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Does taking iv antibiotics and iv injections essentially the same thing?

Just wondering. If you had a steady dosage of iv antibiotics verses taking injections of the same one does it have the same end result?

Your question is a bit confusing. IV antibiotics are infused into the vein (through a catheter) over a period of time (usually about 1 hour) depending on the type of antibiotic. IV antibiotics are not given all at once (is this what you mean by injection?) rather they are infused slowly.  (+ info)

How long must a patient wait before going into surgery after the Heparin IV has been removed. 24 hours?

Patient s/p broken tibia and fibula, was on heparin IV. Patient was held out of OR for 24 hours to allow heparin to leave and blood to coaggulate. Is this a medically unnecessary amount of time to hold the pt? No pertinent med. Hx

Sounds excessive. The half life of IV heparin is about 2 hours.
We usually only turn off heparin 4 hours before surgery. Then, the heparin is 1/4 the level it was before.  (+ info)

What is it like getting an IV inserted into the back of you hand or arm?

I am going in for surgery soon and I am curious what it is like getting an IV inserted. I have never had any problems getting shots, but having the needle stay inside your arm or hand kinda grosses me out.

it's a slight pain when it's inserted into the hand or arm. But you get quite used to it very quickly and it doesn't hurt afterwards. I have had them in my hand for over a week without any pain. Don't let it Worry you.  (+ info)

I had a nurse start an IV while BP cuff was fully expanded, is this why I bled everywhere?

She put on an automatic BP cuff and had it connected to a machine. Then she went to start an IV and my vein pretty much exploded from all the pressure. I had blood everywhere.

I mean, is this the reason? I would be guessing so.. she didn't tell me but now I have a huge swollen hand.


...That is so wrong. How can someone who makes such mistakes get a nursing degree to begin with?  (+ info)

Can homepathy treat and cure stage IV breast cancer spread to the bones ?

I have heard of R P Patel, but do we have cases of stage IV cancer spread to bones, being cured through homoeopathy ?

As it is the Stage IV of cancer is when it spreads to other parts of the body. It is becoming a very critical proposition if it spreads to bones or through Lymph nodes. Even the chances of curing it by Chemo theraphyis doubtful -


So do not go after Homeopathy and please do go about as adviced by your Oncologist.

Homeopathic medicine addresses symptoms rather than conditions. So, instead of looking for a list of medicines to help breast cancer, a homeopathic approach would call for you to take medicines to heal your specific symptoms. Homeopathy is an alternative to radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.-  (+ info)

How feel I feel after having seven teeth removed and after being under IV sedation?

I have exactly four hours before time to go to the oral surgeon and I am nervous. I am going to have seven teeth removed and I am horrified! I don't like not knowing what to expect. What am I going to feel like after having all those teeth removed? Just FYI, five are wisdom teeth (I have an extra one that hasn't grown in yet) and the two bottom ones are decayed and broken off into the bone. The other tooth is in front of the bottom wisdom tooth and there's an upper tooth on the side that's cracked.

Will I feel sleepy after the IV sedation? Also, if I require stitches, which I'm sure I will, do those hurt? Does it hurt to have them removed or do they give you disolvable ones?

How long will it be before I can eat regular food again? Is there any possibility that I won't wake from the anesthesia?

Any advice you can give would be great!
Sorry for the goofy subject line ... I meant to say "How WILL I feel after having seven teeth removed and after being under IV sedation?"

This is very routine, don't worry. I have worked in oral surgery forever (literally, my dad is an oral surgeon and now I work for a practice that has 6 doctors). The IV is the only thing you will feel, and that is just a little pinch! You will wake up all groggy. Go home and sleep. After the anesthetic wears off, you will have some discomfort, but remember, this is surgery, although it is is not considered major surgery, it is still invasive! Make sure you stay hydrated, push lots of clear liquids. Someone answered and said not to drink, they have no idea what they are talking about! Your oral surgeons assistants should go over all of your post-op stuff with you again, and with your ride. It is normal to feel some anxiety before surgery, but it is not good to freak yourself out like you are doing! I hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions~  (+ info)

Can you simply dissolve a pill in normal saline and introduce it through an iv?

