thing I have found for my fear of needles.

If you have any questions, please IM or email me =)  (+ info)

What DSM IV code should I use for a client with an addiction to internet pornography.?

I have a new client who wants treatment for internet pornography. He feels it is a compulsion and wants to end it. I am filling out my treatment plan, but there is no DSM IV diagnosis for sexual addiction. What diagnosis should I use?

There was some debate about putting it in to the DSM, and it is not clear if it will be put into the next one. I think you want to assess whether the patient meets the criteria for OCD, depression, something anti-social, something in the anxiety world, etc. There isn't a single diagnosis you would use for this, so you have to look at other symptoms and how it impacts the clients functioning.  (+ info)

What does it mean if iv had my period for 2 days and then its gone?

Iv had my period for 2 years now. But this month is weird. Iv only had it for 2 days. What does this mean? Does it mean im pregnant? What did i only have it for 2 days and now I don't have it?

  (+ info)

Can certain IV pain medications cause blood to be present in the urine?

My b/f was having really severe headaches that radiated 2 his neck. It was so bad that he ended up going 2 the hospital. They injected him with, what we believe, was a pain medication thru IV and since then, his past 3 voids have had visable amounts of blood. He is 29 & in otherwise good health.

Does not sound good. Have to talk with someone who knows.  (+ info)

How much does IV Sedation cost for wisdom tooth extraction?

I have paid 49 pounds for the extraction and have consultation tomorrow, I would prefer IV sedation, does anybody know how much it costs in UK? Thanks!

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - healthquotes.awardspace.info  (+ info)

Whats the difference between IV Fluids and drinking water?

Whats the point of getting IV fluids if you can just drink water? whats the diff between the two

IV fluids are inserted intravenously (into the veins) so your body can absorb the fluid more easily, and directly.  (+ info)

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