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Do you love coffee, but have been made to feel guilty for drinking it?

Good News for Java Lovers—Coffee found to Lower Risk of Alzheimer's by 65 Percent
by Aimee Herd : Jan 24, 2009 : Sylvia Booth Hubbard – Newsmax

"The finding needs to be confirmed by other studies, but it opens the possibility that dietary interventions could modify the risk of dementia/AD."

According to a study done in Finland, coffee drinking in midlife can "slash" your risk of developing both Alzheimer's disease and dementia later in life.

Miia Kivipelto, lead researcher and associate professor from the University of Kuopio, Finland and Karloinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, explained the set up of the analysis.

Java lovers"We aimed to study the association between coffee and tea consumption at midlife and dementia/AD risk in late-life, because the long-term impact of caffeine on the central nervous system was still unknown, and as the pathologic processes leading to Alzheimer's disease may start decades before the clinical manifestation of the disease," said Kivipelto.

The Newsmax report states that coffee drinkers were put in groups according to daily consumption…

Low: 0-2 cups
Moderate: 3-5 cups
High: More than 5 cups

Tea drinkers were separated by those who drank at least 1 cup daily, and those who didn't drink tea at all.

Researchers were surprised to find that all coffee drinkers had a lower risk than non-coffee drinkers, but those who drank moderately (3-5 cups) actually lowered their risk by 65 percent.

Tea, on the other hand, seemed to have no impact at all.


I'm making a fresh pot right now! :-)

Ps 72:18 -- Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things. :-)

Ahhh the dietary police are seemingly out to declare everything bad for you. I am glad there is a counter-force!

Although frankly, my hubby is going to be exultant, and I have to quit saying anything. (Ha!)  (+ info)

What are some specific Cervical Kyphosis Reversal Exercises?

I have been plagued with head, neck and arm pain since I was a young boy. Both of my parents have the same neck problems as does my sister. I want to learn how to try and reverse the kyphosis and regain my cervical lordotic curve. I worked and played hard and ruff growing up, and have been paying the price all along the way. From around age ten I started to do work that a growing, developing child should not be allowed to do or required to do. Too much weight, not enough rest, poor nutrition, bad matress, football 7 years, wrestling, track, baseball, surfing, skiing, etc. My pain is becoming progressively more intense every year and my ability to do many of the things I enjoy is rapidily fadeing. I have a pathophysiologic fusion at C6C7 and nearing fusion at C5C6. I am heading for a solid continual kyphosised cervical BONE. My goal as a physician myself is to research every aveneu possible prior to surgical intervention. I want to try and reverse this already advanced problem to as near normal as possible. I am committed to learning the proper techniques for stretches and muscle building to overcome and actually reverse kyphosis and restoring the natural lordosis. I will have to have an osteotomy at the C6C7 and C5C6 pathologic fusion to allow me to regain lordisis. But before I get to surgery I want to at least be as physically prepared as possible. If I am sucessful then I can help others with the same problem. I am looking for a state of the art physical therapy forum or individual that can provide written instruction for me to follow. way of learning these techniques, with diagrams, graphs, pictures, statistics, and any additional forms of informing me how to do these stretches and exercises while stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, for the next 3 years. Please help me in my endevor and I will help others.

The best exercises are head retraction exercises and neck extensions: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/page/993935
Along with these you should be doing neck traction. Use a specific traction device like this one because it doesn't only stretch you but it puts the curve back: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/product/PstrPmp1000
Along with these 2 things try the traction pillow while sleeping: http://www.tractionneckpillow.com
Lastly, you should visit a chiropractor or physical therapist that specializes in necks.
I don't know of a physical therapy forum but this blog is very good: http://www.neckpainsupport.com
Hope this helped  (+ info)

Anyone wants to learn about influenza virus (Part 2)?

See part 1 before seeing this part 2.... anyway the notes were too long it got cut off.... here is the rest...

