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Has anyone ever heard of or taken the experimental drug Gaboxadol?

bad sideffects...stay away!  (+ info)

Girls...which do you prefer...a gourmet cook...or a experimental chef...a girls got to eat, right?

Experimental chef...I love a guy who's not afraid to think for himself and come up with new ideas! Besides, I love to cook and am self-taught...I don't want to compete with a classically trained chef.

In my house, whoever cooks doesn't have to do the dishes, so taking turns is a really nice thing!  (+ info)

what are the pros and cons in supplying experimental drugs that are not FDA approved to very sick patients ?

That's the problem, the pros and cons aren't known.

The drug hasn't yet been adequately tested to show effectiveness and ability to treat it's targeted diseases, viruses or bacterias.

Rather, knowledgeable men, scientists have created a new drug out of known chemicals to treat a known disease, virus or bacteria. They believe their new drug has a good chance of killing or significantly changing (for the better) that threatening condition. But it hasn't yet been approved by the FDA. Because some people literally don't have the time to wait for the FDA to approve the drug they'll buy the drug anyway. Of course that means their insurance company, if they have insurance, won't cover the drug so they have to pay for it out of pocket.

Sometimes those drugs help and sometimes they don't. Rarely do they cause harm, as long as they're administered under the care of a physician.  (+ info)

Can experimental use of lsd/psilocybin cause erectile dysfunction?

You may lose control of it on your trip. It is all in your head on a head trip, once you get it going it might not stop. Sex is awsome while triping. Any effect while on your trip is like the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas. What happens during your trip stays there, you return to normal afterwords.  (+ info)

Can someone tell me a website to find cases that involved experimental cancer txment that is NOT FDA approved?

Click on the following sites and see if it helps. Cancercenter.com have a survivor page. Scroll down when after you click the link below. And the University site have several newslinks about cancer, for example from reuters and it is broken down into month to month news.



the above listed sites may also give you other info.  (+ info)

What do experimental psychologists provide?

  (+ info)

When do children go through the "experimental" stage?

Like, when do they start trying to "explore" their body?

My son started doing that when he was only about 11 months, his hands were always down there. and then it became kind of a confort thing for him. he is 2 1/2 and still does it sometimes .  (+ info)

Hi, How can you make a simple cheap experimental alcohol at home without all the still and stuff. Just for fun

Wine= 1 gallon Grape juice, 1 pack Yeast and 1 cup sugar, Put it in gallon glass jug the dark with a balloon on the top of the bottle for a month.  (+ info)

I need info on an experimental back surgery that I have been told is named stabilamax?

i've heard this procedure has been done at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City on an experimental basis but has not been approved by the AMA

The Stabilimax NZ® is a unique dynamic spine stabilization system designed to provide stabilization of the lumbar spine in patients receiving decompression surgery for the treatment of clinically symptomatic central or lateral spinal stenosis. The device utilizes a novel dual spring mechanism that is intended to provide maximum stabilization to the spine, decreasing the motion that causes pain while maintaining motion.

So it stablizes your spine wiouth limting your motion. Nice
Best of luck:hella  (+ info)

Is there any Experimental/Research for Cancer Treatment on Dogs? ?

I am wondering if there is ANY possible research being done for Treatment of Cancer in dogs who's owner has no funding for Radiation and Chemo Etc? My dog has had several tumors develop in a matter of weeks and the vet said it would be *over* $1,500.00 to treat the dog. I don't have that kind of money and I don't want him to die because I can't help him. What do I do now?

Do what you think is best for your dog. Go with your own insticts on this one, because it depends if you want to put the dog through any more torture or not. My father would have put our dog down sooner if he had realized sooner that there was really they could have done to save it. The dog died in it's sleep anyway after monthes of torture.  (+ info)

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