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how do you manage multiple disc herniations and nerve root compression at l1 l4 l5?

Sweetie I've had 5 lumbar fusions for herniated discs.
I am currently fused from L3-S1
Although it did not alleviate ALL of my pain, it did eliminate the pain that I had down my leg. Surgery comes with it's own risks though. You should be under the care of either an orthopedic surgeon or a qualified pain specialist. Good luck. I know how painful this is.  (+ info)

How long would one have to apply pressure to a nerve in order to make movement in the arm impaired?

Just a curious question; not really anything serious, I was just wondering how long it would take.
I also want to know if it's normal for the pinky finger on someone's hand to go numb for several minutes at a time, without any compression on the nerves near the finger, or any nerves at all, for that matter.
Another one, is it normal for someone's entire arm to go numb enough to impair movement regularly? Like every night? Just wondering. Any neurologists or like doctors are welcome to answer.

I don't know how long to apply pressure to a nerve to impair arm movement. I assume it would be almost instantaneous.
I've had the numb pinkie, thumb, index , middle and ring finger and also the whole arm.
In my case, it's caused by two things. One is pressure on the humeral(?) nerve..... the "funny bone". From what the neurologist told me, it can be fixed rather easily by operating and "burying" the nerve deeper into the muscle by the elbow.
The second cause is a nerve being pinched up in my neck between two of the cervecal vertebrae. I have degenerative disc disease in that area.
It wouldn't hurt to see a neurologist and find out what your problem is. It might be easily repaired.
I know what a pain in the butt the numbness can be and at least now I know what is causing it . It comes and goes with me so I haven't had any corrective surgery yet.
Hope this helps !  (+ info)

musculocutaneous nerve compression?

I won't be able to perform right biceps exercise anymore because that nerve is compressed.

What should I do in order to fix that? :S

Try this http://www.helium.com/tm/148271
It works on most things if your prepared to experiment.  (+ info)

Disc herniation L4-5 with SEVERE nerve compression, bedridden for 3wks...

Disc herniation L4-5, with severe inflammation with nerve compression to the left leg, making me bed ridden for 3wks, I've had 2 of my 3 steroid injections, is it from me "babying" my left leg, or is it possible that my right side is now being compressed/affected? Or did I possibly do too much too fast? Im calling my neuro tomorrow so I'm not looking for medical answers like I'll get then, just looking to see what other's experiences may have been. Thanks...also posted in pain management
I did have an MRI, that's when they found the "Large herniation"...yeah I've had to eat in bed too (horrible) and since I too am a nurse, I'm a horrible pt.
By doing too much too fast, is I've got a little-one who will be 2 on the 30th, for 3 wks I couldnt take care of her, she wasnt able to be here at home because of me not being able to care for her.
And YES, I am carrying more weight, that's the bummer, I had my bariatric surg scheduled for the 6th to get the wt off... Just taking a detour I guess. But should I just go to a "modified" bed rest, allowing me to care for my daughter? Thank God my hubby will cook for me =) as of right now, I'm taking neurontin, motrin 800, robaxin, and vicodin q6hrs... any further advice or suggestions?
You guys are great, thank you.

If it's herniated, it may get better with rest and anti-inflamatories. Along with the steroids, try some naprosyn (over the counter is Aleve). It has a natural muscle relaxer in it that doesn't affect your thinking or make you "high".

I had a problem in the same area, but my disc ruptured. If that's the case, surgery is the only long-term remedy. I consulted several neuro-surgeons, but didn't like varying things they told me. I ended up having surgery by an orthopaedic surgeon. I went in the hospital at about 6 AM, surgery at 9 AM (while I was awake, just used a spinal), went home at 4 PM, and was back at work on light duty in 2 weeks.

Because I'd waited 3 weeks to have the surgery done, I still had a limp for about 3 months until the swelling of the nerves I'd injured went down.

I feel your pain! I remember thinking that if it took cutting my leg off to make it better, I'd do it. Also felt very helpless being in bed with a "broken" back, especially since I was used to being the one to take care of others.

Good luck, I hope you feel better very soon!

Edit: Hi, Marcie, have you tried any of the back "stretching" exercises, such as lying supine and pulling your knees up towards your chest? That seemed to help me a little. I also elevated my knee (of the leg that was hurting) on a pillow whenever I was lying down. It seemed to take a little pressure off.

I was afraid of general anesthesia and wanted to be awake. None of the neurosurgeons would agree to that. Since you say your weight is a problem, you might want to look into that as well. The risk of surgery dimishes immensly, and I assure you I felt absolutely no pain. They gave me a bit of versed and I was "dreamy" but awake.

If you have any questions, or if you think I could be of help to you, please feel free to email me. I was a "horrible" patient as well! LOL!

