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I have some questions about Multiple Personality Disorder?

Are people aware of what's going on when something triggers it?
Can certain people or surroundings trigger a different personality?
How many personalities does someone with this disorder usually have, or is there not an average number?

I might have more questions later.

it depends on the person and the trauma that caused it

i have mpd

the body isnt aware when the alters are out, at least not until a long therapy usually years if ever

the average number is 10 alters but that is just an average  (+ info)

What is the treatment for multiple personality disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder, assuming it is real and involves a young man with five or six alternate personalities, what kind of therapy would he get? Go ahead and make a group therapy joke, as long as you also answer the question. Thanks.

psychological therapy, an effort to get the various entities to merge into one thru behavioral analysis. Medications are not usually effective in such cases.  (+ info)

Effects on the body of Multiple Personality Disorder?

I need to do a Power Point presentation on Multiple Personality Disorder and need to know some effects it has on the body anyone got any?

  (+ info)

Is it possible to have schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder at the same time?

Can one person have both?
I want to write a short story about a person who has multiple personalities or something along those lines.
Thanks for all your help!

It's known to happen. Sometimes the various "alters", or sub-personalities have different disorders, making prescribing medications a nightmare for therapists. Also, if the person has no awareness of their other alters, different ones may well be seeing different doctors, and therapists, presenting with completely different symptoms. This can delay a correct diagnosis, and I am informed that Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) has a high rate of misdiagnosis.

If you perform a Google search of the rates of D.I.D. in countries, worldwide, you will notice a disparity of many thousands of percentage points, indicating that it is much overdiagnosed in some countries, and much underdiagnosed in others, probably because doctors, or therapists are either not alert as to the possibility, or even dismissive of the existence of the disorder.

It can be helpful to put the various alters in touch with each other, so that they can arrive at some form of accomodation, limiting harm, and perhaps even agreeing on the ultimate desirability of reintegration into a "monomind".

One way that this can be achieved is by "conferencing". That person can hold pens in both hands, and have a series of questions, or issues, in the middle of a sheet of paper, and different boxes around the sides for each alter to write their response in.

Alternatively, hypnosis, or autosuggestion (self hypnosis) can be used, with a voice recording operation, and a recording being made for later playback, analysis, and discussion with a therapist about the best course of action to adopt.

Some relevant websites: http://www.nami.org/helpline/whatdiss.htm & http://www.dissociation.com & www.dissociation-world.org.uk & www.healthline.com & http://www.emotionalhealth.ivillage.com & http://groups.myspace.com

See D.I.D., at http://your-mental-health.weebly.com/u.html  (+ info)

What is your take on multiple personality disorder?

This is for a college class. Get peoples perspective on this disorder, do you think it could be possession? I would appreciate any answers. Have a nice day.

Boy, could I give you an earful...Yes, I do think it can be a possession...I have known someone like this...I have actually seen their face change, when the other personality comes through...one side of them is kind, and loving and meek...when the other one 'takes' over..it was like watching a deviant,..a sadisitic, cruel animal torturer,...a monster,...and the person I saw,...didn't remember doing any of it..even to the point of trying to hurt someone he loved...and always ran from anything to do with Christ Jesus...yes..I also believe what the Bible tells us about demon possession...I think that a certain mental illness, is nothing less than that..and many will agree with me...email me if you want..I can give you an earful. and why I believe it is a demonic possession..  (+ info)

How can I find out if I have Multiple Personality Disorder?

I've been suspicious that I have MPD for a while now. Sometimes I get into moods where I'm charitable and want nothing more than to help people, and other times I am extremely wrathful and unkind. My music preference is highly eclectic, from Eminem to Taylor Swift to death metal to classical. I also write stories, and I have over 30+ characters with distinctly different personalities, maybe because I have too much personality and I want to manifest it somewhere else? Please offer opinions/make suggestions. Thank you.


Unfortunately some of the above answers about the prevalency rates of DID are wrong. Formal surveys have shown that the prevalency rate in the US is about 1% of the general population, and in areas of the Middle East and Asia (places where most people have never heard of DID) the rates can be even higher. The truth is that DID is not nearly as rare as was once thought.

But yes, the whole subject remains controversial, particularly among therapists and old-school academics who have never had any real contact with people who actually have it.

Having said all that....You don't have it.

It's key feature is amnesia and periods of lost time.

Aside from the periods of lost time, people with DID often find books and clothing (that are often not their taste) that they don't remember buying, and will sometimes run into people on the street who claim to know them, and yet they never remember having met the person. They may find themselves places with no memory of how they got there.

Without the amnesia and lost time, I don't think there is much chance that you have it, even though it is not as rare as many people think it is.  (+ info)

Do you think multiple personality disorder really exists?

As in, having many different personalities and not being aware of your different "selves" - i.e. one personality named John is awake, and the other named Sally is asleep, etc. Or is MPD a broader definition these days?

Personally, i am skeptical that the above truly exists, but i am not a psychologist. i just don't understand how neurologically it is possible, and if so, what could cause one part of the brain to shut down in sleep mode and the other part (personality) to be awake?

It exists, but like someone said - not quite the way it seems in movies.  (+ info)

Is multiple personality disorder typical of those who have been adopted?

Just wondering, as there seems to be a bumper crop of people with multiple usernames 'round here.
sorry, let me correct myself. "Dissociative Identity Disorder"

The correct term is Dissociative Identity Disorder... In case you were wondering... ;)  (+ info)

what causes people to have a multiple personality disorder?

I was watching a movie and this guy had a multiple personality disorder and i was wondering what causes them

Not always but usually it's a way to cope. Trauma, sexual abuse that type of thing can cause a split personality or multiple personality. It's sort of like your mind's way of protecting yourself to survive the trauma...the person may be quiet & shy but the other personality is the total opposite. Alot of times it is buried so deep in your subconscious.....I was molested at 5, it came up when I could handle it (20+ years later) For me it was a survival mechanism otherwise I think I would never have survived it......  (+ info)

If your cyberhubby has multiple personality disorder, is it ok if you love ?

one personality better than another or do you have to love them all equally till death (or deletion) do you part?
My thought exactly, God. I thought of an octopersonality without even really thinking too hard about it.

look all this talk of how many personalities a certain someone has is really bursting my bubble! I was enjoying the mystery.  (+ info)

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