9.Assembly and Release: vRNA’s ends contain cis signals for packaging, and each viral particle will package 11-12 RNA segments, with the segments randomly taken from a pool of the 8 different vRNAs. Only less than 10% of particles contain complete genomes and are infectious. For assembly, M1 enters the nucleus and appears to be responsible for transport of viral RNPs into the cytoplasm. In the cytoplasm, the RNP-M1 complex interacts with the plasma membrane, where the viral transmembrane proteins HA, NA and M2 are inserted. Following assembly new progeny virions bud from the infected cell, with their viral envelopes being derived from the cell plasma membrane. Release is facilitated by NA, which formed aggregates at the surface of infected cells, where the NA activity is responsible for destroying cell receptors, and M2 is also involved in viral budding. NA is also involved in removing sialic acid residues on the virus, thereby preventing aggregation.
10.Tissue tropism: The virus replicates in cells of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Peak infection is generally reached 2-3 days following exposure to the virus, and is usually cleared from the host in 7 days. Viruses are also shed in high concentration in the feces and are fairly stable in the environment.
11.Pathology: In humans, symptoms are acute respiratory illness with headaches, chills, nonproductive coughs, fever, muscle aches, and generalized aches. Increased risks derive from old age, heart conditions, emphsema, asthma, or immune deficiencies. Type A induced pathologic changes throughout the respiratory tract.
12.Transmission: Airborne aerosols, might be by feces, too.
13.Epidemiology: Possible mixing vessels of human and avian strains are pigs, and human type A is maintained in birds despite of birds being able to clear them.
14.Prevention and control: Vaccines are made from purified inactivated egg-grown virus, whole virus, and subvirion or purified surface antigens preparations. Antiviral agents such as amantadine, rimantadine, zanamivir and oseltamivir can also control viral infections. Amantadine is only effective against type A.
15.Other information: Complications from flu is Reye’s syndrome (an acute encephalopathy), Guillain-Barre syndrome (an ascending paralysis and radiating pain in the arm and neck, followed later by agitation, increased respiration rate, muscle spasm, then coma and death).
Just in case you missed part 1:

Once again--after reading part 1--part 2 is also very informative!!
Thanks so much for sharing this very important information with us !!
You are going to have every one running to the doctor to make sure they are not infected with the "swine" virus!!!  (+ info)

Please help if you can....So confused....Doctors, nurses, radiologists welcome!!!?

I had a CT with contrast preformed following a colonoscopy. The CT finding were: 15mm density near the dome of my liver. Liver not enlarged. Numerous nodes present in para-aortic on the left & as well as the mesentery region meassuring 5mm. Etiology uncertain. No pathologic adenopathy.

Whats been going on with me and the reasoning behind the testing: 27 yr old female, weight loss of 80 lbs in 9 months, moving my bowels 8-10 a day, night sweats, chronic fatigue, chronic pain on the left side in my abdomin as well as lower back....My gastro was thinking Celiacs disease but were still awaiting results, as well as the gentic test results to see if I have FAP like my father, grandfather and sister. Could what they found be the cause of my problems? And does anyone have any idea what any of that means??

  (+ info)

Is suicide the best solution?

i feel useless. i am 28 and right now i am jobless. i had a long time relationship that i ve ruined by my mistakes , guys i like they dont seem to be interested in me i mean for a serious and true relatioship, last year i found out that my best friend was a pathologic liar, and now i have only 1 real friend... i am beautiful , i know it , i m well educated and i love people.. but i start to hate myself... i mean whats the point to live?? i made mistakes and now i am unhappy... if this is life i dont want to live anymore.. i m thinking seriously to commit suicide and let others living their happy life and their illusions..

