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How is Myiasis contacted amongst dogs?

Myiasis is an animal or human disease caused by parasitic dipterous fly larvae feeding on the host's necrotic or living tissue.

I believe this is what my dog recently died from. It happened so rapidly, in the span of 2 days. How is this disease contracted? I noticed feces near his dog house, which is extremely odd since he never defecates near his living area. And, in what ways can this disease be prevented in the future? Thank you.

so your dog died of fly strike? hmmm...
I am guessing you left your dog outside 24/7 and the bot fly had the opportunity to lay the eggs in your dog. The adult flies are not parasitic, but when they lay their eggs in open wounds and these hatch into their larval stage (also known as maggots or grubs), the larvae feed on live and/or necrotic tissue, causing myiasis to develop. They may also be ingested or enter through other body apertures.
BTW, Were the flies in its poorly kept fur or were they internal? just wondering...
Bacterial infection occurs about 2 days after hatching of the eggs (which takes about a day after being deposited) and usually causes death in about 24 hours.

The only way to prevent this is to keep your dog INSIDE and keep an eye on it. Put the dog on heart worm/ parasite monthly treatment. Since you know that there are botflies in the area, it would be wrong to get another dog and tie it up outside knowing it could suffer the same fate. So make a choice... inside protected dog, or no dog at all (for the sake of the dog!!)  (+ info)

i ate a maggot?will i get myiasis?

okay,i just ate a maggot together with its waste products from noodles i cooked..
i just noticed when i ate halfway..

so i wanna ask,if i develop myiasis from these worms,how long it takes for the symptoms to appear and what is the symptom?

and what is the treatment?thx....

i feel really scare of those maggots..

hummm... on some refresher research, perhaps you could be in trouble...

"Accidental myiasis
Also called pseudomyiasis. Caused by flies that have no preference or need to develop in a host but that will do so on rare occasions. Transmission occurs through accidental deposit of eggs on oral or genitourinary openings, or by swallowing eggs or larvae that are on food.
Musca domestica (housefly)
Fannia spp. (latrine flies)
Eristalis tenax (rat-tailed maggots)
Muscina spp.
The adult flies are not parasitic, but when they lay their eggs in open wounds and these hatch into their larval stage (also known as maggots or grubs), the larvae feed on live and/or necrotic tissue, causing myiasis to develop. They may also be ingested or enter through other body apertures."

"Larvae or eggs can get to the stomach or intestines if they are swallowed with food and cause gastric or intestinal myiasis."

"Cutaneous MyiasisPainful, slow-developing ulcers or furuncle- (boil-) like sores that can last for a prolonged period.
Nasal MyiasisObstruction of nasal passages and severe irritation. In some cases facial edema and fever can develop. Death is not uncommon. Aural MyiasisCrawling sensations and buzzing noises. Smelly discharge is sometimes present. If located in the middle ear, larvae may get to the brain"  (+ info)

Myiasis ... do I have it?

I've been having odd ... pains, and such, two days before I discovered a maggot in my bed, on my arm, while I was drawing. My lower body, near my pubic area, but a bit higher up, hurts drastically whenever I stand up from laying down. I have odd sensations. I have muscle spasms in my legs AND, to top it off, when I urinated two hours ago, I went to clean up, and I saw a black flie, dead, in my urine, in the toilet. I've been getting ... slightly painful surges of pain in my head, somewhat like 30 second headaches, and I've become very wobbly at school. I bumped into three chairs during second period, and I felt... Well, not light-headed. But somewhat in a stupor-ish daze.

I also noticed a little red spot in the front of my pubic area. It hurts badly when I touch it, but, no black spot.

So do you think this is Myiasis, or what? I'm worried, ever since I found that maggot... :(

Please respond ASAP. I would really appreciate it... So would my body! XD
My biological father has diabetes. I also had two small holes in my heart when I was eight days old, but healed up. My father, too, had holes in his heart, but had to get operated on. I have had a history of very bad asthma, but I'm still a bit ... 'eh' on the subject. The asthma very quickly cleared up, because I used steriod-inhalers until I was nine. :) thank you for your input but. My mom would not believe that I had any kind of serious condition and bring me to the ER / Hospital, unless I had VERY convincing, sufficient evidence of a problem with my body. I've grown up being very over-dramatic. My mom knows me 'too well' and doesn't believe anything I say anymore.


Where did you find myiasis? Why do you think you have it? The pain in your head causing wobbly-ness or stuporish daze could be symptoms of a medical condition including diabetes, cardiac problems, or neurological issues. I doubt you have maggots feeding inside your body, but that's why we have doctors... So go see one.

Not a doctor, just a paramedic  (+ info)

abnormal apprehension of maggots -- please help!?

a few days ago, I found a dead fly on one of my belongings, and there were maggots around and near it. It appeared to have come out of the dead fly. I had to throw away the stuff. Afterward, I did plentiful of research on flies and maggots to get a better understanding of them. Then about two days later I noticed tingling sensation in my nose, so I forcefully exhale as whip my forearm across my nose. I saw a small/tiny (thwart) fly within my vision and instantly turned to my forearm to check if there was maggots and surely, there was, a very small one. I know it's a maggot because it was white and it moved. Then ever since, I've had an unreasonable fear of maggots, especially myiasis. I'm aware maggots usually feed on dead/decay matters, but I reason since I don't leave any rotting foods around, flies may get desperate and thus might trigger myaisis. I am constantly fretting over this. In a sense I'm traumatized by that incident. I've tried two ways to kill flies: One, using swapper, but when I kill one, I'm distraught by the sight of maggots emerging from the fly. Two, using fly ribbons. It catches some but does not solve the maggot part, maggots would emerge from the trap flies and crawl all over the fly ribbon. Apparently, the trickiness has little to no effect on them. I don't know what to do.. How do I overcome this fear? What if a tiny fly fly up my nose and lay maggots while I was asleep? Please help. Thank you.
When I mean emerge, I mean coming out of the fly's abdomen. And species of flies such as flesh flies bypass the egg stage; they lay live larvaes (maggots)

  (+ info)

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