Another edit: I just reread the above answer. Cold or ice packs on my back made the muscles spasm -- don't recommend that. A heating pad felt good... And insert a "fake disc"?? What?? Never heard of that. Where are you getting your information?  (+ info)

has anyone ever had a nerve compression on their cervical c4-c5 if so what were the results?

weird pains in my elbows and fingers. Right 4th and 5th finger especially.
Very stiff neck, hard to turn my head due to bone spurs. my injury is the result of an accident many years ago. I've declined the operation, don't really want it yet, maybe someday, but not know.  (+ info)

Do I Have Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar Nerve Compression, or Unknown Neuropathy?

Some 5 mos. ago I developed numbness and tingling in both hands (all fingers with increasing intensity as you go towards the pinky) and both feet (all toes with increasing intensity as you go towards the smallest toe). There is no pain whatsoever, only a feeling of tightness that accompanies the numbness and tingling. I had been diagnosed through my nerve test that it had symptoms of carpal tunnel. I went ahead and had my CTS surgery for my right hand. The doctor also wants to do it for my left hand, but I'm not so sure now. It's been 4 days so far after the surgery and the numbness/ tingling are still there. I don't want to further jeopardize myself for something that is a misdiagnosis and have my left hand subjected to surgery. I really don't know what to do ... and my feet is not tarsal tunnel either according to my orthopaedic doctor. Please help me. I am a father of 2 babies and I just need to get back to work by July 3 (my Medical Leave deadline)or I'll be out of a job

My husband has had neuropathy for about 6-7 months. We've tried differnet ways. The most useful and effective treatment was "Homeopathy" which is a branch of alternative medicine. I have explained thoroughly in my answer to this question. I hope it will help.


also you can search for homeopathy in the net.  (+ info)

Treatment for L-spine with right medio-lateral herniation with L5 nerve root compression.?

Severe pain in the waist area that radiates down my right leg to the sole of my foot.The MYELOGRAM & PMCT also shows fusion of the C4 to C6 vertebral bodies without thecal or cord compression.
I do not want to undergo open surgery. Can you offer a help?

That is sciatic pain and yes, I would do surgery. I had surgery in Farmington , New Mexico and it was very successful. It was worth it to me. I went thru all their therapy and it did nothing for me. Back surgery was the easiest surgery I ever had.

The doctors name is Dr. Peter Saltzman. He has traveled the world and is very educated. He is a spine specialist. Think about it.  (+ info)

why does nerve compression causes numbness?

because it cuts off impulses and blood flow from the brain  (+ info)

Is there anything i can use to relieve Hip Bursitis, Sciatic nerve pain, groin pain, using some sort of band?

I've had these pains/injuries for a long time so is there some sort of band or wrap that i can use daily to school and while running?
I'm tired of taking medicine for pain relief.

Something like the Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Compression Wrap, would that be good? Are there any other products?

These injuries may have to be addressed separately. I don't have any other products to be applied to the body, but this is what I did for sciatica.

I developed a bulging disk between lumbar 4 and 5 by doing too much running on the jogging trail. This caused sciatic pain because of the disk problem. I did lunging exercises for sciatic pain as well as other exercises that are available on the web, took 100 mg. of Vitamin B6 daily to stregthen nerve insulation according to my chiropractor, took Aleve when necessary, and bought a Teeter inversion table to perform spine decompression which worked out pretty well.

http://www.teeterhangups.com/home.html  (+ info)

What's the difference between S1 Nerve impingement and "intraspinal" S1 nerve impingement?

Is one more severe then the other? Also... Any ideas what this means? Paracentral protrusion in concert with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and facet hypertrophy is producing dural compression.

S1 nerve impingement can be due to a herniated disc or any other extra-spinal causes.

Intra spinal nerve impingement means that there are reasons within the spinal cord that cause the compression like for eg: motor neuron disease, tumors, syringomyelia etc.

So dual compression means, causes outside the spinal cord as well as intra-spinal reasons causing the compression.

Your spinal cord's articulating facets are enlarged along with the ligamentum flavum. There is also some bit of herniation of the disc. That is what they are trying to say.

Ligamentum Flavum: Ligamentum Flavum
The ligamentum flavum is a strong ligament that connects the laminae of the vertebrae. The term "flavum" is used to describe the yellow appearance of this ligament in its natural state. The ligamentum flavum serves to protect the neural elements and the spinal cord and stabilize the spine so that excessive motion between the vertebral bodies does not occur. It is the strongest of the spinal ligaments and often has a thinner middle section. Together with the laminae, it forms the posterior wall of the spinal canal

Picture of Lig. Flavum:

I dont know if I was clear but hope that helps. I would be able to make it clear if it was in person, but alas, I am in another part of the world;)

Lex  (+ info)

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