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can a bacterial infection in the gall bladder cause multiple organ failure?

my mom died in mexico of multiple organ failure and at first they told her husband she had a bacterial infection but they didn't know what kind? she went to the hospital cause she had trouble eating her food and she had really yellow skin. They even thought at one time that it was hepatitis c but they weren't able to find anything until she was dead.

If her gallbladder had become infected or had burst from an infection, this would have spilled all that bacteria all over her internal organs which would have led to a massive sepsis which then would cause muti-organ failure and death.  (+ info)

What causes multiple organ failure?

This started two years ago when I had encephalitis. I lost ability to count, spell, walk, talk, etc. After the inflammation went down I have since been left with fasiculations, brain fog, bowel issues, urinary issues. Soon gallbladder died and was removed due to doubling over in pain. HIDA scan showed 0% ejection faction. then blood pressure started to slowly drop until it is currently 80/40. Went to hospital.... low cortisol... they didn't test my ATCH so I don't know if I have Addison's Disease or Cushings or what. I know that the hypothalamus talks to the pituitary that communicates with the adrenal glands which produce cortisol. I have Erectile Dysfunction, Brain fog, testicular pain, and have been also diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome by positive EBV profile tests. It seems like my organs are and have been progressively growing towards failure. I also have clear urine which is a sign of the simplest form of diabetes but yet to be tested for that. All valves of heart have either slight or mild regurgitation. WHAT IS POSSIBLY CAUSING MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE OVER A PERIOD OF THE LAST TWO YEARS? Can a blood disorder do it? I have been to urologists, neurologists, Infectious Disease Doctors, Rheumotologists to test for Auto-Immune and still nothing. Can a Hormonal imbalance start killing off all of your organs? I did some reading and it talks about how there are connections to all of these symptoms but no definite relation to all of the symptoms except that hormones control quite a bit. So far they have me on Florinef so my Blood Pressure stays up until endocronologist can run all his tests. But what if his test show problems due to a larger problem? What causes the body to start failing everywhere and on every test? High Esonophils, increased # of small lymphocytes in CSF fluid but no MS, no lupus, no STD's. PLEASE HELP before I'm dead. Give me ideas, anything to throw a doctors way. Thankyou in advance.

You could be panhypopituitary in addition to some other things. I would try to see a neuro-endocrinologist. Find one at a university hospital - send records and see if they will see you. Pituitary issues can effect the immune system and a lot of other things.  (+ info)

Can pneumovax vaccine also prevent multiple organ failure?

With so many h1n1 infected people dying from multiple organ failure I started to think that pneumovax 23 (23 strains) could prevent bacteria in the lungs from invading the blood stream and causing multiple orgain failure...

so my idea is that not only would pneumovax prevent bacterial pneumonia but also prevent multiple organ failure...

any thoughts welcome
I know H1N1 is a virus. I am talking on whether or not a pneumoccocal vaccine could not only prevent an opportunistic bacterial pneumonia from developing (sometimes even concommitant to a viral pneumonia) but also perhaps prevent an out of control bacterial infection from spreading to multiple organs as some people have experienced including a 24 yr old friend of mine who was 'healthy', athletic with no underlying condition and yet his body is being ravaged by both h1n1 and bacterial pneumonia while his doctors hope it wont spread or become resistant....

Technically, yes. Why?

Because complications of pneumonia include pleural effusion and bacteria in the bloodstream.

Bacteria in the bloodstream occur when the pneumonia infection in your lungs spreads to your blood. This increases the risk that the infection will spread to other organs in your body.

Bacteria in the bloodstream are treated with antibiotics. But in this case, pneumovax would prevent that from happening.

At this time, some prominent doctors are surprised the CDC has not emphasized and/or changed their guidelines on widening other groups (young, healthy adults, teenagers, etc) to receive this vaccine when it is plain and clear this h1n1 virus is causing secondary complications on groups that the regular flu wouldn't....  (+ info)

Multiple organ failure; what happens to a person when this happens?

What exactly happens to a person with multiple organ failures?

I'm wondering because my mother in law died the other day from this. She was an alcoholic and she started getting jaundiced a week or so ago. Now a week and a half later, she's gone. I didn't want to intrude on everyone and ask questions because it just didn't seem appropriate. I stayed in the background, but I overheard doctors and nurses say things like, she had internal bleeding that they couldn't stop, she was taken off of anesthesia but she wouldn't wake up, her liver stopped functioning, then her kidneys went, then her heart started acting erratic and her pulse was barely detectable. By then everyone had gathered around and the doctors removed her breathing tube and she passed quickly.

But what exactly happens to a person when their organs fail? Was she in pain? Could she have understood us and heard us speaking to her and saying goodbye? What happens to somebody's brain when their organs fail? What happens when a liver stops functioning?

