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How long does it take mucormycosis to begin to show symptoms in a person?

As in, what's the infection speed? Or how long does it take a person to die from infection? After seeing the poor guy on Ripley's Believe it or not, I went to do some investigating cause my mum has had neurosurgery, and recently started having some of the symptoms... her surgery was a year and 3 months ago, and this has come up about 8 months after. I've checked so many sites, but none I've found have information on the time it takes for infection. Any help would be great.

Mucor is an opportunistic fungi (mold) that commonly grows on bread and fruits. In the acute infection,the spores of the mold can easily become airborne, and if the patient is in acidosis (uncontrolled diabetes for example), or on corticosteroids, antibiotics or antileukemic drugs, the spores may infect the nasal sinuses ad eye area. The infection rapidly spreads to adjacent blood vessels causing necrosis and blood clots. From there it spreads to the brain and produces a rapidly fatal meningoencephalitis. Death is usually 2-10 after the initial eye/sinus infection. Chronic infection of Mucor also exists but its self-limiting.  (+ info)

rhinocerebral mucormycosis,causative agent,therapy,control?

Mucor is a fungus which is enviromental, frequently comtaminates air ducts in hospitals and infects debilitated patients in intensive care units by that route. The spores are inhaled, set up housekeeping in the sinuses where they supersporulate. At this point its a fair fight between the fungus and the immune system, which, when healthy, can usually take care of the fungus. But those with diabetes, poor immunity, like prematures, and some surgical patients are not up to the fight. For them the fungus wins, starts directly invading blood vessels from the nose to the brain.

Treatment is the aggressive control of underlying disease, intravenous amphotericin B, and aggressive surgical debridement, often repeatedly, of all devitalized tissue. Mucor often leaves a hole in the face if patients survive it.

Control involves suppression of spores in enviroments where most debilitated patients stay, and healthy suspicioun and early diagnosis of any facial swelling in diabetics of hospitalized patients.  (+ info)

What is the one hallmark symptom that should alert any doctor to the presence of rhinocerebral mucormycosis?

The hallmark symptom would be a black eschar (scab) of the palate (roof of the mouth) or nasal mucosa (mucus membrane of the nose).

However, the early symptoms point toward sinusitis (a sinus infection). The early symptoms are so general/non-specfic that diagnosis is difficult but those symptoms will increase in severity and more will develop in a very short period of time leading to perinasal cellulitis (infection around the nose) and paresthesia (numbness or pins and needles). The main factor is that most patients will have diabetes mellitus that is poorly controlled leading to acidosis.

This is a particularly nasty disease that progresses rapidly and can be fatal quickly. You can learn a lot more about it at this site:
http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic2026.htm  (+ info)

will i get the face eating disease!!!???

mucormycosis is what the man on ripleys believe it or not had where his face was eaten up by it.

well.... its caused by moldy bread.

i was in the kitchen and im smelled the loaf of bread since i thought it smelled old then to be sure (i was in the dark) i took a piece and touched it to my nose and gave a long huge sniff.

well when i turned the light on it was covered in furry green and white mold!!!

im scared :(

i dont want to get mucormycosis.

well if its a bug word like that u probabally wont get it....ive ate moldy bread before im still alive!! It was gross though lol  (+ info)

Do you think this is Pink Eye?



Thanks for tonight's nightmare. >:[  (+ info)

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