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How sexually experimental are you?

What are your boundaries on sex, do you have any?

I think its healthy to be open-minded and want to experiment with what gives you pleasure.

I'd have to say no to animals and anything with poo or pee, but for now, everything else is fair game....

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Are there any experimental treatments for Cri Du Chat right now?

I can't find the answer anywhere and need it for my project, please help asap. Thanks!
the guide just tells me the guidelines btw and that was a guideline and i cant find it out

Dear Britt, You might have your guide for that project so let clear what is Dri Du Chat. It might be like that mother does not feed till the baby cry and also some people try to let the child to cry so that he/she may start to talk early even some beat to child for that if not crying like that so many things are there.  (+ info)

What are the side effects and warnings for an experimental Cancer treatment called Tarmerac for lung cancer?

First of all, that's why it's an experimental cancer treatment. They don't know the side effects yet. That only happens when they get people who are willing to take part in the trials. You get the drug for free, then they monitor you carefully for any reaction. That's where the side effects come in. Any and all side effects no matter how bad or not bad they are must be recorded. If they test this drug on say, 100 people and only 1 out of the 100 experiences something strange, it still has to be recorded as a possible side effect. So you probably tried to look this drug up on line and found nothing and you won't, no one will because it is just and experimental treatment right now. This is why they can't even tell the public right now of any possible side effects because the test are not completed. Are you going to take part in this trial?  (+ info)

Are there any organizations that help with paying for experimental prescription drugs that fight cancer?

My mother is 52 years old and has been battling cancer for the past few years. She has exceeded doctors expectations so far however her body has recently stopped responding to chemo. The doctors are now going to put her on a very expensive experimental drug which has not been approved by the FDA and therefore is not covered by insurance. My parents do not have a lot of money. Are there any organizations that help contribute to cases such as these? I'm worried that my father will lose his house or land and will be forever buried in debt if he can't keep up with the bills.

Usually the patient does not pay for an experimental drug. If your mother is on a Clinical Trial for this experimental drug than there should be no associated cost. Either the pharmaceutical company or the university will take care of the bill. There are also federal programs which will cover the costs of an experimental drug - Medicare is one ( www.medicare.gov ).

What type of cancer does your mother have. Which drug is it they plan to use?

You can do a research for all Clinical Trials here:

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Information

Clinical Trials: WHat you need to know

Your mothers doctors would be able to answer most of the questions about costs. They may also be willing to write letters to her insurance company about the issue.

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As anyone ever taken experimental medication to treat their mental illness?

I haven't, although back in 2002 I was asked if I wanted to participate in an experimental program for sufferers of Bipolar Disorder. It was being done at University in Cardiff through an organisation called Equilibrium. I declined as the remuneration/expenses they were paying were just a fraction of what I earn.  (+ info)

if you remove the posterior lobe if the pituitary from an experimental animal, a copious flow of Urine develop?

How would you explain this effect on the kidnety?
A. The hypothalamus contains a center for the control of water balance, possible you have injured the hypothalamus also
B. You may have cut the nerves to the kidneys
C. You have removed the source of adh release
D. the blood aids in regulating water balance; possibly you have increased the blood flow through the kidneys

i wil go for A
as ADH is produced in supra optic and paraventricular nucleus of hypothalmus and is only stored in post pituitary
so probably one has actually damaged the source during surgery
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Fatigue is ruining my life. Are you aware of any facilities, experimental treatments, or clinical studies?

It's been three years. My CPAP machine (sleep apnea) does not seem to be helping. I have no personal or social life due to having lost interest in everything. My work life is to the point where I cannot function fully and will likely lose my job without improvement in my health.
My family doctor, endocrinologist, neurologist, and a psychiatrist have not found any answers.
Are you aware of any facilities who can take as much time as needed to check everything (head to toe). I am willing to be part of any experimental treatments or clinical studies.
I need help. This is no way for anyone to live. I have no problem knowing that I have a medical situation... but not knowing what the situation is and what can be done about it feels like a form of torture.
Any info you can share would be appreciated.
I am in northeast Ohio.

try checking yourself into Duke University in Tenn. or the Mayo Clinic closet to you. they have so much advancement in medicine. I am sure you would find a doctor at either to help you. They are boyh very good hospitals, that do alot of research and studies. Good luck and best wishes.  (+ info)

Can you give some examples of experimental drug addiction treaments?

Ultra-Rapid detox for opiates. They put the addicted patient into a drug-induced coma and then the drug naloxone is given to immediately remove the opiates from the body. You wake up 5 hours later and the drugs are out of your system.

However, this is VERY dangerous. It is being done at private clinics--especially in the mid-west, but it is not an approved form of treatment. People have died, had seizures and strokes having the drugs removed from their systems so abruptly.  (+ info)

What Do You Think Of My Experimental Boy's Names?

Would you please tell me if you like any of these names for BOYS?

1: Nathaniel Graham
2: Ciaran Arthur or Ciaran Lucas
3: Rhys Cillian or Cillian Rhys
4: Luke Whitten
6: Lachlan ?

I need middle name suggestions for Lachlan if you please :)
Josiah is a great name :)

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should physicians ever be allowed to use experimental procedures or techniques?

IT depends what kind and if it can save somebodies life or lengthen their life then yes! but only with your permission. I feel that without experiments how would we come up with a cure for any of the diseases that are out there?  (+ info)

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