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I recently read that there is now treatment for myotonia dystrophica. Is this available in Cleveland?

This is a genetic disease now considered to be related to muscular dystrophy. I know The Mayo Clinic has been doing studies, but I would think someone in Cleveland should be up on this. Help!

Try the Cleveland Clinic.. Best in the world. If they are not doing advanced treatment then it is not being done anywhere.  (+ info)

are there any new treatments/drugs for myotonia congentia?

any info would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, there are trials going on testing patients taking 100 and 400 mg of DHEA daily to see if it helps muscle strength. No results published yet.  (+ info)

Is there a cure for myotonia congenita?


There is no known cure for myotonia congenita, and treatment is supportive as needed. The use of anticonvulsant drugs (quinine, phenytoin) can relieve some symptoms of the disease along with physical therapy and other rehabilitative measures to assist in muscle function. Genetic counseling may be valuable.

Progression: This disorder causes discomfort but is not life-threatening. In Thomsen type myotonia congenita, symptoms stabilize after onset and do not progress with age. Becker type is a progressive disorder that tends to initially affect muscles in the legs. Within a few years, muscles of the arms are affected, and, eventually, the muscles of the jaw (masticatory) and face become involved.  (+ info)

What is Congenital Myotonia?

Please see the webpages for more details and images on Myotonia congenita.  (+ info)

My Causin and I have Myotonia...?

I get better after puberty , but he is getting worse. I'm really worried about him. did every one knows any treatment or ways to stop or atleast slow down the proceed of this malady.he is 18 now and his muscles are big and hard to relax. he eat carpamazepine that caused Kidney stone. is there any soulation? any guidance ? any same experiances?

Check out this site:

  (+ info)

Need help with my muscle condition myotonia.?

Hey guys, I've inherited this muscle condition since birth. I'm now 16 and this is really getting me down. There are two different effects of this condition; my muscles either go really stiff and cramped - this is caused from tensing your muscles for long periods of times. My Dad has medication for this side effect, but because we haven't had my condition confirmed (in order to reuce life insure costs etc - this condition isn't fatal ) I can't have this medication for that side effect.
However, this isn't the thing bothering me the most, it's the other side effect. The second side effect is weakness of the muscles - I went to a party last night - the next day, I couldn't stand up without one of my mates lifting me up. Walking to the bus stop, I needed two friends either side of me to prop me. Does anyone know how to prevent this symptom and to get rid of it once it has occured?
It is usually caused by over exercise and getting cold.

Any help would be great. As at the moment, it's restricting everything fun in my life.
Just to let you guys know, it's the weakness one I need help with.

do swimming it is the best

do as many strokes as u can

and ideally u should be doing it 3-4 times a week  (+ info)

Will doing weights at an early age stunt growth?

A few things to consider is I suffer from a muscle condition called "Myotonia" perhaps wikipedia it. Basically, my muscles use potassium too quickly, and become weak. (sometimes I can't even lift my eyelids, or move out of bed.) But it's rarely that bad. Or if i get too cold, they will go mega stiff. Anyways, to compensate for weaker muscles, to condition cause me to have giant muscles. My calf's are absolutely massive, for a 15 year old boy. They bigger than the average adults, and behind this layer of blubber, I can feel the shape of a six pack. But my biceps are letting me down. They tiny. Now i've been doing weights for like a week. 3KG weights. about 50 reps every other day, and I can feel the effects already. Will doing weights at the age of 15 stunt my growth. Considering I am only 5 '5 in height.

I really wish I knew where this often repeated urban myth originally came from. Exercise and keeping fit is good for you and won't stunt your growth.  (+ info)

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