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How does skin necrosis from a spider bite takes place? Will it happen from the inside of the skin out?

About 4 or five days ago I noticed a large red pimple on my right thigh that frlt hot to the touch and it has been growing since. Have a little fever that always starts late in the afternoon through midnight. 2 days ago I went to the hosp but they didn't think much of it and prescribed a wide-spectrum antibiotic and Ibuprofen. Today, early evening, I has REALLY grown, very hot to the touch, still feverish, headache, rash on both legs and area closest to the center dot of inflammation is starting to turn very dark red specially under the skin. So, is this how skin necrosis starts, from the inside out? Answer appreciated.

Necrosis is a depression rather than a bulge, it's an ulceration of underlying tissue, bites from a brown recluse are a common cause of necrosis. if it doesn't sink in and turn black i don't believe it can be called necrosis.Everthing else you mention is characteristic of a reluse bit except the pimple.  (+ info)

How do I find out if my husband has avascular necrosis?

We live in Florida and we have no insurance, he was previously diagnosed by some uncaring big dollar fat cat doctor as having unitary sacrelitis of the hips (which does not exist) after researching I found a disease that matches many of his symptoms, He cannot get out of bed most mornings, he has great difficulty getting around most days, he is 24 and has to walk with a cane, Avascular necrosis is a disesae in wich the blood supply is lost to the bones and the bones eventually die, but how can I find out if this is his issue? Someone please help, if you know anyone with this disease or have any info, please relay any help over to me, thank you.

Since you have no insurance, I would start at the closest county facility to save $. A plain xray of the hip might show radiographic findings suggestive of AVN; he will probably need further testing but that is a cheaper way to start. Also, if you go to a larger medical facility they will be able to get consultations with an orthopedic specialist easier. Since this is not technically an emergency,save yourself the hefty ER fee & try to get into an urgent care or clinic at the facility. Try not to put it off as the damage is cumulative.  (+ info)

Does a torn rotator resemble avascular necrosis when looking at the results of an MRI?

Why would one doc say it's a torn rotator and the other say it's avascular necrosis when they're looking at the same films and doing the same tests?

A couple of thoughts...I'm not a radiologist, but my first question would be - were both of these docs radiologists? Because a torn rotator involves soft tissue and avascular necrosis involves bony tissue, I would think they could be differentiated on the MRI as long as you had a good quality MRI done on an up-to-date machine and read by a radiologist. I'd get a third opinion that includes comments on the quality of the scan. These 2 problems are treated so differently, you really need to find out which one it is.  (+ info)

Why does steroids cause avascular necrosis of the femural head?

This comes in context of Hodgkin's Lymphoma where prednisolone is give as a drug for it and one of the complication is avascular necrosis of the femural head.

Good question. (femoral)
Here's an excellent analysis from emedicine/WebMD updated recently in August 2008. Various mechanisms are discussed if you read this article, but the bottom line is that no one really knows for sure.
http://www.emedicine.com/RADIO/topic70.htm  (+ info)

what is the worst type of skin necrosis?

what is the worst type of skin necrosis? or what types on necrosis are there? And what is it and what does it do?

  (+ info)

Can Avascular Necrosis of the shoulders be caused by a work related strain or joint pressure?

I used to work in a factory lifting very heavy materials when I got this disease first in the right shoulder...then the left.

Avascular necrosis?! That sounds terrible! Do you still have arms? Usually that disease is seen in the feet and toes of diabetics. I've never heard of such poor circulation that people have had SHOULDER problems.

No, I don't think you'll have much luck blaming your previous employer.

God bless.  (+ info)

What is the outer lining of the heart called? What does necrosis mean?

*Must answer both questions to recieve "best answer". Also the fastest to have the correct answer.

pericardium is the outer lining and necrosis is dying or dead tissue  (+ info)

I have necrosis in my heart and parts of my brain. What is the prognosis?

Is this normal? The left side of my body hurts all the time, I have a constant headache, I am dizzy, and there is always a sharp pain in my heart.

You may have cardiovascular disease. Consult the doctor.  (+ info)

how can I prevent further necrosis after a tummy tuck?

my mom had a tummy tuck, and now has necrosis on the upper flap. The doc cut alot away, leaving a square hole about 3"x6"x1" (w x l x depth) cut out of her belly skin right down to the parietal pericardium. Now the upper flap seems to be turning dark again. What should we do?

To tell you the truth there is nothing you can really do.If your mom is a smoker that is most likely the cause and if she stops immediately it may be possible for her body to reverse the damage that has just started to occur.Smoking decreases blood flow over time and makes it more difficult to heal.If she is not a smoker then the only thing you can do is make sure she follows all the post op instructions to the letter and keep a close eye on the area.Take her to the doctor at the first sign of anything going wrong.Her recovery time will be increased ,but you can speed it up by making sure she gets alot of rest and follows a proper diet,because the longer it takes to heal the more opportunity for further damage.I hope she gets better soon.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get necrosis while your alseep?

Like falling asleep on your arm or something?

necrosis is the death of cells and is usually caused by infection or cancer, so technically your arm can die in your sleep. for an example, if a wound were infected the cells would start to die and your arm would turn black and rot.

but paresthesia, otherwise known as pins and needles, is related to nerve/brain communication. it's only a feeling of numbness.  (+ info)

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