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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the heat and Multiple Sclerosis?

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for several years now and have always had a sensitivity to heat, but lately it has seemed much worse. I am especially sensitive to the heat outdoors. I love being outside and enjoy an active lifestyle, so I would appreciate some suggestions on how to work through this.

Here is another suggestion in keeping with the suggestions already given. If you don't have a neck band or its coolness does not last as long as you need it to, get a really cold can of soda out of the fridge and hold it on your neck. It is an instant cool-down. You could also use a cold water bottle - anything that is really cold and easy to hold on the neck works.
I have MS, too, and a lot of time I will wet a hand towel with cold water and put it in the freezer for an hour. When I go outside with my kids I am okay for a while but after about half-an-hour I am ready for my "cold" towel. It is really, really cold but it does the job very well.
You can get free cooling equipment from either the MS Foundation (www.msfocus.org) or the MS Association (www.msaa.com). You would need a prescription or letter from your doc stating you have MS. I got an accessory pack from the MSF several years ago.
There are so many different cooling products to choose from. There are active and passive items. The passive ones are the kind that you usually wet, such as a neck band or other item (like a vest) that you insert frozen gel packs into. An active cooling system involves using a battery operated system that pumps cool air around the body.
Even though I have cooling products it's not always easy to plan ahead -- on a spur of the moment trip outside or to the park, I have forgotten them. That's when the "quick" fixes mentioned above were found.
I agree with you -- my family loves to be outdoors so I figure we should find a way to outsmart the MS and still enjoy an active lifestyle.
Good luck!  (+ info)

Can a person with Multiple Sclerosis have an attack that can lead to a heart attack ?

Can a person with Multiple Sclerosis have an attack that can lead to a heart attack, even if they have no heart disease ?

No, multiple sclerosis is not associated with heart attacks. However, recent research has shown that medication that lowers cholesterol (statins -- which also prevent heart attack) can also help with MS.  (+ info)

What is a good Australian Private Health Insurance for a person with Multiple Sclerosis?

A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and is seeking Health insure in Australia. Is it difficult to find Health insurance for a person suffering from this disease, and are there any recommendations

My daughter also has MS. She has joined a health fund since diagnosis.
She will not be covered for anything related to MS for 12 months after
joining. Any of the health funds will cover her, She does not have to disclose the medical condition when joining. MBF,NIB,Medibank Private etc all are very similar in what they offer. The pre exisiting rule comes in when she makes a claim. The fund will decide whether they believe the condition was pre existing. Even if you were not aware of a condition when joining they can still deny you cover should they deem that the onset was over a progression of time.

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Is it normal for someone to feel emotionally and physically ill all the time with multiple sclerosis?

my girlfriend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a month ago. ever since she was diagnosed and started medications she has been feel worse then ever. is this normal? what else should i expect? how should i deal with her?

Having been through an MS diagnosis, I understand what your GF is going through. It's overwhelming in the beginning.You wonder if your life will ever be "normal " again.
You don't mention what meds your GF has started , but some of the disease modifying drugs cause flu like symptoms and can have emotional side effects as well.Has her Neurologist started her on a light antidepressant? If not , you might mention it to the Dr and see if it might be needed.
Do you know what type of MS your GF has? More than likely it's Relapsing Remitting , which means that within a few weeks possibly months her symptoms will fade and she will have a period of remission.It can last months or even years. In my case , it has been about 9 years since i had a major attack. I knew one woman that went 20 years with no symptoms. A normal life is very possible !
As far as how you should deal with her..It is really impossible for me to say . I can only tell you what worked well for me . In the beginning , my family all babied me..almost to the point of encouraging me to wallow in self pity.In all honestly I don't think they did me any favors. 6 months into my diagnosis, my boss(and best friend) took me aside and told me in a not so nice way that it was time to pull up my big girl panties and get on with life.I was mad as heck at first , then I realized he was right.I guess be supportive ,but encouraging. Let her know that the fact is, the majority of people with MS lead perfectly normal lives. We work and play.We go to college, raise families and grow old like every one else..Yes it can be a royal pain in the butt, but as far as chronic illnesses go MS is not so bad.
Good Luck and hang in there  (+ info)

Can black mold cause or make Multiple Sclerosis worse?

My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis recently and we just found black mold in our apartment after the ceiling fell in. I want to know if the mold could have caused or contributed to the worsening of her M.S. I also would like to know if we need to leave the apartment. My nose has been burning since the ceiling fell in and I was fine once we left the house. My dad has cold like symptoms, and has been coughing. I am very worried. Please help!

Hi UT, Toxic mold stachybotrys (which is the kind that grows inbetween walls with a water source/leak which sounds like your problem) is a neuro toxin which means absolutely it can have a direct effect on MS because it also can have devastating effects on your central nervous system. Yes oyu should leave the house immediately. it is an emergency situation esp since your mother has MS. I was exposed to stachy, caused my brain to swell, suffered brain damage, couldnt really talk for a year, lost all my strength and muscle and energy. Finally 5 years later after loads of meds im barely getting back on my feet. Toxic mold is called toxic for a reason, trust me toxic is not a strong enough word. Also check with a Doctor that has experience in treating toxic mold expsoure as most Docs dont because im feeling your mother might need some anti fungal meds asap. God Bless you guys! Below is some video of people that have been exposed to toxic mold. watch the one that starts automatically first  (+ info)

Is there a connection with Angent Orange and Multiple Sclerosis?

