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How is multiple-personality disorder managed nowadays?

How would someone with multiple-personality disorder get treatment? Where would one turn for information and help? What sort(s) of therapy/medication would mitigate the illness?

Psychotherapy is the primary treatment for dissociative identity disorder (DID). In most cases, patients are encouraged to remember any trauma they may have repressed and to work through it. Two types of therapy are particularly effective in treating conditions such as DID. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to replace negative thoughts and behaviors with more positive alternatives. Creative art therapy teaches people to use outlets such as dance, art, drama, music and poetry to express thoughts and feelings and cope with trauma.

There are no medications specifically intended to treat DID. However, some medications, including antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and tranquilizers may help with some specific symptoms such as anxiety and depression, but do not affect the disorder itself.

I think you'll find some excellent, medically-reviewed information at the site below on this topic:

http://emotional.health.ivillage.com/personalitydisorders/dissociativeidentitydisorder.cfm  (+ info)

Who is well known and has multiple-personality disorder?

I am looking for anyone well known, whether alive or dead, that has multiple personality disorder.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herschel_Walker  (+ info)

Is there such thing as a Healthy Multiple? Not Multiple Personality Disorder?

Hiya, for a while now I have been having experiences of what seems like other people inside my head. I have NOT been abused in any way - that much I am sure; although this does seem like the symptoms of multiple personality disorder/disassociative identity disorder . There is not much information online, and I would like to know if I can find information here. I would really like some advice :S.

Thanks in advance!

I lot of what you have been experiencing may simply be self-talk, which is completely normal. You could also have a vivid imagination. If, however, those people upstairs start getting paranoid, violent or disturbing in any way, seek guidance from a professional.  (+ info)

I am looking for a video that shows someone with multiple personality disorder for my psychology course. Thanx?

I need a video so that i can show my class more about Multiple Personality Disorder. I thank whoever can help me a million times.

"The 3 Faces of Eve" w/ Joanne Woodward... it is an amazing portrayal.  (+ info)

Multiple Personality Disorder , Can you help me with this topic ?

How many people have Multiple Personality Disorder ?
Could you please give me 4 facts about it ?
Could you give me a web site with a phone number to contact somebody about this ? PLEASE !
What type of treatment is available for this disorder ?

How many people have Multiple Personality Disorder ?
We don't know how many. It is rare in the population,
Some mental health professionals question the existence of the disorder as being legitimate. It is not easily diagnosed - a few years ago, the average person diagnosed with MPD / DID was hospitalized 7 times before that diagnosis was reached.

Could you please give me 4 facts about it ?
MPD Multiple Personality Disorder (as it was known before) / (is currently known as) Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiple personalities are only one extreme end of a very broad spectrum of people with difficulties in the "dissociative (to pull apart from the reality of here and now)" category. Often people with MPD/ DID will have difficulty with their "memory" or will have the ability to block out undesirable or traumatic moments from their memory, or will occasionally "lose time", and some hear "voices".

Could you give me a web site with a phone number to contact somebody about this ? PLEASE !
You will find full contact info at this page.

What type of treatment is available for this disorder ?
Talk therapy with a well experienced psychologist may include learning to self-calm, medications can sometimes assist in minimizing or managing symptoms.
emergency access to support by phone, hypnotherapy, assistance in dealing with employers, schools, or agencies, etc. to assist people with disabilities.
Initial goals are to calm and encourage the client, "memory work", meeting the alter personalities, assisting with "order" to keep the core person in charge. The alters "get to know" each other, learning to share their abilities and memories for the purpose of allowing the core person to be more fully "in charge".
Integrating and combining the alters into groups, joining those groups into the core person.
Not all therapists assist in all areas listed.  (+ info)

What is Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder?

I know there are several symptoms that are associated with this kind of condition.The most common symptoms are listed below:

Severe Depression at times
Anxiety, Fear and panic in several situations
Multiple Personality traits or behavior, one different from the other
Headaches and body pains
Auditory and visual hallucinations
Sudden burst of anger without any reason
Sleep disorders like insomnia or sleep walking

Can you tell me any more?

MPD or DID is a condition where the person disassociates with their own identity. This usually happens as the result of sever trauma - typically sexual abuse, physical abuse or even emotional abuse. The condition developes when this abuse is experienced repeatedly over long periods of time.

There is some really good information on the WebMD site. I've shared it below.  (+ info)

Can people with multiple personality disorder have on same personality for over a month at a time?

So you know how people with multiple personalities think they're a whole different person? I was wondering if they can have/be one personality/person for months at a time without switching to their normal self. For example,
if someone thought they were one person for three months straight, but then switched back to their normal personality.

