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What are effective treatments for nasal polyps?

I have been a severe nasal polyps sufferer for 14 years. During this time, I have had 4 sinus / polyp surgeries. In addition, up until April of last year, I had absolutely no sense of smell. None. Therefore, I have spent a great deal of time with my allergy and ENT doctors and also have spent a ton of time researching this.

In April of last year, after another severe sinus infection, another CT-Scan revlealed my sinus cavaties were 100% plugged, and polyps were back again (just 14 months from my 4th surgery), my doctors and I got agressive. First, I was referred to the National Jewish Immunology Hospital in Denver, CO. This was merely a telephone referral. However, during the conversation with a nurse, she asked if my body reacted in any certain way to drinking alcohol. My answer was "yes", whereas for the past 14-17 years (I am now 35), alcohol has made me very stuffed up and I get severe sinus-infection like symtoms no matter what kind of alchol I drink. At that point, the term "Sampter's Syndrom" came out. After consulting once again with my own local doctors, indeed, it was determined that this is what I have. Sampter's Syndrome means I have (1) propensity for severe nasal polyps growth, (2) allergies or asthma, and (3) intolerance to aspirin containing products. Turns out, that 50% of people with this are "intolerant to alcohol, in any consumable form". Therefore, as hard as it was, I immediately ceased drinking any form of alcohol. At the same time, I went on a two-week dose of strong antibiotics, did a two-week dose of methylprednisolone (16 mg per day, tapering downward starting on day six), and started a permanent prescription for Singulair and Nasonex (2 puffs per nostril, twice per day). Needless to say, after the sixth day, I could smell for the first time in 14 years. I was able to retain a very strong sense of smell (wonderful) from June - October without any assistance from the oral form of steroids or antibiotics. However, in October, I tried drinking two beers, and my sense of smell disappeared within a week and another sinus infection returned. Therefore, I was placed back on 2 more weeks of antibiotics and 1 week of the oral steroid at 16 mg per day. I know a person cannot be on oral steriods all too often, but we are trying to stablize my sinuses. My smell has been great, and polyps haven't seemed to be a problem for the past 8 months.... but we'll see. OHHHHH - One more thing, use SINUS RINSE... pre-mixed packages to irrigate your sinuses twice per day. Wait 10 minutes, then spray the Nasonex.

There are different brands of sinus rinses, but the best that I have found is from Neilmed... you can find them on the internet.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

I've asthma and allergies which have given me nasal polyps. Wheres the best country for me to live healthwise?

I'd love to find a country to live in where I would notice a marked improvement to my health. Is there somewhere where asthma and allergies and quite rare?

Its very true by moving to a dryer climate allergies will improve. When it is damp mould spores are present which could trigger of your allergies and asthma. One doctor told me to move to Africa due to my sinus problems. If you can move then do so or ask your doctor to help ypu more to manage your condition. All the best x  (+ info)

has anyone lost sense of smell due to nasal polyps?

if you had surgery, did your sense of smell come back?

My husband didn't have polyps but he had to have surgery to remove all the tissue that filled up his sinuses. He's been like that for years and he couldn't ever smell and since the surgery he can. So I would say yes.  (+ info)

I don't have $ for sinus surgery, but Dr. says I've got "polyps" blocking nasal passages. Dr. says polyps look?

like little clusters of grapes growing on inside of nose. I've been thinking of dipping a Q-tip into a bottle of listerine and rubbing the inside of my nasal passages with Q-tip to kill the polyps, disinfect the nasal passages, and hopefully get the polyps to die off & go away. What do you think? Any better ideas? Thanks.


dont do this, it will seriously hurt and its only for ur mouth, that stuff has purse achohol in it and that would really hurt seriously bad you have no idea.

dont do that, just save up money to get the proceadure done.  (+ info)

Could I have nasal polyps. My entire life I've suffered from allergies. However, in the past 3 years they have?

exacerbated. When I look up my nose, it just looks quite red and blocked starting from the opening of my nostril. it doesn't look bumpy or spotted. I have been to ENT's within the past 2 years who have said that I don't have anything wrong besides allergies. However, I do get frequent sinus headaches and my nose gets itchy a lot. My eyes also tend to swell every once in a while. Are these signs of polyps?

