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Multiple sclerosis?

I am 39 and 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed a disease Multiple sclerosis. At that moment my world collapsed because I am a teacher.I've been told that it is not progressive. Any advice how should behave in the future?

I was diagnosed with Relapsing and Remitting MS 18 months ago. In retrospect, I have had this for at least 20 years. Of course I had symptoms and exacerbations that I simply ignored (fatigue, numb hands & feet, was falling all the time, had vertigo, double vision, cognitive issues, constipation and bladder urgency) until I had a really horrific exacerbation where I had optic neuritis for 3 full months. My doctors (opthamologist and PCP) had been urging me for many years to see a neurologist but I was in SERIOUS denial. Ok, I am a busy mom, and business professional, I didn't have time to be sick! I guess I figured if I ignored it, it would go away. Wow, was I ever wrong. Of course I could no longer deny my illness when those bright spots/ lesions appeared on my MRI. I truly felt like I was dying.

I saw 3 different neurologists all who recommended I go on a medication that required daily injections. I was NOT willing to commit to that and decided to embark on fixing myself through diet, exercise and supplements. (Some of my keys to success are avoiding gluten, sugar, refined flours, I take natural vitamins from a health food store, not those nasty synthetic vitamins, I walk daily and do Yoga which is great for helping with spasticity.) I follow The Swank Diet, which has been in existence since the 1950's successfully offering an option for people with MS. http://www.swankmsdiet.com/

Today I feel better than I have in 20 years. People cannot believe how good I look and I feel even better.

I urge you to read as much as you can. There are many books on the market, there are great groups here on Yahoo with very knowledgable people, search the internet for other options. One great book I read recently was Montel Williams book "Living Well". Montel has MS and he is an inspiration to all of us with this stupid disease! http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Living-Well/Montel-Williams/e/9780451222930/?itm=1
Although you can't cure yourself, you can definately and dramatically improve your health. Just remember you are what you eat.

I also urge you to read all you can on Naltrexone. Given in low dosage form, the results have been very positive.
Naltrexone is a FDA approved medication and very inexpensive however your neurologist will not tell you about it. I got my prescription from my family doctor....my PCP.

Now the decision is yours, do you completely depend on western medicine? Do you go completely holistic with diet, supplements and such? Do you use a combination of them all? What ever you do, remember that MS is individual to each person but what ever you do, I know as an educator you will definately educate yourself on your options and make an informed decision in which route to take.

If you would like to talk about this and my approach, email me here.

Oh, and I'm no victim. I am alive and kickin and feisty as ever! I will NOT go softly into the night and you don't have to either! Please note, I do not claim to be cured, I'm NOT. However, I am remarkably better and better than my friends that inject themselves with the pharmaceutical cocktail.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't.........you're right! You can overcome this! It's not easy but it's better than being a victim!  (+ info)

Multiple Sclerosis ?

I'm a 17 year old male and I'm really worried I could have multiple sclerosis.

I have something like "intention tremor", mostly with my left hand and I went to the doctor about this before and he said it's probably genetic.

But I've also been having small muscle twitching at parts of my body, like my finger or a different muscle. I never went to the doctor about this.

I also get muscle cramps in my foot from time to time.

Please help, do you think I have Multiple Sclerosis?

This is not a place to get a diagnosis. We are not doctors. But to be honest, I think you have muscle twitches, a tremor and some muscle cramps. That's it. How you can come up with MS out of those three minor annoyances is beyond me. I have MS and I don't have muscle cramps, twitches or tremors. You need a hobby other than torturing yourself with the thought that you have a major debilitating disease. For heavens sake, most people have muscle twitches as well as cramps at some point. Your doctor already told you the tremors are hereditary. Take his word for it. If you had MS, you would have trouble with your balance, tingling in your extremities and quite possible optic neuritis. Go do your homework and then find something constructive to do.  (+ info)

multiple sclerosis?

can you still not be in a wheelchair after having multiple sclerosis for 28 years?

Yes! That is very possible.
You don't have to be in a wheelchair to be disabled!
M.S has highs and lows--a person can be in remission (high) for many years and then suddenly go downhill with a bang.
The person to whomever you are referring may just have been lucky so far!  (+ info)


I have a spinal tap next Monday and the neurologist says i have MS. It started with Optic neuritis but lately I have been feeling so tired I have twins that are about to turn 2 in 3 months so i ts been very difficult to keep up with them. I just need to know how some people with kids deal with it. I am not on any medicines yet the doctor said we would talk about it after the tests come back form the spinal tap. Any info would be appreciated thank you.

I am so sorry to hear that you have ms. I have 2 aunts, and a grand father that have ms. Hang in there and trust me you can still live a good quality life with ms. there are so many new support groups and reading material on ms and the lifestyle of somone who has ms. I wish I knew the name of them, but I suggest finding some kind of support group or looking for books on the lifestyle of people with ms. It sounds like they caught you ms early, that is a huge positive. When my relatives where diagnosed with ms there children had already grown up. I would suggest getting as much help from family and close friends as you can possibly get. Check with your church. Good Luck! Stay positive!  (+ info)

What is the difference between Scoliosis and Multiple Sclerosis?