I don't see suicide as a solution to anything. It is an irreversible ending without recourse. A solution is an answer to a problem not one that destroys. You may feel useless and at times we all do no matter what we do. A doctor treats people and does not always win the battle and all of his patients will one day die anyway. He could ask if it is worth even if he is in a noble profession doing what anyone would consider to be a great thing.
You are 28 and still young with plenty of time to make changes. You say guys you like don't like you. So what, there are millions of guys who you would like and would like you in return. A relationship went sour and you feel it was because of your mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and don't repeat them. You say you are beautiful and educated and that would give you an advantage in life. You say you love people and I am a people does that mean you love me and if so why would you leave? I don't want you to leave. You are sad or depressed and thinking with a depressed mind. A depressed mind does not make rational decisions. I have no happy delusions about life being a visit to Disney World. There are good things and bad so i try to hang onto the good things and put the bad where I don't remember them too often. I think is is a matter of balance and realistic expectations. Right now someone is in a hospital near anyone of us who wishes for a few more days but they will not get that. You would throw away the most precious gift we have and that is foolish. You could temporarily do some volunteer work and see how valuable you are. You could find someone who is lonely and befriend them. It does not mean romance but someone who would like to talk to a beautiful woman. I would recommend therapy but i get the impression you are not interested. You don't know what today or tomorrow might bring that would change everything for you.
You could meet someone interesting, you could be offered a good job, the phone may ring and an old friend might call. Please don;t do anything to erase all possibilities of a change. There is someone out there who needs you and would love you very much, seek him and make his life better.  (+ info)

Painful lymph node under jaw // Dizzy feeling sometimes // HELP!!?

I started getting a swollen lymph node a couple of months ago, ever since then Iv'e seen over 10 specialists, did a endoscopy, multiple blood tests, CT - Scan, MRI's, barium swallow, and some other stuff. Everything came normal until last week I should my neck and Head MRI. This is the result from my neck. 1. Tiny round lesion in the left parotid gland, that could be compatible with small intrapartid lymph nodes. 2. Mild cervical lymphadenopathy, not pathologic by size criteria.3. No evidence for neck mass. They said they see swollen lymph node but doesn't look malignant, but want to make sure and get a biopsy I believe this week sometime. I have also been getting this dizzy feeling sometimes, It's kind of like a headache but I feel sort of lightheaded feeling like I want to faint. I don't know if this is caused by the same thing. I took so many blood tests, and everything came back normal, some please tell me what this could be. I'm a 18 year old male.

Whenever I have a swollen lymph node in that area it is either caused by a sinus infection or some other infection that falls under the realm of an ENT Dr's care. Cancer would be way down the list of potential causes compared to much more common infections like bronchitis, ear, mouth or throat infections, infected tooth or sinus, etc. You've done all the tests for cancer so now you need to see your dentist and a good ENT for their opinion. Maybe see an allergist also. Right now is peak allergy season and many people often do not recognize all the various problems that allergies can cause.

good luck  (+ info)

Can someone please translate this medical report? Could this indicate cancer? Lymph problems?

"Superiorly in the medial segment of the left liver lobe there are two or three attenuation nonenhancing regions, which appear to be a number of tiny cycst. There are no enhancing liver nodules. There may be an additional tiny cyst in the inferior right liver lobe. There is possible layering of some minimally radiopaque gallstones in the low gallbladder neck. The wall is not thickened. There is no pericholecystic fluid. There is no gross bile duct dilation. The spleen and pancreas images are unremarkable. The adrenal glands are normal in size.The kidneys are not obstructed.There are no significant renal masses. There are no dominant renal stones. There is a peripelvic cyst on the left measuring approx 12mm. There is minimal aoritc calcification. There is no aneurysm. There are a few shotty periaortic lymph nodes in the infrarenal region. None are individually pathologic. The number has slightly increased. The bowel loops are grossly normal in appearance. The mesentary is unremarkable. The small bowel loops are normal in distribution and appearance with no signs of dilation or wall thickening. There is no ascites. There is no free air. There is a small hiatal hernia. There is mucosal thickening questioned through the GE junction. There was no discrete mass and EGD study is suggested to exclude malignancy here. The lung bases are clear with no infiltratesor effusions. There appears to be wall thickening of the terminal ileal loop, as it inserts into the cecum. The wall here is somewhat succulent. The mucosal folds are featureless.This is probably a terminal ileitis. There is no fluid or inflammation surrounding soft tissues. Prostate gland is enlarged, however, there is no discrete dominant mass.

