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How would someone get help for these disorders or any type of sexual dysfunction?

Discuss the two types of orgasm disorders: premature ejaculation and female orgasm disorder. How would someone get help for these disorders or any type of sexual dysfunction?

They aren't really disorders or dysfunctions. Both of those are masks or symptoms of something else, almost always stress- diet- and health-related. Communication is key.

Making positive changes can do much to 'overcome' those situations. Positive reinforcement being one of the most effective. As is learning kegel exercises for both sexes. Attitude plays a major part; then diet as mentioned. Counseling and meds. may or may not be of benefit, but I would certainly use them as a last resort, not first.   (+ info)

How common are thyroid or other metabolism slowing disorders?

Everytime I read articles about weight/obesity in America many of the posters indicate how common these disorders are. I'm just truly curious how common is common. Do 1 in 100 suffer from these types of problems or is it more like 1 in 1000? Are there other medical conditions that cause weight gain?

Hi from Mr J. Yes they are very inportant to are body, because they play a inportant roll in ower live hormons, that comtrols the cortazone that make as get fat by have a lot of it, or thin if we have very little in ower body, so see your Dr to ask for help.  (+ info)

What can be included in a project about eating disorders?

We are doing a class project on eating disorders and the presentation must last 60 minutes. Does anyone have any ideas on what we could do & include in the presentation?

You can start out with something like, "In todays society eating disorders are on the rise, the media shoves distorted perceptions of body image and the ones suffering are our children"......stuff like that. You could possibly get signed release forms and talk to young children around the neighborhood about being skinny or fat and how the media makes them feel about it, make it into a really strong documentary type film. When the kids are talking...you could come in with pics of underweight celebs, etc and then fade back into the child who is talking. Research the statistics on the many variety of eating disorders that there are today. I hope that this helps you  (+ info)

How can I explain my husband about my anxiety disorders?

I have been suffering from anxiety disorders for years. I recently started working with a mental health professional. Therapy seem to work well. But my husband, constantly keeps judging and hurting me. I am not able to explain him my situation. We both are very well educated to understand things. I work very hard both at home and at work to provide for the family. How can I explain him, my struggle or suffering, when he is just not willing to listen and keeps saying, I complain all these problems to avoid doing work or I simply like to be unhappy. Its just miserable. Any suggestions?


I am so sorry you are experiencing this situation - not only anxiety disorder, but also a husband that cannot understand.

I suffered for years with extreme anxiety attacks and their devastating side effects as I struggled to take care of my family also.

I never knew how stress could cause so much dysfunction in the human body. I think the best way I can help you is just to let you know I used to be in your shoes, and I am no no longer in those "anxiety attack" shoes. My long days of anxiety attacks affecting my life are over.

To learn how I overcame my anxiety attacks go to http://www.healthbanquet.com/anxiety-hope.html

I would highly recommend you get the book by Dr. Claire Weekes called Hope and Help For Your Nerves. That excellent book will tremendously help you and it will help your husband understand what you are going through.

Dr. Weekes has helped MILLIONS with her books and audio programs to overcome their anxiety attacks and get back to their real selves again.

Dr. Claire Weekes (1903-1990), Hope and Help For Your Nerves and Peace From Nervous Suffering, is a best selling author and is widely acclaimed for her revolutionary approach for treating anxiety, panic, and phobic disorders.

She has achieved distinction as the first woman Doctor of Science at the University of Sydney, and was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to medicine. Truly an amazing woman.

She must have personally experienced anxiety herself, based on her explanations of what one goes through while experiencing panic and anxiety attacks.

Dr. Claire Weekes is a master at reassuring her readers that there is nothing wrong with them.

Her step by step, self help methods, teach one to regain control over their state of mind. She will simply teach you how to cope with feelings of fear and dread. Also, unlike any other, she will help you thoroughly understand the many physical symptoms which can be caused from overtaxed nerves.

Yes, she simply explains how your FEAR of the symptoms from your overly tired nerves, feeds this cycle of anxiety. She will help you break this cycle through her easy to follow approach. I highly recommend this book - Hope And Help For Your Nerves. It is only a few dollars.

Once again, I am now completely anxiety free, with no medication needed. I am happy and full of energy again. It is hard to believe the nightmare that I lived daily for years is no longer part of my life. It is hard to believe I was ever in that kind of unsettling situation. I am back to the real me again.

I thank God every day for breaking free of the shackles of anxiety. Claire Weekes's book should also help you recover from anxiety, as it has helped the MILLIONS before you recover from their anxiety also.

God bless you on your healing journey. Here is a prayer that helped me a lot http://www.healthbanquet.com/prayer-anxiety-fear.html

Vital Force   (+ info)

How can excessive exposure to electronics lead to orthopedic disorders?