Nasal polyps are teardrop-shaped, noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages or sinuses.

Small nasal polyps may cause no problems and go unnoticed. Larger nasal polyps can block your nasal passages or sinuses and cause breathing difficulties, a loss of your sense of smell, frequent sinus infections and other problems.

Although nasal polyps can affect anyone, they're more common in adults, particularly those with asthma, frequent sinus infections and allergies. Children with cystic fibrosis often develop nasal polyps.

Medications can often lessen the size of nasal polyps or eliminate them, but surgery is sometimes necessary to remove them. Even after successful treatments, nasal polyps often return.

Nasal polyps are associated with chronic inflammation of the lining of your nasal passages and sinuses (chronic sinusitis). If you have several polyps or large polyps, they may obstruct your nasal passages and sinuses. As a result of these conditions in your nose and sinuses, you may experience some of the following signs and symptoms:

A runny nose
Persistent stuffiness
Postnasal drip
Decreased or no sense of smell
Loss of sense of taste
Facial pain or headache
Itching around your eyes
You may have small nasal polyps and experience no signs or symptoms.

When to see a doctor
Signs and symptoms of nasal polyps are similar to many other conditions, including the common cold. If your condition continues for more than 10 days, see your doctor.

If you experience severe difficulty breathing, seek emergency medical care or call 911 or your local emergency number.  (+ info)

I got operated two months before for nasal polyps and now feeling the same problem, stuffy nose and allergy?

please advise me what to do now? How I got this problem again after a surgery with in two months? If possible please quote some remedy/medication

Okay, may I send you some information that might be beneficial or at least give you some options and a better understanding?

Physician 21 years  (+ info)

I have been told I have nasal polyps?

What are they and what is treatment for them, or is an operation the only remedy?

i had a nasal polyp, but not sure what they are to be honest ..mine never gave me any bother and i left it alone and it disappeared on its own  (+ info)

is there any proper solution to nasal polyps without undergoing surgery?

I suffer from this condition as well and this is what i've found to work the best, it has
changed my life. Get a standard "spray" bottle, about the size of you're average windex
cleaner, but make sure its cleaned out real good. fill it with some Hydrogen Peroxide, Water and
Some Baking soda. All very cheap items. set the nozzle to the "stream" line and locate
the polyps in your nose with a mirror and flashlight. Spray a few steams around the polyps and
on it. Polyps thrive on the bacteria that lives in your nose so if you destroy the bacteria
with peroxide and baking soda treatments the polyps will shrink, disinigrate.
The solution will burn, fizz up and cause slight pressure but this means
its destroying the bacteria. Have a washcloth handy and do this several
times a day and within a few weeks you should be polyps free.

The nasal drip and mucous will turn clear from the thick, yellow color.
This means youre on the right track. And also the polyps will literally
break down and will come out of your nose when you blow it. Don't
be alarmed, its the polyps and not the actual membrane. This method
is also used by Oprah. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

My mother is having allergy for years. Now she has nasal polyps and dry cough. What about Chinese treatment?

Please tell me your opinion about Chinese medicine.
Or do you have any other suggestions to get rid of this.
She is 46 years old. I’m scared whether it would cause asthma gradually
Please help me on the basis of your experience

One of the non-invasive therapies available for nasal polyps is NSAID therapy. Have your mother take one aspirin a day if she can tolerate them, gradually, the nasal polyps will shrink. Make sure she can take aspirin before undergoing this treatment.  (+ info)

My mother was having 'cough' for years and it turned as allergywith cold&nasal polyps.Is there any treatment?

I 'm scared whether it will turn to breathe problems. Now she is 46.
Please help me.

She can get allergy shots. You can give them to her. See an Allergist.  (+ info)

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