You don’t mention what your lymph problems are, your symptoms or your age, but there is nothing unusual about your lymph nodes according to this report. Your next test may be an EGD, as the only thing in the report that is concerning is the mucosal thickening in the GE junction. The doctor who ordered this test should have gone over the results with you.  (+ info)

What could this be?? Confused!!!!?

I had a CT with contrast preformed following a colonoscopy. The CT finding were: 15mm density near the dome of my liver. Liver not enlarged. Numerous nodes present in para-aortic on the left & as well as the mesentery region meassuring 5mm. Etiology uncertain. No pathologic adenopathy.

Whats been going on with me and the reasoning behind the testing: 27 yr old female, weight loss of 80 lbs in 9 months, moving my bowels 8-10 a day, night sweats, chronic fatigue, chronic pain on the left side in my abdomin as well as lower back....My gastro was thinking Celiacs disease but were still awaiting results, as well as the gentic test results to see if I have FAP like my father, grandfather and sister. Could what they found be the cause of my problems? And does anyone have any idea what any of that means??

No one knows what any of it means without the results. However, the fact that your father, grandfather and sister all have FAP means you should have been tested before now and should never wait for symptoms to occur.  (+ info)

Ischemia VS Multiple Sclerosis?

ok, so I have been having lots of crazy things going on... tingling, numbness, burning sensations, cognitive difficulties, dizziness and last but Not least, FATIGUE.

had an MRI done... actually a few diff tests... they saw "some abnormality", thought it was a tumor... did some other tests... found it is not a tumor.... on the MRI report it states that "there is an area of abnormal signal intensity involving the inferior aspect of the right frontoparietal lobe with involvement of the cortex extending to the subcortical white matter. There is no area of restricted diffusion nor pathologic enhancement" also talking about another area "there are one or two punctate foci of abnormal signal intensity in the right centrum semiovale the etiology of which are nonspecific but most likely ischemic, however a demyelinating etiology cannot be excluded."

Ok... so.... my neuro doesn't want to jump at MS just yet... which is cool....... he still wants to run all these other tests and see if they came ok and if they do, we are doing an MRI of the C Spine.

My question is........... how can they not know the difference in a tumor, stroke or MS? I am completely baffled at this report..... docs are just saying in fancy words... "I have NO IDEA.... "

The doc is confused because my sensations dont seem to last too long.... a few hours at a time... usually anywhere between 2-5 hours.... but has been going on for about 3 weeks now. every day it happens at least a few times.

I would really like to hear from anyone who has or knows anything about ischemia or MS....

thanks in advance
oh and also i am 23 yrs old, otherwise healthy woman. I have a 2 yr old son

  (+ info)

What does this x-ray result mean....I had a headache I didn't get what the doctor was saying?

Findings: Frontal, Waters and lateral views of the paranasal sinuses are presented for interpretation. There is opacification of both frontal sinuses. There is opacification of the anterior ethmoid air cells. There is mild opacification of the right maxillury sinus. The turbulances are somewhat prominent. There is no acute osseous abonormality or pathologic lesion identified...

Do I have sinutisis.

I can read the whole thing ,but I just don't know the meaning.
They think my bad breath is caused by this..now I have to see a Nose, Throath and Ear Dr
the rest says...Impression
Opacification of the frontal sinuses, into ethmoid air cells and partially of the right maxilla sinus are compatible with sinutises.

Sinuses and air cells are places in your skull that are supposed to be filled with air. Opacification usually means there is fluid in it-in your case, the sinus infection. There are turbinates in your nose that can enlarge with allergies or other conditions, I would assume this is what the turbulances are. No acute osseous abnormality or pathologic lesion just means there is no sudden change in the bones and there is no disease process seen on the x-ray.  (+ info)

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