It would be very nice if anyone could give me the name of a site which explains how electronics can cause orthopedic disorders, or any other way of info will be helpful. Thank you.

Google "repetitive stress injuries" and you'll read all about it. The best way to overcome these problems once you have them is to go to a chiropractor.  (+ info)

What are some disorders that correspond with having a weak working memory?

Today my resource teacher said i have a really, really bad working memory- are than any disorders that mean a weak working memory? or is it short term memory loss?

I am unaware at this time of any spcific disorders that impair memory functioning other than the below.

Scientists have yet to understand the causes of Mathematics Disorder. Neurological and deficits in working memory are possible causes.

Learning Disorders can effect input (such as visual and auditory perception), integration (categorization/sequencing), storage(memory) and output (language output, or muscle activity).

Depressed people may be preoccupied with feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness or hopelessness. Other symptoms include poor concentration and memory,

Amnesia is a condition in which memory is disturbed causing loss of memory and/or lack of ability to imagine the future. Amnesia is not always a permanent condition.

Dissociative Disorder is defined as conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception. The hypothesis is that symptoms can result, to the extent of interfering with a person's general functioning, when one or more of these functions is disrupted.

Dissociative Amnesia - noticeable impairment of recall resulting from emotional trauma

Dissociative Fugue - physical desertion of familiar surroundings and experience of impaired recall of the past. This may lead to confusion about actual identity and the assumption of a new identity.

Drugs and Alcohol may also inpair memory function.   (+ info)

Are psychologists and doctors similar to that able to detect disorders in young children?

My little sister, who is seven years old, is having some difficulties. My mom and I believe she has some anxiety/depression disorders, just like me. I want her to see some form of a therapist so we can find out if we can help her, if something is not right. But who knows, maybe it's a phase? She's not like the other kids but i love her no matter what and want to help her so she doesnt have to have the difficulties of having stress as she gets older as i do.

Yes, they can diagnose those things in little kids. And if it's just a phase, they'll be able to tell you that too. But if she's been anxious/depressed for more than 2 weeks, it would be a good idea to get her evaluated... normal 7yos don't go through weeklong periods of being down like that. People can be genetically predisposed to being anxious/depressed, so the fact that you have that increases the chance that your sister does too.

With regard to the other answer... The youngest kid that I've ever heard of attempting suicide was 9 or 10yo... (unmedicated, btw) and you know how the media loves to jump on these things. I'd say the risk of a 7yo attempting suicide because of medication (or without medication) is very small. Besides, 7yos need to be under adult/teen supervision most of the time... they shouldn't have that much opportunity to kill themselves.

SSRIs slightly increase the risk of suicide in people under 18yo, but statistics show that when they started putting warnings on the box that the meds come in, the percentage of teenagers committing suicide actually went up... so more kids/teens are helped by antidepressants than are hurt by them. You can discuss it with the doctor, but suicide is really not something you should be worrying about in a 7yo.

Either way, your sister might not even need antidepressants... a professional would have to decide if she does or not. But counseling might be helpful enough. And the parent gets to decide whether she gets medication or not... just because a doctor recommends it does not mean your parents have to give it to her.  (+ info)

What are some disorders or diseases that are linked to low education?

I am trying to write a paper about why a good education is necessary, and I need to know what some disorders or disease are that link to low education. I've already written about Dementia, but I can't find anything else.

Please help!!

I would assume diabetes, because of diet.
and the schizophrenia one is true yes..  (+ info)

Of all the eating disorders what is the worst for your body?

This is a question I've always wondered. The disorders I am talking about are:
Starving yourself
Exercising too much
Making yourself vomit
Taking laxatives

Which is the worst for your health? I know obviously overeating can kill you but any of the above in excess can kill you. I just wonder which is hardest on the body.

Starving yourself (anorexia), eventually you cant have kids, your hair will drop out and so will your teeth. A lot of anorexics never recover from being that way. Its a mental illness as are all eating disorders and there are a lot of underlying causes besides the getting thin issue. Taking laxatives can do permanent damage to the bowel. Vomiting (Bulimia) can do permanent damage to the throat and stomach. Overeating can cause blood pressure issues and heart problems but so too can any of the above. Exercising too much will cause stress and strain on the body as a whole but usually the body will control this by giving you injuries to slow you down. Still, some marathon runners suffer heart attacks.  (+ info)

What are the different types of dual disorders?

We have an assignment about dual disorders and I have to find some information about it. I need to know the different types of dual disorders and their effects on the person. I really need to do well in this assignment. I want to get an A for this. Please help me. Thanks a bunch.

First of all, dual disorders are composed of a mental illness and a substance abuse. The mental illness may be bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia or phobias. The co-occurring problem may be alcohol or drug abuse. I'll just add some links that will give you additional information about the specific types of dual disorders. Good luck with the assignment and I do hope you get an A.  (+ info)

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