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Mumps ?????

Hi does annyone know if you can catch mumps more than once? i had them when i was 15 now im 33, one side of my neck is swollen and hurts.

If you had mumps on both sides when you were 15 it is very unlikely you would have them again. If it was only one side, then yes you can get it on the other side. The glands that swell when you get mumps can become infected, it feels a lot like mumps but can be taken care of with an antibiotic. Hope this helps.  (+ info)


well im pretty sure i have them and im going to the docs but was Just wondering.......im only 20 and have had the vaccination....so hows this possible???
well ive looked it up and 99%sure i got them, but the doc will let me no. im just wondering though....how could it (maybe!) be possible??

Unfortunately the vaccine is not 100% effective, also although individuals of your age were immunised they often only received one dose, where 2 are now given to improve cover.  (+ info)

How long does it take for mumps to clear up?

I had a sore neck for a few days, then yesterday morning I woke to find the left side of my jaw swollen.. The doc thinks its Mumps (even though I had the MMR jab). This is awful, its just getting worse and swelling up more and more, now i can barely open my mouth to talk. I can't even clench my teeth together properly cause thats excruciating.. I'm just praying the other side of my face doesn't follow!
Has anyone else had this? How long did it last?

I am wondering the same thing--mine started about a week ago but did not get bad until two days ago and is much better today.Are you in Michigan or Wisconsin or Illinois??-I think I picked it up in one of those states.P.S. Advil helps a lot.  (+ info)

Is it possible to contract mumps after being vaccinated against them?

I have recently-within the past fortnight- been in close contact (i.e. sharing drinks) with someone suffering from mumps (the contact occurred during the contagious incubation stage- just before the onset of symptoms). I have had the double measles/mumps vaccine (in 1988) but am suffering symptoms of the mumps- including a swollen gland. Is it possible that I have contracted mumps?

yeah it is possible to catch any disease after you have been vaccinated due to your body not being able to produce the right antibodies fast enough from the toxins of your vaccination. You need to contact your doctor as soon as possible.
Good Luck : )  (+ info)

Should my child have the MMR booster now that the separate mumps vaccine is no longer available?

My daughter had separate MMR vaccinations and she is due for her boosters but the Mumps one is not available. Should I go for separate measles and rubella and leave the mumps one or have an MMR booster? I had mumps as a child.
I didn't think me having mumps as a child made a difference, I just didn't die from it.
I am in the UK.

OK in the US the MMR is no longer available seperately. The booster is given between 4-6 years old.

95 percent of mumps is asymptomatic, its a self limiting disease treated at home with tylenol and it runs its course.

Having an extra anything when you don't need it due to immunity is unnecessary and can cause side effects.

Have titers drawn. This should be routine for anybody anyways. 95 percent of people receive immunity from the first MMR especially if it was administered after 15 months old. Initial MMR is given between 12-18 months but studies show it has reduced efficacy if given before 15 months.

and I don't know about that not making a difference you having had mumps, it is maybe possible to get passive immunity from it

That is great that you can get the shots seperately, so many people here is the US would really like that option. I would get the titers drawn first for safety's sake. The measles is the most important one followed by rubella, and then the mumps.

If I had a daughter who had never had any problems with vaccines I would get the titers drawn first, then if she didn't have immunity I would get them seperately 1 at a time starting with measles.  (+ info)

Is it dangerous to be around my daughter who might have mumps while pregnant?

My daughter woke up this morning with a bit lump on the side of her neck. I think she has mumps. Shes been sick for a few days with a cough and temperature, and this morning has a sore neck and swollen glands. Im 22 weeks pregnant and Im scared that my unborn baby will be affected by the mumps if I catch it. Im very worried for my daughter, myself and my unborn baby. Can anyone answer this for me and put my mind at ease?

1st, I am NOT a doctor. Consult a healthcare professional.

Yes, it CAN be dangerous, as there are complications that CAN occur. The virus that causes mumps is transmitted via saliva & mucus contact... Sneezes, kisses, Handling items that have been sneezed on etc..... Good luck, and I hope all goes well for you and your family.

Below is a quote from a website (link below);

"Mumps Prognosis During Pregnancy
Most pregnant women, and their fetuses, recover from mumps without any long-term problems. However, there are a number of complications of mumps seen in pregnant women. Some of these complications can occur with other mumps symptoms. In other cases, these complications may develop without mumps symptoms. In rare cases, long-term problems can result, including deafness.
Complications of mumps in pregnant women can include:
* Inflammation of the brain and/or tissue covering the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis or meningitis, respectively)
* Inflammation of the ovaries and/or breasts (oophoritis or mastitis, respectively)
* Deafness, usually permanent
* Pancreatitis.
Mumps has also been associated with spontaneous abortion, particularly in early pregnancy (also called a miscarriage). There is no evidence that pregnant women who develop mumps are more likely to have a baby with birth defects."  (+ info)

Do your tonsils get swollen when you have the mumps?

My sister was told she has traces of the mono virus in Her but the other doctor said it could be the mumps. Her tonsil is really swollen and i was wondering if swollen tonsils are part of the mumps.

  (+ info)

what is the contagious period for mumps?

My boyfriend has been feeling ill for a few days and came home tonight with earache and deafness in one ear and a swelling near his mouth onthe same side of his face that looks like mumps.
Can we go to a party tomorrow night and not infect anyone? I have had the MMR vaccine because some nurses came to my college but most people of my age bracket (23- 29) seem to have missed it and that will be the age group at the party. Can I carry the disease but not have it?

Instead of assuming that it is the mumps, don't you think you should have him see a doctor? Mumps are very rare these days. It could be a problem with his ear or his teeth. From your description of his symptoms, it sounds like he might not feel up to going to a party. Maybe you could suggest not going so he won't feel like he will be disappointing you by not feeling up to going.  (+ info)

How can mumps leading to pancreatitis cause Type 1 diabetes?

My Type 1 diabetes was caused by mumps

To make it simple.
The pancreas produces insulin.
Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreatic inflammation is so severe that you could say that the pancreas autodestroys itself with all the enzymes it produces to digest food. This enzymes engorge the pancreas and destroy its specialized tissues. Because of this you loose pancreatic tissue with it's islets (special islets produce insulin) and therefore with no insulin you become diabetic type: insulin dependant.  (+ info)

With the recent mumps outbreaks do you think un-immunized children should be excluded from daycare?

I have a six month old who obviously does not yet have her MMR. There is an outbreak of the mumps in our area. They are saying it is because of all of the children who are not immunized. I think these kids should be excluded in order to protect the babies at our daycare.

Anyone with any kind of communicable disease should be excluded and it's usually covered under the center's sick policy.  (+ info)

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