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whats the neoplasm common in females that its 1st metastasis is to the lung?

Breast cancer  (+ info)

What do you call a benign neoplasm arising from adipose tissue?

What do you call a benign neoplasm arising from adipose tissue?

A fatty lipoma?  (+ info)

What to expect in the final stages of metastasis lung and brain cancer?

I am 37 years old. I had breast cancer 4 years ago. Six months ago i found out i have metastasis lung and brain cancer. I had one large tumor removed from my brain. But still have lots of small tumors scattered in my brain they cannot remove. I want to know what i will expect in my final months or weeks. I have short memory loss, slight headaches, nausea and tiredness at the moment. Will i get to the stage of not been able to move, speak, see, hear etc?

Hello, I'm a doctor. Use topamax. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ----> http://webmd39.notlong.com/AANb1SR  (+ info)

is thyroidectomy the ONLY way to determine if a papillary lesion / follicular neoplasm is benign or malignant?

My wife recently underwent FNAB for the thyroid gland and the findings were:
Suggest thyroidectomy for a definitive diagnosis.
Microscopic Description:
Smears disclose a fairly cellular aspirate composed of cohesive clusters of follicular cells, in attempt to form acini and short papillary fronds. The cells show vesicular nuclei, with focal areas of pleomorphism. The background is hemorrhagic containing thin colloid materials and few mixed leukocytes.

I really would like to know if the it is benign or malignant but is there any other way besides invasive surgery? Thanks a lot in advance for all the answers and help.

If FNAB demonstrate follicular neoplasm , we must perform thyroid lobectomy for determining if it's malignant or not , and regarding to this , we will design the further definite and main operation .

There is no way other than this yet .

In some situations , we can perform total thyroidectomy as a plan to determine the permanent pathology at first ( there is several indications : old patients , mass more than 4 cm , ... ) .

But about Papillary neoplasm it's somewhat different : we can plan for a definite operation , also with a FNAB .  (+ info)

What is metastasis and at what stage during the devolopment of lung cancer would it start to occur?

Is metastasis when the cancer spreads from the lungs to other parts of the body maybe? Would it maybe occur when the cancer reaches the aveoli and can pass through the blood stream?

Metastasis is the spread of cancer from the original location. By definition of each stage of cancer, metastatis is criteria for stage 3 and up cancer. Spread to another organ is clearly metastatis.  (+ info)

In using the neoplasm table, what do you do when there is no code in cancer in situ?

When using the neoplasm table in the ICD-9-CM, how would one code cancer in situ of the temporal lobe?

You'll never find it there.
What you're probably looking for is under skin: Ca in situ of temple or similar.  (+ info)

How do you treat superior orbital fissure syndrome when the etiology is a neoplasm?

It's for school and I can't find the answer anywhere!

Superior orbital fissure syndrome consists of retro-orbital pain, paralysis of extra ocular muscles, impairment of first trigeminal branches and frequent involvement of the optic nerve.
One must treat the neoplasm. That depends on its type. A glioblastoma would be treated differently from a lymphoma for example.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for metastasis in the bones?

Adenocarcinoma of lung. Thanks for the answers, my father went to the dr. they don't think it has metastasized in the bones.

Where has the cancer spread from? What was the original cancer?  (+ info)

what is the role of nodal metastasis in cancer?

Pretty much all cancers have a much poorer prognosis for the patient when it involves the lymphnodes, even if it hasn't metastasized to a distant organ, what is it about nodal metastasis that creates a poorer outcome?
also if nodal metastasis is present and there is no evidence of visable distant metastasis could there still be micrometastases present?

Most of the time when it's traveled to the lymph nodes, it's on the way to moving to another organ. It travels to the lymph nodes and then on to the other organs. The lymph system is throughout the body and drains fluids. Many times they take out the lymph nodes closest to a tumor and check them for cancer to see if the cancer is in the process of spreading. If even one cancer cell has made it through the lymph nodes to another organ, it can grow into another tumor.  (+ info)

Can malignant tumors that turn into the spread of metastasis?

cause death. if so how long? were talking about different cancers in class and i was just interested.

A malignant tumor that has matastasized is a cancerous tumor that has spread to other areas of the body. Some types of cancer grow and spread more quickly than others. It's not possible to say how long it would take a tumor that has spread to kill someone, because the timeframe depends on so many different things, including the type and location of the cancer.  (+ info)

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