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Can I kill the HIV virus in a IV drug needle by zapping them in the microwave for a few seconds?

I am an IV drug user. I at times share needles. Does it help if I at least microwave the needle for a few seconds to kill any living virus? Will this at least maybe "reduce" the risk of HIV transmission?

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which causes AIDS is transmitted through body fluids, in particular blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk.

You can become infected with HIV through:
Unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner
Sharing needles when injecting or other use of contaminated injection or other skin-piercing equipment
Blood and blood products, for example, infected transfusions and organ or tissue transplants
Transmission from infected mother to child in the womb or at birth and breastfeeding
You cannot get HIV by:
Casual physical contact
Coughing, sneezing or kissing
Sharing toilet and washing facilities
Using eating utensils or consuming food and beverages handled by someone who has HIV
Mosquitoes or other insect bites
What happens if you have HIV?
HIV weakens the human body's immune system, making it difficult to fight infection. Treatments exist which can prevent the onset of AIDS and although there are side effects, a person can lead a healthy, active life with a long life expectancy if they respond well to treatment. However, they can still transmit the infection to others.

Early symptoms of AIDS include:
Chronic fatigue
Mental changes such as memory loss
Weight loss
Persistent cough
Severe recurrent skin rashes
Herpes and mouth infections
Swelling of the lymph nodes
Opportunistic diseases such as cancers, meningitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis may also take advantage of the body's weakened immune system.

Is there a cure?

Treatments exist which can prevent the onset of AIDS and allow periods of illness to be followed by periods of remission. However, there is no cure for AIDS. Research is currently under way into vaccines, but none is viable as yet.

How does HIV transmission occur?
HIV is a fragile virus, which can only survive in a limited range of conditions. It can only enter the body through naturally moist places and cannot penetrate unbroken skin. Prevention therefore involves ensuring that there is a barrier to the virus, for example condoms, and that skin-piercing equipment is not contaminated

Maybe u shd carry ur own set of neddles for only ur use because im afraid to say why put ur life at risk or depend on a microwave

Please visit ur GP and get some help  (+ info)

Can my general anesthesia by administered without an IV for wisdom teeth surgery?

I have to get my wisdom teeth removed in a week and they're gonna use general anesthesia on me. I'm really afraid of needles so the thought of an IV scares me a lot. Is it possible to have it administed via the gas when they are doing work in my mouth? I don't really know how it works, and I don't wanna have to wonder for a week. I wanna be knocked out either way, but I'm curious.

Oral surgeons do their own thing anesthesia-wise, and it's anybody's guess what they are going to use. (You could call and ask)

I don't believe that they are set up to use inhalation anesthetics apart from nitrous oxide.

Also, anesthesiologists usually only do mask inductions on patients under the age of about 8. I'm guessing you're older than that.

This is one of those times when you have to suck it up and deal with it. The iv needles are small, and once it's in, the needle part comes out. Don't make it into something more than it is.  (+ info)

How does iv therapy increase fall risks?

I have presentation for my nursing class and I am discussing fall risk scales and it stated that iv therapy increased the risk for falls.

A patient with an IV or heparin lock can become entangled in the IV tubing during infusions, or they can forget that they are attached to the infusion and try to get up. Consequently, intravenous therapy can lead to a fall, and patients prescribed to intravenous therapy should receive a score of twenty.
: )  (+ info)

Can you have a completely impacted wisdom tooth removed under IV sedation?

I have one completely impacted wisdom tooth (as in fully covered by the gum), one that is partially impacted (partially covered by the gum) and two that have come through, but don't really have enough room. Can I have these removed using IV sedation in the oral surgeon's chair, or does the completely impacted tooth mean that I will need to go to hospital and have a general anaesthetic?

I had 4 wisdom teeth(3 were impacted)) removed while under IV sedation at the oral surgeon office.  (+ info)

Is there any law against a patient leaving the Hospital emergency room with a Hep lock or IV access still in?

When a patient leaves a Hospital ER with a Hep lock or IV acess in their arm are they in violation of any state or federal law?

no...just stupidity for not telling the nurse that it was still there. If he went AMA (against medical advice) then there is no liability on the nurse what so ever (guy might have left it in to slam heroin or some other crap).  (+ info)

Can you buy IV solutions and tubing for home use without a doctor's prescription?

With bird flu on the horizon, and our government so ill prepared, I want to know what health items I can stock up on without having to get a doctor's prescription. As a nurse, I can easily start an IV and maintain it in an emergency, if the situation is as bleak as some are predicting. The problem is access to equipment. Anyone have any ideas?

I REALLY doubt it. I work for a hospital pharmacy and they keep our license number and certificates on file, like they do all medical places they distribute to. They will only supply places with a license to distribute IV solutions (like a hospital pharmacy).  (+ info)

Howcome when you are admitted to the hospital the nurses or the iv specialist?

asks you if you are right handed or left handed when they want to insert the iv in you. Howcome they ask you that, please help?

They ask this question so that they leave your dominant arm free to move about (if possible). This would be the hand that you use to write with.  (+ info)

What can I do about bloating and fluid retention caused by an IV drip?

I was in hospital for five days on an IV Drip of fluids and antibiotics. Although I had no solids for five days I am completely bloated and have gained 8Ibs?? I am drinking lots of water. Will this correct itself and is it usual??

The bloating is most likely from the antibiotics. It will resolve itself.  (+ info)

Iv tried everything I can think of to gain weight can anyone give me some suggestions?

Im a 16 year old that is 5"11 I weighs 120 pounds. Iv been trying for a long time to gain some weight and build some muscle. Iv worked out tons tried eating more. I even drank protein shakes trying to gain some weight but I haven't gained any. I think iv even lost some weight. Can anyone help me? Give me some more ideas anything.

Well it sounds like you are going in the right direction. When it comes to weight gain your calorie intake is going to be by far the most important thing. You should shoot for 6 meals a day about 3 meals and 3 large snacks. So you should eat about every 2 hours. Also be careful on the lifting if you are still growing then you could potentially stunt your growth by going to hard in the gym. Eat plenty of carbs and also DO NOT just focus on the protein!!! If you are only eating protein then your body will go into a state of shock and you will actually lose weight aka the atkins diet lol. So eat plenty and good luck!  (+ info)

Why is it when I have an IV I can taste and smell the injection?

Everytime I get an IV drip I can smell and taste every drug the nurse gives me? It really makes me afraid of them. It tastes awful too.

There are some meds. . . . .especially antibiotics that you actually can taste and they taste awful. Try chewing gum or sucking on a peppermint if you have to get injections often. It helped me.  (+ info)

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