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Where can i find a list with nail conditions and diseases?

I have an exam on thursday and i need to know nearly every nail condition/disorder and disease!
Does any one know of a list or a website or can help me with this?

Don't you have a book from the class? Also, didnt you learn that in class?  (+ info)

What diseases can i get if a rusted nail got into my foot?

If the wound is deep enough and the nail was in soil, tetanus.  (+ info)

Which Doctor treats Onychomycosis and /or fungal nail diseases in general?

i need to know the name of the specialist.

Dermatologist (Skin specialist)  (+ info)

What diseases can you get from a dirty nail salon?

  (+ info)

Can you get diseases from a nail salon?

Here's what happened to me today - I was getting my nails done and the nail guy was "cutting" my cuticles, and there was a minor cut on my nail from where he cut it off, and it was bleeding. Now, I'm not 100% sure if they sterilize their equipment, but I'm scared to death now I have a blood virus like Hep C, or HIV, or Staph or some kind of baceterial infectoin in my blood from something to the nail utensil to my cut. I'm scared - What should I do?

  (+ info)

Diseases from a nail salon visit?

So I got my nails done over a week ago, and I remember the technician cut me with the cuticle sander and I bled. She didn't do much except give me some paper towel to clean it up.

I don't think the sander was sanitized because she pulled it out of some random drawer.

What are the odds I have some terrible disease like HIV? Should I get a blood test?

was the drawer glowing?
If so it means there was a UV light filter in taht drawer killing off disease/viruses/germs on those utensils.

if in doubt, go to your doctor.  (+ info)

what is a finger Nail Diseases and what's the treatment ?


I agree with Mishmash, "finger nail disease" is often fungus. To treat it - beside getting a prescription from your doctor - I would recommend a product that is 100% natural and that took care of my fungus and made my nails look healthy again (it was about time with summer coming soon! ;-)

It is "Zetaclear System". You can check it out here:


Good luck!

Misaki  (+ info)

Is it possible to contact an std or contagious disease at a nail salon?

My mom told me that some lady got herpes by getting her nails done at a salon. Apparently, they didnt sanitize their equipment properly...but how is that possible..I thought diseases were contacted either sexually or by the persons blood..

very hard to believe you'd get whitlow from a salon.
most cases are just from people with cold sores who bite their nails, transferring their own HSV virus to the nail fold.

I really would never suggest a nail salon to anyone, however, because like the doc above, I've seen numerous infections that have resulted from their practices -- mostly paronychial infections, but yes, some fungal infections of the nails as well.

it's not a good practice to soak the nails in any solution. and not a good practice to peel back your cuticles - this only invites infections.  (+ info)

Non-treatable of nail diseases and disorders?

Ive studied it for 5Min's and it still makes no sense please explain more  (+ info)

nail diseases and disorders?

i need information on severe nail separation, minor nail separation and broken bones for my beauty therapy work if anyone could link me to websites that would be great .

do you perhaps have a nail disorder?

http://www.hooked-on-nails.com/naildisorders.html  (+ info)

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