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(PICTURE): my nails are growing malformed-ish. How to prevent this!? help pleasee :(?


how should i file them to make them look normal :( ??

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How should I file my nails if my fingers are sorta malformed? HELP PLEASE!?

my fingers are kinda crooked, and so when i file my nails squared it never looks like a straight line, there's always one side higher than the other. I don't know if this makes sens, it's kinda hard to explain.

these are my fingers :(
i meant to say "sense"

THEY JUST FINE. ;)  (+ info)

How do I get my nails to grow more slowly?

My finger nails grow super fast. I painted them last night, and I already have "nail roots". I have to paint my nails every other day to avoid this. (Nail roots are when new nail growth comes in while wearing nail polish. Like hair roots.) I have to cut my nails every few days, or else they get really long. It is scary how fast they grow. How do I get my nails to grow more slowly?

Keep them cut. Or constantly file them, so they stay a certain length...I have the same problem...Mine grow fast too.*  (+ info)

How can i remove my acrylic nails with my natural nails with a mighty bond on it?

I had a nail extension using artificial acrylic nails last saturday. I was not happy with the nail glue their using coz my nails always take-off easily. I decided to use a mighty bond thinking it will give me satisfaction of having no-galling-nails. But I suddenly realized that this mighty bond is not easy to remove. I was now panic on how can i remove my artificial nails with this mighty glue on my natural nails. Please help me.

Go to Sally's beauty supply or your local supply store and purchase acrylic remover. You can also purchase pure acetone. Be sure to use a glass bowl. Soak 4 fingers at a time. Get an orangewood stick to so you can scrap the acrylic when it gets gummy. It will be messy but it won't take to long. Once you get down to your own nail, take a white buffing block and gently buff off the remaining residue. Apply a clear nail hardener. I've tried the soaking with the cotton balls but its takes longer and I don't like the idea of it being wrapped under foil. The acetone needs to breath because the vapors can be toxic if there isn't enough ventilation.  (+ info)

How long should my natural nails be before getting acrylic nails put on?

My nails are super short. (i mean really really short). I'm a bad nail biter. And I'm going to the sports banquet for my school this week and also my graduation next week. I want my nails to look really nice and pretty, but idk if i can get acrylic nails beacuse my natural nails are soooo short.

Also, how long will acrylic nails last?

Your real nail should be really short before you put on fake nails. I mean really, really short, lolz!!!! Here are some tips on how not to bite your fingernails:

1.Hold on to a small object, such as a stone or ball, to keep your hands busy and out of your mouth
2. Coat your nail with a special bad-tasting polish, available at the drugstore.
3. Set up a reward system. Use a calender to keep track of how many days you go without giving in to your habit, and give yourself a treat if you meet your goal.

Fake nails usually last about 2 weeks (less if you keep playing with them). Just be sure you follow those rules on how not to bite your nail and trust me... you'll be fine. ( I was a big nail biter.. but now i'm not cause of those 3 easy steps!!!!!!!!)

Hope I helped:)  (+ info)

Nail Care: How do you make your nails grow faster and stronger?

I have been bitting my nails for a while and im finally done hiding my hands all the time, i have really bad skin under my nails and its like gross and i hide my hands all the time. I have a boyfriend and im insecure to hold hands with him. I am 16 and im done with being shy and nervous about my hands, whenever it gets brought up i change the topic so quick.

I need advise on how to make them grow, thank you guys.

There are some clear nail polishes that are made to make your nails grow faster and protect them. If you have bad skin under your nails and it looks like an infection I would go see a Dr.  (+ info)

How are acrylic nails removed at nail salons?

I have acrylic nails and they are at a point where they need to either be refilled or removed. Last time I went to a nail place to have them removed some chinese guy just shoved another fake nail under the acrylic and literally ripped them off!!!!!!

Is this what they are supposed to do professionally? It wasn't pleasant. And I paid for someone to rip my nails off!!

I had tried removing them at home, soaking them in acetone but they never would come off. Any advice on the ones i have now?

at the one I go to the soak your fingers in Acetone(it's just like nail polish remover) for a while, then file them down, soak agian, file again and then they pop right off.
Trim them down real short and soak them in acetone. Then try to wiggle them loose a bit. Then soak again until they come off. That's the only thing I can thing of today besides popping them off with your teeth, which can be painful  (+ info)

How long do my nails need to be to get a good manicure?

I used to bite my nails. I finally stopped about a year ago, and my nails took forever to get strong and long. Now that I have strong nails, I want to reward myself by getting a manicure (not fake nails, though). How long do my nails have to be for that? And what is a good price? What if my cuticles aren't the best?

I don't think your nails have to be a certain length. Don't worry about your cuticles, the staff will have seen worse. If you feel self-conscious invest in a cuticle cream. As for price, it depends. Generally manicures are cheapest if you have it done without polish. I'd suggest you ask friends and relatives if they know of a good salon or look up the Yellow Pages and ring round a few if you've time.  (+ info)

What makes nail polish last longer on acrylic nails than on natural nails?

I don't wear tips but I do have acrylic on my nail bed. My friend on the other hand wears her nails natural. We've noticed my polish last longer than hers. Anyone know why?

The reason is actually pretty simple. Your nails take on harsher conditions when its in its natural state. Whether it be washing your hands or shampooing your hair, the foundation is not as durable as acrylic. Your nails have natural oils which part the nail lacquer from your nail bed and even when you dont sweat at all. When applying tips, you get a smooth yet porous surface of acrylic overlaying your nail, this makes this polish last longer because it doesnt come in contact with your nail bed. While the acrylic may lift from your nails, the polish will last up until your next fill-in.  (+ info)

Can I paint my acrylic nails and use nail polish remover later on?

I got a full set of acrylic nails, but they're just the plain white tips/french manicure looking kind. I want to paint them, but I don't know if I can use nail polish remover on them when I want to take the polish off.

Can I use nail polish and nail polish remover on acrylic nails? Or will it ruin the acrylic?

Im pretty sure you can as long as the nail polish remover is non-acetone.  (+ info)

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