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How do I cure my nasal polyps?

I have been suffering from nasal polyps for the last year or so.

It has now got to the point where my right nostril is completely blocked and I dont have any sense of taste or smell.

I have a hospital appointment in a few weeks however i want to know if there is anything available that can reduce the size of the polyps in the meantime. Steroid drops for example.

Sorry man, the only thing that is going to work is surgery. The procedure is fairly delicate but the recovery is not bad and the improvement can be more than worth the discomfort.  (+ info)

is it safe for nine month old to get the nasal polyps removed surgically?

My niece is nine month old and she is been diagnose with really bad nasal polyps, and the doctor said they have to remove. But my and
I sister are scared to do so, But it is so bad that my sister and the baby haven't slept more than an hour a time since she was born. So i was just wondering is it safe for a little one like that. PLEASE HELP WE ARE SCARED.

Yes it's safe, there is also the option of talking to the Dr, performing the surgery and clearing up any concerns you may have that make you fear the surgery. I know what it's like to have a little one in the hands of a surgeon, but you have to put your faith in them, you could also get a second opinion, but in the long run I would trust my Dr, and have him go through the entire procedure and what the risks are to remove or not remove the polyps..  (+ info)

I just found out I have nasal polyps. What kind of problems can these cause?

Just found out I have nasal polyps. Does anyone know what kind of problems they can cause? Is there any possibility that they can affect the cilia's ability to work?

It will cause chronic sinusitis. You definitely don't want it, so you need to get them removed.  (+ info)

I got diagnosed with nasal polyps ,and Dr wants to take them out with surgery?

Has anyone had nasal polyps and have them removed with surgery,or found relief without surgery?.If you had them removed was the problem fixed and could you breath better?.

I wish my doctor had told me that 35 years ago when I was diagnosed. All he said was "don't bother, they'll just grow back." I have never breathed out of my right nostril and would like to at some point, so I guess I'll have to get a referral to an ENT doc.  (+ info)

I think i might have nasal polyps or a very bad sinus infection where fluids are trap?

After many doctor appointed i finally realize i might have nasal polyps or a very sinus infection where fluid or mucus are trap.I can feel my nasal are swallow up and it is bleeding also.Blood is not gushing our or anything but there are blood and sometimes my nose will bleed.Is there a way to stop the infection so it doesnt lead to surgery.What medicine product can i used to kill bacteria and stop the swallow.I use oasis sinus spray will that help???

Has this been officially diagnosed, or are you just jumping to conclusions? If you have nasal polyps it's likely that you will need surgery to remove them if they are severe. Surgery is the only way to get rid of them, I'm afriad - they won't go on their own.

If they are not very severe, your GP may prescribe a nasal spray such as Beconase Aqueous Spray.

This really is something you should be discussing with your Doctor though.  (+ info)

what are effective Nasal polyps remedies?

I have allergies to peanuts and various plants for which i receive allergy shots. I had surgery early last year to remove polyps out of my right nasal passage, but now they have returned recently blocking my left nasal passage. I was wondering if they were any effective remedies to help reduce and get rid of the polyps? and do you have any personal experience with the remedies? Thanks for all the help :)

I have to have surgery done to my nose to have my left polyp removed, Is it painful? Because im very very nervouse ):  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a cure for Nasal Polyps other than surgery and steriod nasal sprays?

I'm alergic to asprin and have asthma. I know it's called Samters syndrome. I want to know if anyone has had this conditioned cured via alternative medicine? I've had two operations and the polyps grow back.

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I recently helped a patient with nasal polyps by using acupuncture. Her polyps went away and have not come back as of yet. One was so big it was actually blocking one of her nasal passages. She has been very happy with the results. However, this is a single case... worth a try though.  (+ info)

how do you get rid of nasal polyps without surgery?

i have not been able to smell for over a year, and i have gone to the doctor and they put me on prednisone which shrunk the polyps and i was able to smell again, but shortly after i couldnt smell. any answers?

I've had a lot of nasal polyps due to allergies, so I know how you feel.

You don't want to stay on prednisone very long. It makes you gain weight, hurts your immune system and other problems.

The surgery I had was worthwhile, but if you don't want to do that there are some nasal sprays that help: flonase and nasacort are 2 that I've liked.  (+ info)

Why is my asthma so much worse now I have nasal and post nasal and sinus polyps?

Have intrinsic asthma, lung function down by 30 percent or more. one side of nose completely blocked and I am finding I am much more breathless. is the second time I have had polyps last time 16 years ago but this time is affecting my lungs...

Hi, I am Dr Sonia S V. I am an ENT Surgeon[Specialist in diseases of the Ear ,Nose ,Throat and Head and Neck Surgery] practicing in Bangalore ,India.Scientific research in the past decade has shown a definite correlation with nasal polyps and asthma- surgical correction of the nasal polyps has been scientifically shown to have a proven benefit in asthma symptoms. Visit an ENT specialist in your locality who will start you on treatment for your nasal polyps.
All the best

Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal
Consultant ENT & Head & Neck Surgery
ENT Specialist Bangalore  (+ info)

What to do when you have recurring nasal polyps and surgery isn't helping. How can you get rid of them?

Can they be shrunk? What alternative is there to having multiple surgeries? They just come back

I used multiple courses of antibiotics along with steroid tapers. Helped while I was on it, but polyps came right back. I also used a steroid nasal spray (like Flonase or Nasonex.) I had the surgery which helped quite a bit, but they did recur. I ended up going to an allergist and we worked very aggressively to manage my allergies better (I was put on Clarinex and Singulair along with the Flonase.) I haven't had a problem since.  (+ info)

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