Im talking about promethezine and if you can dissolve it and feed it through an iv? or any pill for that maater?

Absolutely not.

Pills are formulated to be slowly absorbed and released into the blood stream. Besides, unless you are a medical professional with training to be able to start and manage an IV, you have no business trying to do so.

Generally, promethazine pills work fairly quickly, even if they do knock you out for two days. However, if you are ill enough that you cannot keep a promethazine pill down, long enough for it to take effect, go to your local ER. They will start an IV and inject it. Besides, if you cannot even keep a pill down long enough for it to work, then you're likely very dehydrated, and are in need of IV fluids.

If you're not keen to go to the ER, then call your doctor and ask for promethzine suppositories, not exactly pleasant, but very effective none the less.

If you're using promethazine as an antihistamine, and it isn't working, its time to go to the ER or call your doctor, if you can wait. Meaning, you aren't currently having an allergic reaction.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How well do IV pain meds work for labor and delivery?

I'm only 10 weeks pregnant so I know I have a long way to go before worrying about labor but I'm already petrified of it. I was just wondering about IV meds? Everyone talks about epidurals but that huge needle scares the heck out of me. Do IV pain meds do much to numb the pain? I was also wondering if anyone has been given anything for the anxiety during labor as I know I will be freaking out!

hi there. I just had my son 3 months ago. The best thing to do is to stay calm, and its great that you are thinking and planning so early on. You have time to do a little reasearch and talk to different doctors to get their views and opinions. I origionally decided to go all natural, i didn't want an epidural at all ( for some strange reason I thought it would make me a weaker person) however, thinking about not wanting one, and being in labour are 2 completely different things. I have a very high pain tollerance, what would make most people cry doesnt phase me. That being said, I went into labour at 3:30 in hte afternoon and my husband didnt get home until about 2 hours later, which was fine as my contrations were far enough apart not to rush to the hospital ( if contractions are around 5 minutes apart yous hould be at the hospital). the contractions started out as mild cramps, less than what you might feel during your period, and got stronger and stronger as time passed. After 9 hours of contraction pain, i decided to ask the doctor about epidurals. Yes the risks can be great, some people can be parilized from tge waist down forever. I dont want to scare you, this is only statistics. Once i found out that the chances of it hurting me or my baby were slim, idecided that an epidural was what was best for us. The specialist comes in and freezes the area first. This feels like a bit of a bee sting, and since its in your back you cant see it. Then he asked me to arch my back like a cat so he could see the spaces in between my spine. He the put in the epidural needle. and you CANT feel this one, because your back has been frozen. So dont be affraid of pain from that, it hardly is noticeable. they then tape the needle to your back and its hooked up to a machine where they can control how much of the pain killer you are getting. It doesnt take very long, it all over in a matter of minutes. and let me tell you, child birth after that was easy. I had them stop the epidural before I was about to deliver, and that part didnt hurt at all. I would say the most painful part of hte entire situation, was the few stitches that i had to have after ( and since i had stopped the epidural I could feel the sticteh with no pain killers). But what worked for me may not work for you.  (+ info)

Strep B and delivery.How long does it take to administer the antibiotics through the IV?

How long does it take to administer the antibiotics through the IV?
I know I have to have the antibiotics, but does that mean I need to get to the hospital asap once labor begins???

The actual administration takes only about 30 minutes, but you need to have at least 2 doses 4 hours apart to be considered "treated", according to professional obstetrical standards of care.

Yes, you should go to the hospital as soon as active labor is suspected (contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting at least 60 seconds each, causing significant discomfort), definitely go immediately if your water breaks.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of the horrible pain in your legs after having an IV bolus dose of Solu-Medrol?

I had an allergic reaction to something and part of my ER treatment was a bolus dose of Solu-medrol. I feel like someone pulled really hard on my legs and they are over stretched now - kind of like growing pains as a kid only 5000 times worse! The IV was in my arm, so it doesn't match the injection site pain mentioned in everything I find for side-effects. I took some advil - can't stand this anymore!!

I would recommend getting in touch with your primary care physician to let them know what's going on so that they can evaluate the situation further.  (+ info)

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