Thanks for the help.

Yes, it is possible. Psychiatric illnesses are at home in the shades of gray. So, a lot of things are possible.  (+ info)

how many famous ppl have suffered from multiple personality disorder?

please mention a few names of those who have suffered from multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder). thanks in advance!

herschel walker, football, super bowl
adam duritz, counting crows  (+ info)

If someone had Multiple Personality Disorder, would they know?

If a person had multiple personality disorder, would they know? Are they aware that more than one person exists inside themselves, or do they believe themselves to be normal?

Let me tell you about my daughter.

Before age 4 she experienced some terrible things while I was at work - things I didn't find out about until around 10yrs. later.

At age 3 she became severely depressed, and at a very distinct moment, she came to me in a more infantile mood that was her usual presence. From that moment on, she seemed to start recovering from her depression.

Through her childhood she would sometimes be in a sillier, childlike mood. We all noticed this "mood" and had a special name for her/it.

There were times of going from being healthy and alert to becoming instantly limp-distant-and unable to communicate. Cure: M&M's. These "sinking spells" lasted from kindergarten through high school, usually at times of stress when away from our home. We took her from Dr. to Dr. over the years, they found "nothing wrong"

As a high schooler she would be heard speaking in different distinct voices, with opinions varying according to which voice was speaking. She couldn't understand why we would ask "who's with you" "It's just me" she would respond. Frequently during homework time she would be found with a blank expression on her face, disconnected with the here and now - "zoned-out" and unable to get herself to concentrate on her work. She would become stuck in a particular mood. It was as if she was unable to connect with her ability to write, do math, or read.

We would ask our daughter if she knew what was happening inside when we would see these oddities. She would not know what we were talking about, but would be as puzzled as we were.

Dr's had not been able to help us to this point. Her problems by age 14 were increasing to several days a week. Violent nightmares and hearing voices of a "mean lady" began. One Dr. suggested we seek the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist. Often, we found Drs. didn't "believe in" multiple personalities at that time. They would hand her a pill to take to make the voices go away. Well, that only worked for a few hours, and all the symptoms would resume once again. I sought other mental health people, and testing. Someone I knew suggested I not settle for "just anyone" who was eager to be paid weekly for treating her....but that we should find someone who was experienced in two areas: both working with teenagers and with dissociative disorders like multiple personality. Even though we lived in a big city, that was a tall order to fill. My 49th mental health contact produced an experienced psychologist who specialized in teenagers and in trauma survivors - and yes - she was taking new clients.

It was following our daughter's 3rd or 4th visit to this experienced Psychologist that it was confirmed that our daughter had Multiple Personalities. We know, as we met one after another over a period of the next 2 or 3 years. 20 of them in all. Each with a different portion of our daughter's memory, with different abilities and skills. One would do her math. Another took her music lessons - others were unable to play a note of her music. Some would ask who her younger sisters were - or where her "red headed" dad was (the abuser who'd been out of her life for over 10 yrs)
[ getting to answering your questions ] --- Alter personalities did not know each other, and did not know of each other, for the most part, as each one held a different portion of her memories. There was suspicion and fear of the other alters as they became aware of the others. No, our daughter did not think herself to be normal, as her friends didn't have these "other parts" to them. Meeting the other alters came as a part of her therapy with the Psychologist, however we would usually meet the new alters during the week between her sessions. Sometimes one alter would need to go to the bathroom, and we could get her to "switch" to one who could "hold it".

Therapy included getting the alters to be aware of each other, and to eventually to join into groups "integrate". Eventually, after years of therapy the final goal is for each of the groups to "integrate" into the core person, so that she would hold her full memory and full lifeskills to be able to live and work on her own.

I will say that now, having completed her course of therapy, she is at peace with herself, and thoroughly capable of living her life just like any body else.

  (+ info)

Do people with multiple personality disorder aware that they have it?

Because i think that when im at home thinking i feel different compare when im in starbucks. i also feel different when i talk to someone. Its like everywhere i go i have different feelings. Now i wonder probably i have multiple personality dis. am just not aware i have it.

If you are in a different place or with a different person, then of course you are going to have different feelings...it doesn't mean that you have multiple personality disorder...disorders are actually not as common as people think.

Multiple Personality Disorder is when you have more than one SEPARATE PERSONALITY, not when you feel different.

Multiple Personality Disorderis when a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual's behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be due to substance abuse or medical condition. Diagnosis should be performed by a psychiatrist or psychologist.  (+ info)

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