I need some closure. I didn't get to say goodbye to her because she wasn't my mother, or my sister, or my daughter, so I didn't want to ask anyone if I could. I felt like an intruder the whole time, but I miss her and wish I could have said goodbye. She was my daughter's grandma after all.
If there are links to some articles on this sort of thing, please post them. If you can explain it in detail, then go for it.
I do understand quite a bit of medical lingo. So if you care to explain in deep detail, then I'd be very appreciative to hear.

This is not a complex issue as someone suggested and it is pretty easy for anyone to understand without going into a lot of medical jargon. I will just keep it simple.

Your MIL most likely had cirrhosis which is common in long term alcoholics. The liver has qualities that contribute to the blood clotting properly. Cirrhosis is when healthy tissue is replaced by scar tissue making the liver unable to function well. The blood will not clot like it should. It will take longer to clot.

Also with cirrhosis, unwanted veins will form in the body from backup of blood trying to reach the liver. The body will form these veins called varices. They are not good to have because they are not strong like the veins we are born with. They can leak blood and sometimes even can burst which can be fatal if unable to get the bleeding stopped in time.

So your MIL most likely had a clotting problem and she could have had one of these veins burst which can cause massive internal hemmhorage. The combination would be fatal in her case. I say this because you said the doctors and nurses were talking about internal bleeding. This is the way some people with cirrhosis dies.

If she was unconscious, I doubt very much if she would have heard you. All that blood loss would put her into a deep coma. Even though a person cannot liver without a functioning liver for very long, it was the internal bleeding that caused your MIL to die. When one of these massive bleeds happens in cirrhosis, it's very difficult to save a person.  (+ info)

Does "Lidocaine" affect the multiple organ failure of a severe DKA {100mmol/L} with Glasgow score of 4/15?

If you'll elaborate more on your question, I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.

Are you already familiar with how lidocaine works and want to know if there have ever been studies done as for its effectiveness in the treatment of DKA and/or MODS? Are you unfamiliar with lidocaine and what it is given for and just need a run down? As far as the treatment of MODS or DKA goes, I couldn't find any studies that had been done using lidocaine, but if you need me to, I can tell you what lidocaine does to a normal body, what it is given for, and how it might effect a MODS patient.  (+ info)

what causes multiple organ failure?

Any number of things can cause that. Drugs, cancer, leukemia, you name it. What is the situation on which you are referring?  (+ info)

Can organ failure or anything of the like occur as a result of a tapeworm?

I know the common complaints which proceed an individual having a tapeworm. Constipation, weight loss, change in appetite, vomiting, headaches, etc. But is there anything seriously life threatening about it if left untreated? Will it cause organ failure, or move to a different part of the body, etc.? Basically, if I were to get a tapeworm and leave it alone - am I in actual danger (other than weight loss) or is it just "gross"?
Is that limited to the pork tapeworm? Which is the least dangerous?

  (+ info)

Where can i find statistic for organ failure?

I am doing a research paper and I need statistics on how many people had organ failure in 2008 and how many people got organs and how many people died in 2008. It can be any organ.

  (+ info)

what happens after major organ failure ?

my grandad is in hospital, he has just had major organ failure yesterday but pulled through, i was just wandering if this has happened to anybody else and what happens next, i know he hasnt got long left as he has been sick for a while, he is still eating a little etc but has to have dialysis to clean his blood.
he doesnt need a kidney transplant chuck you idiot his heart is not strong enough for any operations.

Kidney failure comes in two forms. Acute and Chronic. Acute means a sudden onset and can be caused by infection, trauma, etc. Chronic means long term and can be caused by wear and tear, poor fluid intake etc.
Your Grandad is having Dialysis at the moment to allow his kidney's to rest and regain their strength. This can take a little while, but things should settle down. Regular blood samples will be taken and analysed to monitor how his kidneys are doing.
Yor Grandad might yet make a recovery, so don't give up hope.  (+ info)

What is the current prognosis of African American women 68 yrs old with multiple myeloma with renal failure? ?

My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last May. She was hospitalized due to renal failure and doctors found the reason was due to MM. She has since refused chemo treatment because the treatments did not improve her cancer and only made her sick. She suffers from confusion and often is very weak and has difficulty walking. How much longer do i have with my Mom? Doctors say weeks-months...does anyone else have any experiences so that I will know what to expect?

I am sorry to hear your plight. You must know that every case is different. The one thing you could make sure of is that she is not in any pain. You can ask her that. The doctors will do their best if THEY KNOW she is not suffering. If they said weeks or months then at this point it is up to your mother's will to live. Some thrive and fight, others just simply give up. So in the end , there are no REAL time factors here , just the time you have left with her. I wish and hope that in these next couple of months you find the endurance to cope with the pain of losing someone so close you. God is the hearer of all prayers.  (+ info)

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