One of my good friends has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. However, after researching her autoimmune disease, she believes she has Scoliosis. After reviewing both of the a. diseases, her symptoms definitely fit more into the Scoliosis category. Still though, I am having a difficult time distinguishing between the two.
Update: Thank you for the responses but I assume I should be more specific. How may I decide which autoimmune d. my friend has? (Doctor would be the best option but at the current moment, money is an issue.)

You cannot tell what autoimmune disease your friend has unless you have a PhD in immunology. Multiple sclerosis can only be diagnosed by taking a picture of the brain and seeing if there is a certain type of lesion in the brain. Successive pictures (called MRIs) must be taken. Multiple sclerosis cannot be diagnosed by symptoms alone since there are at least 50 symptoms of varying degrees of intensity that a person with MS can have. All these symptoms mimic other diseases and conditions. Even neurologists have a very difficult time diagnosing it. I have multiple sclerosis. It took my neurologist ten years to make a definitive diagnosis. Scoliosis and multiple sclerosis have absolutely nothing to do with one another. They are not in any way similar to one another. They don't share one symptom. One is a correctable bone malformation. The other is a immunological disease that affects the nerves.  (+ info)

What is the natural cure for Diabetes and Multiple sclerosis?

You always hear about natural cures for diseases, but you never hear of what they are or even the treatments. I've heard there is a natural cure for Herpes, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and hypertension, but no one ever seems to know what they are, or where they can be found. I have even read that book 'Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About' by Kevin Trudeau and he just beats around the bush. Is there anyone out there with solid evidence and answers?

I am sure that if there was solid evidence backed by real proof of natural cures for diseases that _many_ healthcare professionals would be talking about them, they would be in respected journals, even the so-called 'evil' pharmaceutical companies would be manufacturing 'enhanced', 'safer', 'more effective' natural cures. Just look at all the various companies that make different kinds of Vitamin C, Rosehips, Iron pills, and the like for your local grocery store.

IMHO, I think you're best bet is to work with a professional doctor.

Be cautious when referencing Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About." Do a little reading on this guy, then decide for yourself. Personally, I think he's a huckster out to make a buck using ridiculous claims backed by pseudo-science and possibly outright untruths .. but that's just my opinion .. and some other people like doctors, respected journalists, etc.

Analysis of Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" Infomercial (2004) by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Wikipedia entry

Kevin Trudeau Banned from Infomercials

20/20 Report "King Con? Bestselling Author Selling Questionable Cures to the Desperate and Gullible"

Skeptic's Dictionary
http://skepdic.com/trudeau.html  (+ info)

Where can I find some medical cannabis online for my multiple sclerosis?

I have multiple sclerosis and cannabis is the only way I can handle living with my condition. Does anyone know where I can find some online? Thanks in advance.

Your doctor should give you a perscription. He can reccomend someone who grows it for medical purposes and if you really need it and can't get a perscription just find a dealer. I've never heard of gettin it online.  (+ info)

Why is is bad for someone with multiple sclerosis to be exposed to high temperatures?

I understand that symptoms of multiple sclerosis are dramatically increased with increases in external and internal body temperature, however, I can seem to figure out why. If possible a molecular/cellular level explanation that a first year non-bio major college student would understand would be highly appreciated.

Hi Darryl, I have asked my neurologist this very question and she didn't know. The only information I could find on the internet is that the nerves that have lost some of their protective coating (myelin) can no longer transmit communication between the body and the brain when the body heats up from exercise or the ambient temperature. Supposedly they are less able to transmit electrical signals. Now whether that information is true or not I do not know. Unfortunately, not much is known about MS. The disease is still a mystery.  (+ info)

How can someone develop Multiple Sclerosis from a fall?

I've been puzzled by this for a while, reading this from my Anatomy book how is it possible that some one could develope Multiple Sclerosis after a fall ten years later?

You don't. The phrasing in the book may be confusing. MS can cause mobility problems such as numbness, weakness, poor balance, which can cause a person to fall.

Because the symptoms have a broad range and are often subtle, MS may not be diagnosed for months or years after the onset of symptoms. Indeed, I was diagnosed last year when we accidentally caught it on MRI (I was having the MRI for something else). But I can look back now at times over at least the last 8 years when I had symptoms, but attributed them to something else.  (+ info)

What are the effects of smoking to the disease Multiple Sclerosis? What can smoking do to our nerves?

Multiple sclerosis refers to deterioration of nerves in our body. Is smoking a possible cause of this? I know that there is still no known cause or cure for MS, but any reading or material reference or websites on this will be much appreciated.

I used to smoke when first diagnosed with ms and I noticed that my numbness actually got worse when smoking...let me give you an example...from time to time I tried to give up and would last for a week or two...During this week or two off the cigs my tingling and numbness subsided significantly and then when I started to smoke again...BAM it was back up to it's previous level so my conclusion is that it must have an effect on the nervous system...I haven't smoked now at all for about 6 years and know I never will again..Try this site on how to help yourself...It has worked for me...for some reason though you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser...not your google or yahoo search bar.  (+ info)

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