My dad served the Vietnam War. He was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis four years later. His health has deteriorated for several years. Any help would be appreciated!
what is the VA?

The VA is the veterans administration

Not surprisingly, the VA website said no link has been proven but the Vet's page feels there may be a link..I have attached both for your reading.


http://www.3-5cav-blackknights.org/Agent%20Orange.htm  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis?

someone told me that I might have multiple sclerosis and to look it up online, and I did look it up, but all I could find had a ton of medical terms that I don't understand. So please, explain the symptoms in simple terms.

The best advice I have is to have great communication with your GP neurologist!

MS causes demyelinization (loss of myelin). When myelin is damaged, nerve impulse conduction is faulty or absent, causing impaired body functions or sensations. Which symptoms occur is based on the part of the brain affected. Myeline can attempt to heal itself, forming a plaque or scar, never returns to 100% function.

There are many symptoms of MS, but visual changes (blurred vision, color distortion, or sudden blindness in one eye) are often the first ones people notice.

Other common symptoms:
Fatigue, Numbness, Gait/Balance/Coordination Problems, Bladder Dysfunction (infections, retention, spasms), Constipation, Dizziness/Vertigo, Sexual Dysfunction (erectile dysfunction for men, decreased lubrication and sensitivity for women), Pain, Cognitive Function (decreased concentration, attention deficit, memory loss), Emotional Changes, Depression, Spasticity

Less common:
Speech Disorders (problems articulating), Swallowing Problems, Headache, Hearing Loss, Seizures/Tremor, Breathing Problems, Itching

Because the symptoms have a broad range and are often subtle, MS may not be diagnosed for months or years after the onset of symptoms. A good neurologist will run tests to look for MS as well as to rule out other possible causes before making a diagnosis of MS.

Some diagnostic tests used are:
*Blood work - look for Vit B12 deficiency and Lyme disease markers
*MRI scans with intravenous gadolinium - identify and date lesions (plaques) in the brain. Newer lesions show up brighter.
*Evoked potentials - hearing, vision, and motor impulses are tested to see if they move normally or too slow.
*Spinal tap (lumbar puncture) - cerebro-spinal fluid is tested to identify cells that suggest MS. Can also be used to differentiate from Lyme disease.

For a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, at least two separate symptomatic events or changes on MRI and a physical indicator (i.e. change in the central nervous system) must occur. You have a history of symptoms, now you need to have the diagnostic tests. Be assertive with your GP if you need to.  (+ info)

the pathology of multiple sclerosis to that of myasthenia gravis can you explain in layman term?

compare multiple sclerosis to that of myasthemin gravis. please help I dont understand the medical term maybe if it was in layman term it would make more sense to me.

I found this answer online.

What is the difference between Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis?

Both Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis are autoimmune diseases, but differ in that MS affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), while MG affects the nerve-muscle communication point of the peripheral nervous system (outside the brain and spinal cord).

There is no clear connection between MG and MS.

Hope that helps.  (+ info)

my uncle has had multiple sclerosis for 3 years and he lives in Cuba, can I help?

He has relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and he has to walk with a cane, and even then he has difficulty, he lives in Cuba and the usual treatment such as interferons and glatiramer aren't available. We try to help, his doctors presribed Prozac for depression and we've always sent it to him but it is clearly not designated for ms. I don't know what to do, is there anything that I can do to help him?

I too have had relapsing remitting MS for 10 years now and have been on the interferons for 9 years...There are lots of things he can do to help himself. The first massive one is to look at his diet...He must begin to treat the root cause of MS and not the symptoms and after extensive research and trying different thinks I am personally convinced that diet has everything to do with it. Our bodies have become too acidic due to the change in diet over the last 100 years and need to be balanced out again...Repair is possible and don't forget no matter where he is in the world the one thing he CAN control is his diet...Ultimately what he puts in his mouth is his decision..Take a look at my website for some more information on MS and Diet...There is a link to a book there that I know will help him...It will also give him a focus and great motivation...It did for me anyway...I'd be happy to talk with him if you think it would help...  (+ info)

I have multiple sclerosis for a month and my ears keep buzzing and feels like something stuck in my throat ?

I was newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and my ears keep buzzing and everytime I swallow it feels like somethings stuck right at the edge of my throat.I have numbness and tingling real bad.is the ear and swallowing thing a symptom to what can help it it's driving me crazy?

Hi Kim. Unfortunately when you have multiple sclerosis your brain gets what I call "mismessages" from your nervous system. While there is nothing stuck in your throat, your brain thinks there is. Many of us who suffer from MS experience all sorts of sensations that are false. As an example, I felt as though my back was on fire for a couple of months. Then that symptom went away but it was replaced by another-I had the feeling that something was crawling up my arms and legs. I would swat it, but when I looked absolutely nothing was there. Multiple sclerosis can be very maddening and there is no doubt about it. I wish I could take your discomfort away. I have had MS for 18 years now. It took me ten years to get a diagnosis. Like you I was bedeviled by my symptoms. I now take a drug that works for me, belong to an internet group, and belong to a group sponsered by the MS society. All this helps me keep a perspective. I see my neurologist regularly and she is good at prescribing drugs that treat my symptoms. My heart goes out to you. Over time you will adjust. IF it is any consolation to you, I was blind in my left eye on and off for six months when I was first diagnosed. I could barely walk and my speech was so slurred, people could not understand me. Believe me, hon, your symptoms are mild compared to what many people go through. It takes time to adjust and in many intances counseling can make all the difference. Hang in there!   (+ info)

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