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How muscular does a guy have to be to be sexy or hot? Is it possible to be TOO muscular?

I'm 14 years old, tall and skinny. I'm just afraid that I might be too skinny. If any girls out there can tell me what they think is hot in a guy, or how muscular someone has to be to be hot. Like give me some celebrities that you think are hot so that I can compare myself (that's what I usually do). Also, how muscular is too muscular?

pro body builders r too muscular, theyre too freaky for girls. But dont worry youll never get hat big anyway  (+ info)

How does one get rid of muscular cankles?

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I have what I'd call muscular cankles. I'm certainly not overweight; I'm a serious runner, so I hydrate and I eat well. It's not fat, I just have big ankles! My achilles tendon doesn't even show and I have very little muscle definition in my lower legs. Is there a way I can remedy this?

You sound fit, yet you have an annoying problem with large ankles, or, as you put it, muscular cankles. The definition of cankle is an aesthetically unfortunate physiological condition which leaves its victims with no discernable narrowing of the ankle between the calf and the foot. The term cankle is a word that combines calf and ankle, underscoring the condition when the calf and ankle do not appear separate. The root causes of this problem are obesity, bad circulation or water retention.

Obesity is obviously not the cause in your case, although most people who suffer from this condition are obese women. Charlotte York from "Sex in the City" is one of the many sufferers, and she is certainly not obese by any means.

The scientific term for fluid or water retention is edema, and there are certain foods and herbs you can take to help alleviate the problem. The second source below will guide you toward foods which may help you alleviate your cankles.

It is possible your condition may be a form of lymphedema, defined as
the accumulation of lymph in soft tissue with accompanying swelling, often of the extremities: sometimes caused by inflammation, obstruction, or removal of lymph channels.

Restriction of salt intake is important for edema sufferers. People suffering from edema should avoid adding great amount of salt into their food or consume preprocessed food with a salty taste.

Elevating your legs may also help clear up this condition, especially after your workouts.

The main thing is to get some professional help with this, to consult with a physician who can recommend treatments that will help you.

God bless you. May your cankles disappear quickly.  (+ info)

How can a lady get rid of muscular arms and make them feminine?

I am a slim young lady and I have muscular arms. I want to make them feminine. How do I do that without gaining weight?

Musculature is unfortunately genetic. I would say to lay off working your arms out if you really want them thinner, but it might not do too much. However, there are people out there like me who would kill for more muscular arms, so I know it might suck, but I wouldn't have any shame about your arms. My roomie has a similar issue. We are both muscular, but I am about a size bigger so I don't look it and while I want her body she wants mine. :p There's always going to be someone out there who wants what you have. ;)  (+ info)

What exercises to do to get more muscular arms?

I'm a beginner and know next to nothing about this sort of thing, but I've decided that having more muscular arms is part of my ultimate goal.

I already know about eating right, but I have no idea what sort of exercises I should do.


pull ups and lift heavy weights in both hands this will give u biceps.  (+ info)

What disease are related to the skeletal or muscular system of the body?

Use an internet source to provide some information about a disease related to the skeletal or muscular system of the body.
Answer the following questions:
1. What is the disease and what effects does it have on a patient.
2. What is the prognosis?
3. What can be done to cure or treat symptoms of the disease? (example: medications, therapy, amputation--yikes!)

Check out DMD
1. Problem: defective gene resulting in abnormality of the muscle cell membrane scaffolding protein dystrophin. Result progressive muscle wasting and weakness...to the point of wheel chair confinement and eventually to the point where your respiratory muscles aren't strong enough to breath
2. There's no cure. Death by their 20's
3. No meds. rehab therapy, light exercise to promote strength and stamina. Will need a wheel chair. May need surgeries to prevent permanent contraction of the tendons (contractures). May need ventilatory support

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000705.htm  (+ info)

Is it possible to reduce the size of my muscular shoulders?

I'm a girl and for some reason my shoulders are really broad and muscular. I play tennis which I know is a contributing factor to the muscle in my shoulders, but I don't think tennis should make them as muscular as they are. Please don't tell me i should be grateful, they're not muscular in a lean or toned way.

  (+ info)

How long will muscular dystrophy telethon go on?

Doesn't most muscular dystrophy patients have insurance?

I would think if they are poor they would have medicaid.

So, are most of the money made during the telethon go to research?

Not making much progress are they? I think they've been doing the telethon for over 30 years at least.

I think it's a scam.

It will be on for 24 hours.  (+ info)

What makes the difference between acquiring strenght and/or muscular mass when (and after) you work out?

I mean, is there any difference between acquiring strenght and muscular mass when working out? How do you get one or the other?

This source has what you need. Look at the bottom.  (+ info)

What is the best way to slim down my thighs without them getting really muscular?

My whole family has big legs, and if you work out a lot they get really big and muscular and if you don't then they are big and squishy. What exercises are best so that my legs do not get too muscular, but slim down a little?

You should be thankful you have the genetics to develop muscular legs. Don't be afraid to build muscle. Nothing looks better than a girl with muscular legs. I suggest you do squats and lunges, and if you are fat then start eating fewer calories. Don't neglect your calves.  (+ info)

What are some healthy supplements to take these days for getting ripped and more muscular?

My goal is to get more ripped and muscular. Of course I do not want to resort to the illegal substances. What are some supplements that I can buy at my local health food store that actually work?

I am 37, btw. I am in fairly good shape but would like to get more cut/muscular.


When it comes to actually trying to gain lean muscle mass a lot of people will think that using supplements is the most important thing to have included within their regime. However they should only really be used in addition to a good diet and a well thought out training regime.

Certainly above all else a good diet and a well thought out training program will ensure that you gain the right amount of lean muscle mass as well as helping you to lose weight. It is only when you have got these sorted out should you then start to consider using supplements such as Niox within your new healthy regime for gaining lean muscle mass.

In fact any kind of supplement that you use will only be really effective when used in combination with a good well balanced and nutritional diet and with a workout regime that is suited ideally to you.

Mostly people who are looking to gain lean muscle mass which provide to help prevent you suffering from any kinds of deficiencies. Unfortunately even the slightest nutrient deficiency could scupper a person’s plan to build up more muscle mass than they presently have. Because food is being so highly processed to ensure that it lasts for much longer today then a lot of them lose many of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

However not all supplements are actually the same and therefore it is best that you look around to see what is on offer and carry out as much research as possible to find out which ones are best suited to your own particular requirements. There are some supplements such as Niox which have been solely designed for helping a person to grow more muscle and provide them with the strength to carry out their work outs. But will not provide you with any of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that a body needs as well. In fact the whole role of Niox and other products like it is to help your body to produce more nitric acid.

Also when it comes to purchasing any kind of lean muscle mass supplements you need to read the labels very carefully as not always are what contained within them going to be easily absorbed by your body. Instead look for those companies who already have a reputation for producing good quality supplements and some of the best places to find this information is through many of the online bodybuilding sites.  (+ info)

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