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Is there a practice of drowning birds in alcohol in France?

A friend told me that they was a (now frowned upon) practice of drowning the birds in some kind of alcohol to flavour them. This sounds like it could be true but I can't find any information about it anywhere. Help!

Yes it is true, its an age old way of eating a particularly small bird and has recently come under fire. Below is a link to the article explaining the history and recipe and why it is facing a ban as a custom.
http://www.ttc.org/cgi-binloc/searchTTC.cgi?displayZop+1029  (+ info)

How do you die from drowning in water?

I've heard you can't die from holding your breath, which is basically what your forced to do when underwater. So if you can't die from holding your breath, how does drowning kill a person?

Simple, sooner or later your body needs oxygen. It can't get that while holding your breath. When you lose too much oxygen you can and will pass out. Your body has a natural reflex to breath. If you are under water when you pass out, your body will accidentally inhale water. That is the definition of drowning: suffocation or death caused by having your lungs submerged in water (or some other liquid).

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How can I get over my fear of drowning at the dentist?

How can I get over my fear of drowning at the dentist? When I am in the chair and they use the water, I feel like I'm drowning. I don't have control and don't know what to do about it. Has anyone else every experienced this? How do you deal with it?

If you go to 1-800-DENTIST they specialize in people who have fears of the dentist. They can hook you up with a dentist in your area that uses laughing gas, for even small procedures. It will help you calm down and forget your fears.

"Are you nervous about an upcoming dental procedure? If so, laughing gas, comprised of nitrogen and oxygen, may be just what the doctor ordered. This odorless and colorless gas, officially known as nitrous oxide or N2O, probably won't make you giggle while you're in your dentist's chair. However, for those of you who get uptight or squeamish before or during dental procedures, this commonly used sedative and anti-anxiety agent can help promote a sense of relaxation, calm and general well-being."

Check it out.  (+ info)

What keeps a baby from drowning in the womb?

Why can we not go into water after birth without drowning?or can we?

Isn't the whole process fascinating? I have no answer except to say the human body is a miracle!  (+ info)

Does someone that is drowning while unconscious still feel pain or suffer?

Would someone that has overdosed on sleeping pills in a full bathtub suffer or just feel as if they fell asleep? Would the inability to breathe wake them up, or would they stay asleep while they drown? I've heard stories of people drowning on their own vomit before while passed out, do these people suffer or just pass on peacefully?

As I have never met someone who has drowned...... I would guess its peaceful other than your thoughts before you pass out, thinking "oh poo.... not getting out of this one".

Eventually you have to attempt to breath, breath in water, vomit, etc and you continue your breathing motions, you just don't retain oxygen. Eventually pass out......then eventually decease.  (+ info)

whats the fear of drowning in a glass of milk?

My friend asked me what the fear of drowning in a lage glass of milk was and i couldnt find it? I promised id find it

Does anyone know it?

Does your friend have a strong addiction to Oreo cookies?  (+ info)

Can you die in your sleep if you dream that your drowning?

Ok, this is kind of a crazy question. But I heard that if you have a weird dream that your drowning, that you can actually die in your sleep. Is this true?

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Can anyone provide footage of pound officials drowning dogs?

In the Manila, Philippines, it was discovered Cagayan de Oro city pound officials drowning dogs as a part of their experimentation in order to find a more "humane" way of euthanizing unwanted animals. I'm doing research on this topic, there are several articles about the story online but I haven's found any links to footage that had been previously circulating in the local news. If somebody could provide me a link to a video, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Well "Youtube" or "Google Video Search" or "yahoo! Video Search" or maybe even "Goodsearch Video Search" has a selection of videos to see.
Can't provide link, computer only is allowing me to stay on Yahoo! pages.
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Apart from the Panic, do you think drowning would be painless?

I was watching this tv show and they said that when a drowning person's lungs fill up with water cos you cant help taking a breath after you cannot hold your breath any longer, a person loose conciousness immeadiately.

If so, it seems that drowning is just psycological disturbing. I cant see how it can be painful.

here are typically five stages to a drowning:

In this stage, the victim recognizes danger and becomes afraid. The victim assumes a near-vertical position in the water, with little or no leg movement. The arms will be at or near the water's surface, making random grasping or flipping motions. The head will be tilted back with the face turned up. Victims rarely make any sounds; they are struggling just to breath.

Involuntary Breath Holding
The victim has now dropped below the static water line and the body, in an attempt to protect itself, initiates involuntary breath holding. This occurs because water has entered the mouth and causes the epiglottis to close over the airway. Though a victim may continue to struggle, he/she will not usually make any sounds as he/she cannot breathe. Without oxygen, the victim will lose consciousness.

A conscious victim will hold his or her breath (see Apnea) and will try to access air, often resulting in panic, including rapid body movement. This uses up more oxygen in the blood stream and reduces the time to unconsciousness. The victim can voluntarily hold his or her breath for some time, but the breathing reflex will increase until the victim will try to breathe, even when submerged  (+ info)

Can nearly drowning lead to mental illnesses such as bi-polar disorder or other psychiatric disorders?

Can nearly drowning in early ages in life lead to psychiatric disorders diagnosed later in life?

It could of effected your brain, because when you drown you are not getting proper oxygen to the brain, but most likely not. Unless you have been exposed to almost drowning, passing out mulitple times in your life.  (+ info)

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